Xploree – Meet The Brainy Keyboard
Google keyboard has been around for a while, but we now have a welcome change in sight. It’s been long since any new innovation has made its way to the all-pervasive keyboard, and that’s where Xploree takes the center stage. Unlike the GBoard, Xploree adds up as a full-fledged tool which makes multi-tasking on the… (4 comments)

Grab These Excellent E-Books for FREE!
There were the days when we used to read the traditional printed book when we didn’t have the option to read online. Now, we have digitally printed books that we can read either online or using document reader software such as PDF readers, MS Word, etc. However, many of us still read paperback printed books… (33 comments)

10 Best 2TB External Hard Disk Drives in India
Due to increased usage of computers and smartphones, the need for storage space has increased too. Many smartphones and computer systems have enough internal storage available but to store GBs of data like HD movies, videos, soundtracks, games, software, etc. that internal memory seems not enough. In that situation, external hard disk drives come into… (5 comments)

Free Image Editing Software – IrfanView
Introduction Before I start with my article, I want to add a note of thanks to Atish who has always been there to answer my questions and motivate me to write. He goes out of his way to help other bloggers and answers their queries with a lot of patience. That is what makes him… (5 comments)