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Pranks to Play on Friends Over Text

Is it the first day of the month of April? Even if not, any day is as good as that for playing a prank on your nearest and dearest ones. All you need is a little integrity and a lot of patience. Choose your victim carefully and set the stage. In the age of being stuck at home, there is no chance of a practical prank. 

This video explains how you can send SMS to anyone in more than 150 countries without revealing your name. This would be fun to play pranks on text using the website mentioned in the video. Let’s find that out.
But don’t worry text pranks are just as fun. You won’t even have to worry about guarding your expressions. But to be a sure legend in this type of pranks you have to depend on the fact that you know your friend better than they know you. So here we are going to lay out some ideas as to how to successfully prank the person. Although, remember this is just for fun and nobody’s feelings should get hurt.

Pranks to Play Over Text

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So, here we go with some of the best and most creative pranks to play on your friends over text. 

  • For this, they have to be absolutely unsuspecting. Now start in a serious tone and tell them that you want to tell them something. Before that hint at a topic that is sure to get them triggered. Now just at the moment when you can feel that they are at the edge of the seat, disappear. Even better if you pretend to type for a really long time and then just go offline. 
  • This can be an ultimate level of entertainment if you can do it properly and one of the best pranks to play on your girlfriend over text or on your boyfriend as well. Just grab your partner’s smartphone and change your name from the contact list on their phone. You might keep it as mom or dad. Then, text them from your number. 
  • Prepare a message beforehand that can be thought of by your friend to be sent by a bot. Just copy and paste it as a response to your friend’s text over and over again until the other person gets irritated and confused and starts calling you back.
  • On most of the phones, you can control what word gets autocorrected to what. Grab their phone and do the following changes. Change you’re to your, mix up they’re, their and there, interchange it’s and it’s and etc. 
  • For starters, think of an event that happened. Now to that add a detail that did not happen. Now go on and on about the details that you made up. Now watch their beliefs waver.
  • In reply to their texts, send them a random emoji. When they ask you what you sent that for, tell them a made-up meaning of the emoji. Remember to sound genuine. Now do this with as many emojis you want but don’t let them catch on. 
  • Use the shortcut feature. Take something your friend is sure to use frequently like a greeting or a catchphrase. Now change it to something embarrassing. Although they can change it back, they sure will be pranked.
  • Did you know there is a gif of the text bubble that is known to make even the strongest people anxious? Search it up and send it to them. Now count the time till they understand what really is going on.
  • Pick out a song that doesn’t go around that much. This will make sure that your friend might not have heard it. Now answer only with the lyrics. Although this one is a famous prank it sure doesn’t get old.
  • You can add people to texting lists. Activists and comedy show sometimes have text lists. Once you do, they will be so confused when the texts come in about maybe the latest protest in the area or something funny.
  • Send them a sticker or a gif that is not only very controversial but sure will pique the interest. Now tell them that they were the wrong person. When they ask you who you originally meant to send it to, give them a dubious answer. Asking for something creepy is a good example.
  • This one is if you have recently asked someone to do a job. Now change the description of the job slightly and ask them if they have done it. You can ask them whether they have put the file in the left cabinet whether you surely said right before. Watch them panic.
  • A variation of the changing the contact name prank is to change all the contacts in the phone of the person to a name who calls or texts them quite regularly. It will take them a few texts to figure out what is wrong.
  • Suddenly start a countdown. Don’t tell them what it’s for and don’t answer their texts. Just keep counting down to a certain time for a whole day. When the time comes let them know they have been pranked.


Pranks over texts can be a very good idea to apply to friends. It is always fun to get engaged with pranks to play on your girlfriend over text. Or even with pranks to play with your boyfriend over text. But there is one very crucial thing that every prankster or someone who is about to prank someone must always retain a very serious note. This will ensure that the pranks do not go wrong. Therefore, you must make sure your prank is not going to harm or negatively affect anyone mentally or physically.

Several individuals have a very weak heart and hence, do not have enough ability to tolerate such entertainment. Think time and time again before making a prank on such friends. Do not also go to the depths of any of their personal experiences that might cause them pain. Once you are aware of these facts, pranking is the ultimate funny thing you can indulge in given that you have a good sense of humour and with our help, you are ready to go.

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