How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online?
Indian laws are quite strict as we have seen in the last 10 months since the Demonetization move made by the government. Demonetization changed literally everything in the country. Suddenly, the biggest two currency notes became obsolete and even higher denomination was introduced. The identification cards which were not being used to that extent came… (10 comments)

flok: Where Marketing is Done Differently!
Marketing in today’s world is so competitive that if you can’t stand out of the crowd, it means certain death for your company. Standing out of the crowd is very difficult given that competition is everywhere and every company has its own unique selling point, and a point comes where you cannot offer more to… (7 comments)

Creating a Selling Website: 10 Best Prestashop Themes of 2017
If you’re running a store and your goods are still not available online, this is a pretty deplorable neglect that should be addressed. Online trade makes your goods accessible to a wider audience and lets you multiply your sales and enter new markets. All this starts with launching an e-commerce website. However, it matters a… (12 comments)