Best Automated Workflow Testing Tools in PHP
The process of debugging a PHP application takes a lot of time and requires thorough technical knowledge. Developers spend hours to debug and write testing code to know the potential loopholes inside the projects. It is a necessary task that ensures all the features of the application are functional and are working without any errors.… (0 comment)

The Battle Against Malicious Websites
We all know that visiting the wrong website or downloading the wrong file can have catastrophic effects on your computer. But how likely are you to run into a malicious website today? Especially considering how many cybersecurity businesses are actively combating the problem. The answer – a lot, and the battle keeps raging on. What… (1 comment)

How to Get Rid of Bookmarks Sidebar on iPad?
Well, if you are on an iPad, you would have ideally come across the floating sidebar on your iPad when using Safari or other applications. This can indeed be an exciting and powerful feature on your iPad, but still, you would find that the functionality can be quite annoying in some cases. So, how to… (0 comment)

How to Encrypt a Flash Drive Without Bitlocker?
USB Drives or flash drives have become one of the most important options for storage. In essence, the fact that we carry very sensitive information and that is perhaps why the security of your flash drives assumes a lot of importance. If you want to ensure a better pen drive security and checking out how… (0 comment)