7 Zoom Tricks You Should Try Right Now
Online video chatting services have become more important than ever. They’re an essential part of staying in touch with family and friends while social distancing. They also enable people to have meetings while working from home.  Zoom, a popular video conferencing software, has been around for a while. But the number of its monthly users… (0 comment)

How to Use Passport on Tinder?
Tinder has been the most popular dating app around the world, and there are many features offered by them to make the dating experience better. Tinder is currently the biggest dating platform; thus, you must know the features and other things about it so that when you use it, you make most out of it.… (0 comment)

How to Clone a Cell Phone Remotely?
Have you ever given a thought to cloning a phone remotely? Of course, that may appear to be a serious and a bad idea to think on those lines. The actual reason for cloning a cell phone remotely can vary across multiple scenarios.  Whatever your reasons for cloning a cell phone, maybe. The end result… (0 comment)

How to Leave Voice Channel On Discord?
Discord – that is indeed one of the prominent options one would find for an in-game chat. It is a wonderful platform that will let you focus on the enhanced and improved gaming experience. But have you ever given a thought to a scenario where you would be able to leave a voice channel on… (0 comment)