How to Flush DNS Cache?
If you are using computer regularly, you might have flushed the DNS cache many times as most of the guys or support engineers tell you to clear it when you have some issues on your computer such as some sites are not opening, internet connection is not working, slow loading of sites, slow processing speed,… (2 comments)

How to Remove Audio from Video Using VLC?
A video keeps our memory for the lifetime more realistically than photos. A video rewinds your old memories and takes you back to that magical period of your life. In this new century, shooting videos has become speedy and straightforward for everyone with a smartphone. Yes, ever since smartphones’ camera has improved, people started to… (0 comment)

How to Send Large Video Files on WhatsApp?
WhatsApp is the most trending and common platform for information sharing like chatting, sending videos, audios, pictures, etc. It’s quite simple to exchange messages through a smartphone using WhatsApp application, to any person residing anywhere in the world. WhatsApp erased all the limitations for information sharing and set a new age record in offering the… (1 comment)

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2019
Instagram has been an enormous success story in the realm of social media. Ever since Facebook has been at its helm, it has been leaving no stone unturned towards making itself one of the excellent options for sharing yourself and your persona like never before. However, Instagram is nothing if you do not have enough… (15 comments)