How to Calculate Velocity in Scrum?
As we are aware, Scrum is a framework of repetitive and incremental elements in project management. The Scrum technology has its projects divided into a number of sub-processes. Each of these sub-processes is referred to as Sprints. The sprints can be one week, two weeks, or three-week duration. But what is the velocity with respect… (0 comment)

How to Calculate Story points in Agile?
One of the essential elements in a scrum board development used in agile project management and development is to estimate the time required for the completion of the task.  Estimating the time frame is a hard task, especially for the software developers. It needs to take into account a host of features, and implementing all… (0 comment)

How to Enable Third Party Cookies on iPhone?
The security advisors and privacy-conscious users always suggest you disable or block cookies. However, is it what we would recommend you? How to enable third-party cookies on iPhone? Let us check out how you can enable cookies on your iPhone.  What are Cookies?  Cookies refer to the small text files that web pages tend to… (1 comment)

Best DAC AMP Combo under 200 USD
A DAC amp combo can be an excellent option to improve your musical experience through a headphone. In fact, that would be an excellent choice if you have a high-quality headphone already. However, most of the users do not know how and which DAC combo to go with, and that would make them get confused… (0 comment)