8 Best Prank Links to Send to Friends

Life has become busy due to coping up with the fierce competition in the market. We work day and night to make profits. We are forgetting to take out some time to have fun and enjoy. If you don’t have much time to go out, you can prank with your friends using your laptop. Yes, there are many prank links to send to your friends that may fool them. Prank links mean there are websites created online which you can use to prank with your friends even by sending them via email or there are prank links for WhatsApp as well.

True friends are those who never take things in a bad way so you can prank with your good friends only. Don’t ever try to prank with the people who take things seriously. Moreover, always take care that by pranking, you are not playing with anyone’s feelings. Anyway, let’s have those 8 Prank Links to Send to Friends.

8 Prank Links to Send to Friends to Fool Them

  1. Shadyurl

I have tried many prank websites, and I found this prank link to send to friends for making them fool. This is the best one out of those. Just visit, and enter any website link, and click Submit.

It will change your link into a shady looking link which if you send to your friend, they will be in suspicion whether to click or not. It actually works like URL shortener as well but it makes them look shady. Try it out on your friends, and see their reactions, you will enjoy for sure. 

  1. is a website where you can create fake conversation along with all settings which will exactly look like a real WhatsApp chat. You can create such fake WhatsApp chat fake WhatsApp chat using any of your friend’s name or anyone and show that to your friends to prank with them. 

There are so many options, use all of them to customize the conversation to make that look even more authentic one.

Moreover, you can use this prank website in many ways to prank with your friends. This is the best prank link for WhatsApp.

  1. Hacker Typer

You must have seen in the movies, hackers typing on black colored screen with green text, and it looks so amazing. If you want to show someone that you can do that type of thing as well, Hacker Typer is the best tool for that. Just start typing, and it will look like a hacker is typing. You can show this to your friends and troll them.

Enjoy fooling your friends.

  1. Geek Typer

Geek Typer is pretty similar to the Hacker Typer but it gives you customization options to choose a theme for the screen for typing. There are many themes out there, you just have to select one and start typing.

You can even customize the color of the background and text to give it more hacking kind of feel. Doing this, and typing in such a way in front of any of your friend may give him a sign that you are a professional hacker. That is really a nice way to prank with your friends.

  1. Love Calculator

Love Calculator is a website where you can register and get prank link to send to your friends which will show them a love calculator. Now, when they enter their and their partner’s name, all the details will be emailed to you. And, they will come to know about this prank as when they submit, they get the message that it was a prank; your and your partner’s name is emailed to <email address>.

This is one of the funniest ways to prank to your friends as with the fun, you get know your friends’ lovers names as well.

  1. Shit Express

    Shit Express is a website from where you can send anyone the poop of any selected animal. Yes, this is one of the best prank links to send to your friends so that they prank with their other friends by ordering poop of an animal. That is a real fun sending a smelly gift to someone you want.

  2. News of Future

News of Future is a trolling website where all the news publications are of the future. You can this prank link to your friends and troll them as they will be blown away with the contents published on this website.

  1. Greatbigstuff

Greatbigstuff is a prank website actually from where you can buy regular things irregular size. For example, if you want to buy a pen, it will be of huge size. You can just order something for your friends and troll them, or you can send this website to your friend so that he can troll others. This is one of the best prank links to send to your friends for having fun.


These are the best prank links to send to friends to troll them and help them find these links so that they can prank with others. There are hundreds of websites which you can use to troll your friends. But, always remember not to hurt anyone’s feeling while playing a prank with them.

My favorite is the Hacker Typer since I am a fan of hacking movies, and seeing codes being typed on black & Blue screen is fun and refreshing for me.

Which is your favorite one?

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