Why Should You Use WordPress CMS for Creating Website or Blog?
WordPress is the most popular CMS for creating websites and most importantly blogs. The reason of it being so popular and first choice of developers is its flexibility and most importantly you don’t have to pay anything to get the full package of this CMS; you can download it from wordpress.org. When getting a custom… (0 comment)

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently and Temporarily?
This is the age of the Internet, and one of the most revolutionary concepts is social networking because it lets you connect with older friends even after losing contact with each other. One of best examples of such social networking sites is Facebook. Along with Facebook, there are many other social sites as well where… (5 comments)

10 Stores Like Forever 21
Forever 21 has established itself as one of the leading online shopping stores in the world. In the United States, Forever 21 occupies the fifth position among outstanding the fashion retailers in the country with its array of affordable and unique fashion items. Here are 10 Best Stores like Forever 21 Boohoo Boohoo is one… (2 comments)

What to Do When Snapchat Keeps Crashing on Android?
Nothing more frustrating when you are using your favourite app and that suddenly stops or crashes. Especially when you are using apps like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, it is frustrating if they stop while you are talking to your friend or doing some important business talks with your client. No matter what you do on… (2 comments)

How to Edit Images Using MS Word?
Clicking selfies and posting them on social media is the trend nowadays. But, ever since mobile apps for editing images and applying filters, we generally retouch our photos before uploading anywhere to make sure they look beautiful. There are great software programs like Photoshop which you can use to edit images to a great extent.… (6 comments)