All You Need to Know About VPN (Virtual Private Network)
The Internet has grown a lot in the recent years, and almost everything is on the internet be it shopping, playing games, doing business, transferring money, etc. For example, I am a blogger, and just using the computer and internet I am running a business online. In short, the Internet is a very important thing… (6 comments)

How to Reset Windows 7/8/10 Password When You Forgot it?
Most of the computer users do use Windows operating system across the globe. Microsoft always keeps upgrading the versions to make things better. I have used Windows XP as my first Windows Version, and since then I have used so many upgraded versions, and with every version, Windows has been becoming better. Kudos to the… (4 comments)

How to Encrypt PDF Files for Total Security?
PDF files are one of the most used file type used for office purpose because it looks more professional and more secure than other file types. But, a computer geek still can make edits in the PDF file by finding various ways. However, it is still possible to make the PDF files protected by encrypting… (2 comments)

Best Wireless Mouse in India
If you still use the mouse as your pointing device rather than your laptop’s touchpad, this blog post is certainly for you as I am going to list the best wireless mouse in India. Years ago when I used to work on my desktop computer, I had the wired mouse to work with. Time passed… (2 comments)