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How to Get More Likes on Tinder?

Tinder has been an influential matchmaker for the lover birds ever since it was launched. But getting likes and matches on Tinder is not that easy. Are you someone who is tired of having to swipe a lot and yet not getting any likes? Well, there are a few hacks that can help you get more likes on the dating app. Of course, these hacks may or may not work, but we would recommend giving them a try so that your profile does shine with a few likes.

The essential tip for ensuring that you get more likes on Tinder is to maintain a complete profile. Your pictures, bio, and all those details should be such that they reflect your true personality. Just showing off may no longer work on Tinder. Make sure to avoid selfies and add images that show different facets of your personality. That should be the right trick to stay on top. 

How to Get More Likes on Tinder – Top 10 Hacks to Help You

While the tips may have different meanings for men and women on Tinder, we will list out a few hacks that should work best for both genders.

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Use a Good Profile Picture

Make sure that your profile picture does impress the prospective matches. A clear image with a focus on your features and personality should be the first step in achieving more positive results. A clear portrait can go a long way in creating an interest in your profile. 

Do note that selfies are never the right choice for Tinder images. Outdoor photos have been found to be more effective. 

Write a Compelling Bio

Just a basic bio will never cut the cake on Tinder. Ensure that your bio is as much creative as possible. Take enough pains to show the fun and compelling personality that you have. 

But, yes, never go overboard with your bio. Write a compelling bio, but try to be yourself. Never go overboard with a quirky and overly funny bio. Such bios are more likely to backfire and fail to get more likes. 

Avoid Group Photos

Never have group photos on your Tinder profile. Of course, a few photos from special events may be fine, but too many group photos are bad for a Tinder profile. Especially do not post a group photo with your ex-partner or a few members from the opposite sex. 

It has been observed that the group photos receive an adverse reaction from the potential matches. That does not mean you should avoid group photos altogether. They are necessary to show that you are social but avoid posting too many of them. 

Know When to Swipe Right or Left

Never keep swiping right just for the sake of it. Analyze the profile first and go through every aspect of the profile. Swipe right only when you find the profile really attractive and looks to be a good match for you. 

Occasional left swipe is not a bad idea. Swiping right will not guarantee a match every time. That’s why having your own strategies may be the best option to grant results. And yes, knowing when to swipe left is also a key strategy. Having a few standards is always good. Being picky and choosy should never mean being rude. 

Use the Super like Feature 

The super-like feature on Tinder is yet another excellent option to get more likes on Tinder. This is a good option to show someone that you are interested in the person. When you super-like someone, they are bound to feel great. 

Your super like can make you stand out from other likes on their profile. However, do not go overboard with the super-like feature either. Use it sparingly. Use it only for the profiles that genuinely interest you, not just for the sake of getting more likes.

Stay Active on the App 

Staying active on the app is another best means to get more likes. Be active constantly, and keep swiping. But that should not mean you should always keep swiping right. But you need to be consistent with your swiping habits. 

The more you are active on the app, the better your chances of getting more likes on Tinder. A few ways you can show you are active on the app include swiping regularly, changing your bio quite often, engaging with your matches, and using your super likes. 

Link Your Other Social Media Profiles 

When you link your social media profiles, you appear to be more authentic and more human. You can link all your social media and other account, which include Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram. 

These gestures will show that you are a real person with multiple interests. Having only a Tinder account can be a red flag for the potential matches. Moreover, social media accounts can also help your potential matches know more about you. 

Adjust your filters 

Adjust the Tinder filter so that you can be assured of better and more matches. Age and distance setting would be the two most essential options to look for. Many of us tend to leave the default settings and do not bother to change them. 

Adjusting the filters can also be an ongoing process. You can change them from default and check the performance. If needed, you can further enhance the settings for the filters. Instead of being rigid with your filters, it is always essential to be ready to use diverse settings. 

Show off your interests 

Everyone of us is passionate about something or the other. Show your passion and intereset in your profile. This can be a great hack to attract like-minded people to your profile. In fact, it can also act as a conversation starter in many cases. 

If you are fond of pets, show it off in your profile. In fact, people find pets cute and may find your profile more attractive. In case you are passionate about fitness, showcase your interest through the videos and images indicating your fitness regime. 

Upgrade to Tinder Premium

Tinder Premium does provide you with several best features that can help you get more likes. These give a better visibility and thus can at as an excellent option to get more likes on Tinder. 

Some of the premium features that you can use to your benefit can include:

  • Tinder super likes: We have discussed this already. Giving someone a super like will put you higher on their swipe stack
  • Tinder Boost: With Tinder Boost, you will be on top of the swipe stack for everyone for the next 30 minutes
  • See who likes you: As is apparent, this feature lets you find out who likes you before swiping them. 
  • Message before matching: When you super like someone, you can add a message along.

Are Tinder Matches and Likes the Same?

No, Tinder matches and likes are not the same. A like happens first, and if they both match, they begin to chat. Thus, a Tinder Like is a precursor to a Tinder match. 

A Tinder like is when you swipe right on a Tinder profile. This is done to indicate your interest in the said profile. A Tinder Match happens when both the profiles swipe right to like each other. This is part of the double opt-in method. When both the profiles like each other, a match happens, and only then can they exchange messages through the app. 

A Tinder Like typically expires in 24 hours. In premium Tinder accounts, a Like may have a longer lifespan. When you get a Match from a profile you have liked, you will get a notification. 

Final Words

Want to improve your chances of getting a Tinder Like? The tips and hacks above should ideally help you get them easily. Each of these tips has its own plus points, and using all of them on your Tinder profile will ensure a better prospect of staying on top of the likes on Tinder. Explore those tips wisely and strategically to come up with the best results. 


How many Tinder likes do I get every day? 

Initially, Tinder used to have 120 likes per 12 hours. However, the limit now has been stipulated at 25 to 50 likes per 12 hours for men and over 50 likes per 12 hours for girls. 

Why am I not getting any likes on Tinder?

There can be multiple reasons for not getting likes on Tinder. It can be due to inactive profiles, pictures not impressive, or an excessive swiping habit. It is also possible that you have violated one or more community guidelines of Tinder. 

Is swiping too much on Tinder bad?

Swiping either left or right too much can violate a few of the community guidelines on Tinder. Use the swiping habits strategically. Do not swipe right or left just for the sake of it. 

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