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iPhone Won’t Turn on? Let’s Fix it

Your iPhone is a precious tool. It has probably become part of you and whether you use it for work and play or just play, being without it is like being without your arm. That is why it is such a nightmare when it won’t switch on.

iPhone Won’t Turn on

In these circumstances what should you do?

Well, let’s look at what not to do.

What Could be the Possible Reasons of iPhone is not Turning on

There would be various causes because of that your iPhone may not be turning on. However, there are a few reasons that are found to be the main cause of this situation:

  1. The battery is drained or faulty
  2. Software issue
  3. Water damage
  4. Physical damage
  5. Hardware problem

Before doing anything, try charging your iPhone for 20-30 minutes, and if it is charging well, then try to turn into on after charging. If it is still not working, then go ahead with the fixes that I am going to mention in this article.

What Not to do When Your iPhone Won’t Switch on?

There are several things you shouldn’t do if your phone isn’t playing ball.


  • Buy an Android phone as a replacement (seriously?).
  • Lay on the floor sucking your thumb. This is very unproductive.
  • Get drunk.
  • Hire a psychotherapist. Although this may bring some comfort it is not getting the phone fixed.
  • Phone a friend and cry your heart out. Let’s face it you can’t do that as your phone won’t switch on.

Instead, go through some troubleshooting steps to bring life back to your phone.

Should I Just Buy a Replacement iPhone?

This depends on your circumstances. Your phone could be quite new and you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily. It could be that you have pictures and so forth saved locally rather than in iCloud. In this instance replacing the phone will lose anything you want to save forever.

On the other hand, you may have been looking to make a change and if there is nothing you can’t access via the cloud, you may feel it is less time and effort just to replace your iPhone with a shiny new one.

If you rent your phone as most of us do, buying a new iPhone isn’t a viable option.

Talk to a Knowledgeable Person

We’ve all got that friend who is a tech geek and how to repair it what Yoda is to the force. It could be time to pay them a visit bringing your phone to let them work their tech wizard magic on it.

This can be a quick fix as people that know iPhones backwards know which buttons to press to get around software issues and can identify another culprit in the iPhone that won’t switch on mystery in that it is a charging issue.

Think About Apple Support

Apple Support website has a wealth of information about iPhone charging issues and this could be a good starting point in bringing your phone back from the dead.

Compared to most support sites it is very comprehensive with a dedicated section to repairing and looking after your iPhone in Apple Care, and you can talk to an Apple expert. Providing it isn’t a hardware issue, they should be able to tell you what to do to get your phone back on track.

Should I Try and Fix my Phone?

Even if you know what you are doing and you suspect the problem is a hardware issue, trying to fix your phone is not recommended.

If you open the casing you invalidate the warranty and the act of opening it is quite tricky. If you can’t fix the phone you’ll have to take it to a repair center and this is additional time and cost.

If you think the phone has a hardware issue, the best thing to do is to take it to an authorized repair center and let them fix it.

What Do I Do If My iPhone Won’t Charge?

If you feel your phone isn’t getting any juice it could be down to one of the following:

  • Lightning Port: The issue could be a physical one. Lightning ports tend to clutter up collecting dust and debris especially if your phone lives in your back pocket. If you feel this could be the case, scrape out any gunk using a paperclip or a sim card removal tool.
  • USB Computer Port: If you charge from your Mac you may be using a USB port that no longer works. Use another port or a different charging source.
  • Check Your Charging Cable: It could be the charging cable is coming to the end of its life, so replace it. Same with charging bricks.
  • Consider Wireless: If you have an iPhone 8 or later you may want to try wireless charging to see if that gives your phone much need juice. iPhone 8 and later models support wireless QI and MagSafe charging. If the cause of your woes is a damaged lightning port then this is a great workaround.

Charging issues can either be easily solved or not so easily solved. It really is the luck of the draw. Hopefully, you’ll just need a new charging cable and so by buying a replacement, you’ll make your iPhone great again!

When our iPhones fail it can feel like the end of the world. You kind of lose touch with what’s going on as much of your life is wrapped up in it.

Hopefully, now you’ve read this whole blog, you’ll be taking your first steps in fixing your phone.

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