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When This Happens It’s Usually Because the Owner Has Restricted Access – Facebook Content Error

Facebook has been so popular that we always find people asking for various queries, recently found this query one of my friends was looking for “When This Happens It’s Usually Because The Owner Has Restricted Access “. So, I have come up with this article.  I have also got one query from a friend regarding finding out hidden information on Facebook Marketplace, I have written an article for that too. Such queries, really give me content ideas, so, please do ask queries, and I will try to come up with solutions every time. Let’s move ahead to the today’s topic.

This might have happened to you quite a few times. You get a notification that your friend has shared a post or update on Facebook. When you click on it, you get a message indicating that the content is not available right now. This can indeed be an annoying experience. What causes this error? 

Ever wondered what causes the Content not Available right Now error on Facebook? This can happen due to several reasons. One of the primary reasons when this happens it’s usually because the owner who has changed the privacy settings. There may be other reasons, but this invariably happens most of the time due to the owner restrictions or error on the part of the owner of the post.

Facebook Content Not Available Error – The Possible Reasons

While the reason for the content not being available right now error comes up on Facebook, is that when this happens it’s usually because the owner issue, there can be a few other issues that may also be affecting it. We will have a look at the possible causes and how to resolve them. 

  1. You are Blocked by the User

One of the reasons why you get the Content Not available right now error on Facebook is due to the user blocking you. Did you notice that the error affects you with respect to one particular Facebook user? When this happens it’s usually because the owner of the post might have blocked you. 

In such a case, try finding him or her through the profile. If you are blocked, you will not be able to visit their profile. You will not be able to find any comments or status updates from the user. If you want to clear the air, you can simply check their profile. 

  1. You Might Have Been Logged Out

It can sometimes happen where you will be logged out of the Facebook inadvertently. This can happen when the app has received an update or there was an error with the app. 

You can check if you are still logged in. Even when you are still logged in to your Facebook account, it may be a good idea to refresh your account once. You may also log out and log back in. 

  1. Maybe Facebook is Down

The service itself might have gone down. This can happen due to the server errors. In such a scenario, you can check it out after a while to find if you can access the content. 

This can be quite unlikely because when the service is down, you should find the entire service down and not a particular page. If you are still in doubt, you can use the services such as Down Detector to find if the service is down in any region. 

  1. The Content is Removed

You are still facing the content not available error despite checking the fixes above? When this happens it’s usually because the owner or Facebook might have deleted the content. The content can be deleted for a wide range of reasons. The user himself or herself might have removed the content. 

Facebook can delete a content when it goes against the community standards or it is a spam. The content can also be deleted when the content is inappropriate in any way or has been flagged by several users. 

  1. The Facebook Profile May Have Been Deleted or Deactivated

This is yet another reason that can cause the Content Not Available error on Facebook. You may find at times when this happens it’s usually because the owner of the profile has been flagged and the profile has been removed. 

A Facebook profile can be deleted due to several reasons. The profile can be deleted for a variety of reasons. It may be a fake account or fake ID. It may also be posting a lot of posts that violate the Facebook norms. 

  1. Change in Privacy Settings

This is one of the prime reasons why you are likely to get the Content not available error on Facebook. Are you still seeing the Facebook content not available error? When this happens it’s usually because the owner has changed the privacy settings after the post has been shared. The privacy setting may have been changed to Private. 

There are several privacy settings that may be useful in specific situations on Facebook. You can pick from among Public, Friends, Friends except.., Specific friends, etc. When it is set to Private, the owner of the post restricts the visibility of the post or updates only to those who follow him. 

  1. Restrictions on Age or Location

Yet another reason the post may be available for you can include the age restrictions and even location restrictions. The page admin may have decided to opt for restrictions of the content to a specific age group or a specific location. 

If that happens in your case, you can using a VPN service for accessing the content. If you suspect the post has age restrictions, you may decide to check it with any other account of an adult’s account. 

The Bottom Line

Well, the Facebook content not available error can be caused due to a host of reasons. One of the prime reasons when this happens it’s usually because the owner has restricted the visibility of the post or maybe the user might have been deleted. Checking out the scenarios above can ideally help you pick the best options to find the actual reasons that might have caused the error. 


How Do You Fix ‘Sorry This Content Isn’t Available Right Now 2021’? 

The error message should ideally mean that the content posted is specifically designed for a particular period. The post is no longer available on the profile. 

When This Happens It’s Usually Because Of The Owner when you find the Content is not available on Facebook?

This can happen when the user has changed the privacy settings. Changing the privacy settings to Private mode can be one of the prime reasons that can cause the error.

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  • Ah, so many reasons! I always assumed it was because the user deleted the post. I see it a lot when I click on a Facebook email that looks interesting – a post in a group I follow – and it’s always frustrating the post is no longer there to read when I click through, especially if I can see the first sentence or two in the email and it looks interesting!

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