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100+ Best Funny Hindi and English Wi-Fi Names 2024

Most of us use a Wi-Fi router at our home that connects to our ISP using a wire, and it sends signals in the wireless mode within its range. We access the internet through its signals in that range. All we need is to have the password of that router and stay in the range. Yes, there is a password that we set while installing our Wi-Fi router. However, you can keep it unprotected too. But, most of us protect it with a strong password so that no one else except us can access our internet connection and use our data.

Best Funny Hindi and English Wi-Fi Names

Nowadays, every mobile phone has a Wi-Fi facility as well so that you can access Wi-Fi internet on your phone as well. When your Wi-Fi router is on, it is visible to devices with Wi-Fi support such as a laptop, mobile phones, etc. Since it is seen by everyone in the range it sends signals, they can see the router name you have kept. Yes, your Wi-Fi router’s name is visible, and to make things funny, you can give a funny name to your router to make people laugh.

Laughing is good for health so why not make everyone laugh and happy with funny Wi-Fi names? In this post, I am listing 100+ best funny Wi-Fi names that you can try for your router.

List of 50 Best Funny Wi-Fi Names in Hindi and English

  1. Use it for Po*n only
  2. Virus Infected
  3. Not Free so Use 4G
  4. Hack me if you can
  5. This is not free either
  6. Connect for getting hacked
  7. I am in your bed
  8. I am under your bed
  9. Wireless-G Spot
  10. Choose a network
  11. Unprotected Cex
  12. Will You Marry Me?
  13. Mars Network
  14. Intelligence Network
  15. Come N Clean My House
  16. Use it at your risk
  17. Slow Internet
  18. Hacked Network
  19. Hacked Wi-Fi
  20. Not Found
  21. Network Not Found
  22. Use me if you can
  23. Use Your Own Network
  24. Searching…
  25. Connecting…
  26. This is your LAN
  27. Virus Detected
  28. I Hate My Neighbor
  29. Girls Gone Wireless
  30. Free Virus
  31. Saale Chori Mat kar
  32. Sharma ji ke bete ka Wi-Fi
  33. No Wi-Fi for you
  34. Access Denied
  35. Error, unable to connect
  36. Processing, please wait
  37. Get your own Internet
  38. Password is password
  39. Will You Marry Me
  40. Le le Bhikhari
  41. This is not free either
  42. Virus transmitting Wi-Fi
  43. Net Pack dalwa le beta
  44. I can access your Facebook
  45. I can hear you having s*x
  46. Network error
  47. Gadhe khud ka net lga le
  48. Prohibited Area
  49. Bad Error 101: Disconnect
  50. Want Password?
  51. Chal, Connect Kar
  52. Bina Password Ke Mat Aana
  53. Roz Naya Password
  54. Connect Karo Na Babu
  55. Chupchap Connect Karo
  56. Pehle Password Likho
  57. Connect Nahi Hone Wala
  58. Ise Zyada Badlo Mat
  59. LAN Ki Pyaari Baatein
  60. It Hurts When IP
  61. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  62. Wi-Fight the Inevitable
  63. The LAN Before Time
  64. Abraham Linksys
  65. Wu-Tang LAN
  66. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  67. This LAN Is My LAN
  68. Silence of the LANs
  69. Get Off My LAN
  70. Ab Ka Bar, Wi-Fi Ka Namkaran
  71. Kuch To Garbar Hai
  72. Wi-Fi Ki Bahuti
  73. Wi-Fi Chori Ho Rahi Hai
  74. Kuch Bhi Net Nahi
  75. Kuch To Connect Ho
  76. Wi-Fi Ka Raja
  77. Password Kho Gaya
  78. Nahi Milega Wi-Fi
  79. Iska Password Mat Pucho
  80. No Free Wi-Fi For You
  81. The Promised LAN
  82. Yell “Doggy” for Password
  83. LANdo Calrissian
  84. I’m Watching You Now
  85. The Ping of the North
  86. You Shall Not Connect
  87. Area 51 Test Site
  88. NSA Surveillance Van
  89. Ctrl Alt Delight
  90. The LAN Down Under
  91. Wi-Fight When We Can Connect?
  92. Titanic Syncing
  93. It’s a Small World Wide Web
  94. The Password is 1234
  95. Hack If You Can
  96. Virus Distribution Center
  97. I Can Haz Wi-Fi?
  98. Connect and Die
  99. Password Bhool Gaye?
  100. Kuch To Khaas Hai
  101. Chori Ho Gaya Wi-Fi
  102. Bina Baat Ke Net
  103. Tera Internet Chori Ho Gaya
  104. Internet Nahi Hai
  105. Koi Baat Nahi, Wi-Fi Badal Do
  106. Wi-Fi Wala Ajeebogareeb
  107. Password Batane Se Dar Lagta Hai saab

These are the 100+ funny Wi-Fi names in Hindi and English that you can try for your network, and let your neighbor laugh and shock. You just need to go ahead, pick one from the list, and set it as your Wi-Fi name.

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Network’s Name?

It is very simple to change your Wi-Fi network’s name.

Open Run,

Type cmd, and hit enter.

Type ipconfig, and hit enter.


Copy Default Gateway value, and paste into your browser, and hit enter.

It will ask login id and password. Enter the credentials that you have set or got from your ISP while configuring the router.

Now, you will be logged into the settings of your Wi-Fi Router.

There you need to find out SSID or Network Name. Finding it can be different on different routers. However, you can find it usually in the Wireless basic settings.


Now, type the new name, and Apply the change.

You are done!

Now, you can keep changing your SSID’s name using the list of funny English and Hindi Wi-Fi names.

How to Keep Your Wifi Safe from Hackers?

This is a fun post in which I have shared 100+ funny wifi name ideas both in Hindi and English. But, at the same time, I wanted to give you some advice about keeping your Wi-Fi safe from hackers or others because many times, by using some tools or apps, someone can get access to your Wifi, and keep using it without you knowing the facts. And, if he does something bad using your IP address, you will be in trouble, and your data will used by someone else. Thus, it is important for you to keep your Wifi connection safe.

You can do these things to stay safe:

  • Use a Strong Password: No matter what funny or any name you set for your wifi, you must make sure that you choose a strong password to keep it secured. An ideal and strong password should include a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Don’t use your date of birth, name, or family name kind of common passwords. These can easily be guessable by your known people living around.
  • Change Default Settings: When you buy a router, it has some default settings, you must change the default username and password for your router’s admin panel. Default credentials are known to hackers and can be exploited easily.
  • Enable Encryption: Use WPA3 or WPA2 encryption for your Wi-Fi. Encryption scrambles data transmitted over your network, making it unreadable to unauthorized users.
  • Update Router Firmware: Regularly update your router’s firmware to patch security vulnerabilities and ensure it has the latest security features.
  • Hide Your Network: Disable SSID broadcasting to make your network name (SSID) invisible to others. While this won’t entirely secure your network, it adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Enable Firewall: Activate your router’s firewall to filter incoming and outgoing traffic, providing an additional barrier against unauthorized access.
  • Disable Remote Access: Turn off remote management features on your router unless you specifically need them. This prevents unauthorized access to your router’s settings from outside your network.
  • Regularly Monitor Activity: Monitor your network for any unusual activity or unauthorized devices connected to it. Many routers provide logs or activity history.

Final Words

These are the 50 various Hindi and English funny Wi-Fi names listed many I found on the internet and a few I thought of myself.

Hope you like the list, and I would love to get more such funny names from you. So, write some funny wifi names in the comment section.

Keeping such funny names of your routers is indeed a great idea to make your neighbor laugh and sometimes shock.

Enjoy! 🙂

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