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How to Double Space in Google Docs?

Google Docs has gradually been replacing the Word Processor and if you are into using Google Docs quite often – there are times you may be looking ahead to using double spacing. This can be the case when you want your document to be graded or edited. The double spacing can be one of the excellent options for the comments and suggestions to be added to the document. 

How to Double Space in Google Docs?

There are multiple ways you can add double space in Google Docs. We will check out the best options to understand how to double space in Google Docs. 

Method 1: Using the Toolbar option

The toolbar option can be one of the simple options to add double space on Google Docs. The steps by step guide on how to double space in Google Docs:

  • Open the document you want to add Double space to. 
  • Once that done, select the entire text that you want to add double space to. 
  • Now pick the option for the Line Spacing 

  • From the context menu available for the Line Spacing, pick the option for Double.

That does it. Your selected text will be separated by double spacing. 

Method 2: Using the Menu bar

If you find it difficult to locate the line spacing icon on the toolbar or even find it quite uncomfortable to go with, the menu option can be one of the excellent options from this perspective. The method requires you to highlight the text and then opt for the line spacing option from the menu bar. 

Here are the steps involve in how to add line spacing using the menu option:

  • Launch Google docs and open the document that you want to edit. 
  • Highlight the text that you are looking to add double spacing to. 
  • Click on the Format menu and then hover your mouse to Line Spacing. 

  • Hovering your mouse on Line Spacing reveals the option for Double Spacing and other spacing options. 
  • The part of the document you select will be changed to double space.

How to Double Space in Word?

If you are checking out the options for enabling double space in Word, the steps here should be helpful in getting access to the best possible experience in achieving better results. 

Here are the steps involved in how to double space in Word:

  • Open Word and open the document you want to edit. 
  • Select the text you want to alter the line spacing for. 
  • Click on the Home tab 
  • Locate the Paragraph section. 

  • In the next step, select the icon for Line Spacing 

  • Click on the icon and you will get access to several options for spacing your document. 
  • You can simply pick the option for 2.0 to enable the double spacing.

Google Docs Line Spacing Problems You are Likely to Come Across

There are a few intrinsic issues you are likely to come across when line spacing with Google Docs. The major issues that you are likely to come across would include when you transfer the Word or Google Doc documents to WordPress. 

Some of the issues one is likely to come across when using the line spacing and other formatting on Google Docs can include:

  • Unwanted paragraph breaks that appear in parts of the documents. 
  • Absence of paragraph breaks in certain cases. 
  • Inconsistent breaks in terms of the bulleted and numbered lists

The best way to resolve those issues would be to follow the steps here below to adjust the default line spacing: 

  • Open Google Docs
  • Go to Format -> Paragraph Styles -> Normal Text 

  • Next, click the option for Update ‘Normal text’ to match.

  • In the next step, move on to Format > Paragraph styles > Options.
  • Select the option for Save as my default styles

How to Indent on Google Docs?

Indenting Google Docs needs you to have access to the ruler and that should be the easiest option to help you indent your Google Docs documents. Since the ruler is not part of the mobile version of the Google Docs, you will not be able to apply indent on Google Docs mobile app and you will need to have access to the full web version for the purpose. 

Here are the steps you can use for applying the indents on a paragraph in Google Docs:

  • Open the document you want to apply indents to. 
  • Select the paragraph you want to apply indenting to. You can even press CTRL+A to select the entire document. 
  • Locate the two light blue arrows on the ruler at the left hand side of the ruler. 
  • You should find a horizontal bar and a downward-facing triangle. 


  • The horizontal bar indicates the First Line Indent and the downward arrow is the left indent marker. By default, these indents are set to the leftmost margin. 
  • Drag the markers as per your preferences to set the right indenting for your document. You can simply drag either first-line indent or left indent as per your preferences. 

How to Change Margins in Google Docs?

Google Docs let you control the way text appears on a printed page. You can adjust the margins as per your preferences to meet your exact requirements. 

Here are the steps you can check out in how to change margins in Google Docs:

  • Open the Google Docs document you want to edit 
  • Click on File -> Page Setup. 

  • Change and customize the values in the Margins 

  • You can even set these margins as default for the upcoming documents. 
  • Click OK.

That does it. Your margins will be changed as per your preferences. 

The Bottom Line 

That should be a good discussion on how to double space in Google Docs easily and through a few simple steps. In fact, the simplicity offered by Google Docs in achieving the best standards in how to apply double space in Google Docs can be seen as the prime reason why it makes it one of the excellent options. 


How to Change the Google Docs Spacing Between Words?

If you set the text to justification, it is quite likely that the space between the words will increase and look quite weird. This phenomenon happens even in Word. Sine Google Docs does not offer you the kerning option, there is no way you can remove the space between the words. 

What is the Shortcut for Double Space in Microsoft Word? 

If you are using MS Word, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+2 to double space the text. However, you need to ensure that you have selected the text that you want to apply double space to. 

Are Essays Double Spaced?

Yes, it is advisable to double space the essays so that they look better. In addition, it would be advisable to use a 1” margin on all sides for a better look.  

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