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iPhone 7 Home Button Vibrate Continuously. How to Fix?

An iPhone is definitely something that you would find quite exciting. But, as with any other device, you are likely to get a few issues with the phone. For example, if you find your iPhone vibrating continuously, it can be quite annoying and disturbing. So, let us check out how to fix iPhone 7 home button vibrating randomly. 

Why Does My iPhone Vibrate for No Reason?

Without much ado, we will try finding a few common reasons that can make your iPhone vibrate for no reason. But, of course, one wider possibility is that you might have changed the settings without your knowledge – or even by mere accident. 

Some of the scenarios that can cause the iPhone 7 home button difference in vibration can be summed up as:

  • In case you have the habit of installing new apps on your phone, you may end up installing an app that can change the vibration settings on its own. 
  • The phone might have come in contact with water or liquid. That can make the iPhone 7 home button vibrate. 
  • Connecting your iPhone to a faulty charger can also make it vibrate or make a wrong connection. 
  • There may be a few software glitches that may make your iPhone vibrate without reason.

iPhone 7 Home Button Vibrate Continuously – How to Fix it?

The excessive vibrations coming from a phone can be quite annoying and even scary at times. If you find that your iPhone home button keeps vibrating regularly, it may be important to notice that this can happen due to several reasons. The fixes would be dependent on the exact reasons that cause the error. 

Let us explore the steps and methods one by one to help you fix iPhone 7 Home button vibrate continuously. 

  1. Force restart your iPhone

Force restarting your iPhone can be one of the excellent options in helping you rectify a host of issues. The fix can also you address the vibration errors on your iPhone. If your iPhone is vibrating for no reason, you can simply restart it and check if that resolves the error for you. 

The steps involved in how to deal with the force restart can largely be based on the iPhone model that you may be using. 

iPhone 8 and above – Hold and release the Volume up button. Then hold and release the volume down button. Next, press and hold the side button. Release when the apple logo appears 

iPhone 7 and 7 PlusHold down the sleep and wake button along with the Volume Down button. Keep holding it for 10 seconds and release it when the Apple logo comes up. 

iPhone 6 and older – Hold down the sleep or wake button along with the Home button. Hold for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. 

  1. Turn Off vibration

If you find force restarting the phone does not solve the issue for you, you can consider turning off the vibration completely. That way, you would be able to resolve the issue at least temporarily. 

You can simply disable the Vibrate on Silence feature by moving into Settings and then Sounds. You should find the options for setting up the options from here. 

  1. Reset all Settings

Suppose you find that none of the fixes help you resolve the error, the best option that you would want to go with the option to reset all settings. This can perhaps be helpful in letting you get rid of the issue where you would find iPhone 7 home button vibrate continuously. 

You can reach the settings by means of the following the path Settings > General > Reset. Once you are in the reset screen, you can go with the option Reset All settings. Finally, you can confirm the action by offering your PIN. 

  1. Turn off all running apps

If you are unsure of which app is causing the continuous vibration, it may be a good idea to turn off all the running apps. One or two of the running apps on your phone may be faulty or have developed glitches. 

You can simply remove all the running apps and check if this solves the issue. Double tap the Home button to swipe up the screen. All the running apps should now be visible. Swipe upwards and close each of them one by one. You can launch each of the apps one by one to check if any of them make the issue recur. 

  1. Check the apps installed on your iPhone

Check the apps that you have installed on your iPhone. The malicious and rogue apps can cause the iPhone for no practical reason. While it is much difficult to install a malicious app on iPhone given its high-end security features, you can end up installing one if you have a jailbroken iPhone. 

Check your device for any of the suspicious or rogue apps and check if that resolves the issue for you. In addition, it may be worthwhile to check the apps that you have specifically installed quite recently. 

  1. Check your mail notifications

At times, it has been observed that the mail notifications change the vibration settings and can make your device begin incessantly keep vibrating. Therefore, it may be important to ensure that the mail alerts are not turned on. 

You can check out the option for Settings > Notification Center > Mail. You should tap the options for Mail Alerts and then go to Alerts and select None as your option. 

  1. Get in Touch with Apple Support

If none of the resolutions seem to be solving the issue for you, it may be worthwhile to check if you can get in touch with the customer care. The Apple Support team should be able to help you in finding the professional assistance in resolving the problem for you. 

In case you have Apple Care+ service, it may be a good idea to schedule an appointment with the Apple Store and wait for the support from them. They should be able to assist you in fixing any of the underlying issues. Ideally, this step would be inevitable if you find your iPhone starts vibrating unnecessarily. Such a scenario indicates that the iPhone has a deeper issue. There may be serious damage that needs to be addressed. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

In case you have an iPhone and find it vibrating unnecessarily when actually it is not expected to, that can be both a scary and annoying issue. We would assume that the fixes and tips outlined here should be quite helpful in providing you lasting support in dealing with the issue. 

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