10 Stores Like Forever 21
Forever 21 has established itself as one of the leading online shopping stores in the world. In the United States, Forever 21 occupies the fifth position among outstanding the fashion retailers in the country with its array of affordable and unique fashion items. Here are 10 Best Stores like Forever 21 Boohoo Boohoo is one… (2 comments)

8 Best Tektek Alternatives to Create Avatars
Tektek was one of the best resources for anime character creators. It was a great tool for avatar making. Otherwise known as the Gaia Dream Avatar maker, the site was an invaluable resource for designing characters. Despite its shortcomings, Tektek offered more assistance to its users than most of its competitors in the doll industry,… (2 comments)

8 Sites Like DeviantArt For Sharing Your Artworks
DeviantArt is one of the most famous art sharing websites on which you can submit the arts you have created such images, sketches, animation, videos, paintings etc. It was launched by Angelo Sotira and his team on 7th August 2000. On 23 February 2017 DeviantArt was acquired by Wix for whooping $36 Million. Wix has… (0 comment)

10 Best Games like Freelancer
When Freelancer was released to the gaming world in 2003, hardly was the gaming world prepared for the revolution that the game would trigger. The game came with amazing features that were previously alien to games. If you are a game enthusiast and are looking for games like Freelancer that can raise your adrenaline, you… (1 comment)