Proven Ways to Recover a Corrupted Excel File
Excel is an amazing software application that helps us in our day to day work with various operations. It makes our job simpler with simple data manipulation. Though it has multiple usabilities, at times, it can give us headaches when you cannot access essential data due to corruption or other errors. Do you wonder how… (1 comment)

Tips And Tricks To Free Up More Drive Space
The computer hard drive serves as your computer’s main storage system. This drive is non-removable and is capable of maintaining all the data even when you turn off your computer. The quantity of the drive space will largely determine how much information you will be able to save on your computer. However, a pop-up message… (1 comment)

Can Guys See If You Swipe Right on Bumble?
Are you a Bumble user and have been using it for quite long? Then you should be aware of how the dating site works. In any case, maybe you are wondering what do your Bumble actions signify and how are the other Bumble users are notified of your actions. One of the major concerns that… (0 comment)

5 Ways to Create Memorable and Robust Passwords
Whether obtaining them on the dark web or cracking them by hand, hackers are always out to get your passwords. Therefore, if you don’t design them to be as robust as possible, you make yourself an easy target.  Using a free password manager that has an in-build generator is a preferable way to conjure strong… (0 comment)

7 Zoom Tricks You Should Try Right Now
Online video chatting services have become more important than ever. They’re an essential part of staying in touch with family and friends while social distancing. They also enable people to have meetings while working from home.  Zoom, a popular video conferencing software, has been around for a while. But the number of its monthly users… (1 comment)