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4 Tools To Create Fake WhatsApp Chat To Prank Your Friends

In the age of the internet, we have lost our sense of social face to face communication. We are always busy with the social media and instant messaging to keep ourselves up to date and engaged.

With the time, we have started looking for a change in our routine and started having fun with our friends in the funniest and weirdest of ways in the virtual world of social media and instant messaging. One of the many ways is sharing fake Facebook and WhatsApp conversation screenshots with friends pretending that those are real.

So, many web developers have come up with unique and funny ideas to create apps that have the capability of creating a fake chat that will seem to appear just like your favorite messengers.

WhatsApp fake chat generator apps have been created for the purpose of pranking with friends and entertaining millions of people out there.

whatsapp fake chat

Sharing fake WhatsApp chat screenshots in various Whatsapp groups and even on social media sites is very popular nowadays. You can easily generate fake WhatsApp conversations using certain apps.

Such kind of fake WhatsApp conversations can help you to fool and entertain your friends and make them believe that it is all a part of the actual WhatsApp. It looks so real and similar to the actual WhatsApp that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.

The developers of such apps have created these apps and websites site just for fun and people should not take it seriously as it is just for fun. But if you are the one who is making the joke, you have to be responsive and make sure that you should not offend anyone.

I am sharing a few apps that you can use to generate fake WhatsApp chat

#1. Generate Fake Whatsapp Chat with WhatsFake

WhatsFake is available on the Play Store and can be installed on any Android phone to have some fun time with family and friends fooling them. This fake WhatsApp chat generator app is really interesting and has almost all the looks and aesthetics that are similar to the real WhatsApp app for Android. This WhatsApp fake chat app has become quite popular among the young generation, and many have downloaded this app to prank their friends. But let me remind you again that it is just an app that is to be used as a joke and should not be used to harm or hurt anyone.

#2.  Create Whatsapp Fake Chat with Yazzy

Yazzy is one of the apps for Android that can be used for creating fake chats for Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp. You will be surprised with the ease that it offers to create such fake chats. You can show it to someone, and they would totally fall for it and believe it is real. I am using Yazzy mainly for creating fake Whatsapp conversations that I share in many groups to prank with all of my friends.

#3. Generate fake WhatsApp conversation with Fake Chat Simulator

As the name suggests, Fake Chat Simulator is to the point and can be used as a fake chat generator to create some fake WhatsApp conversations to fool your friends. This works really well and looks exactly similar to the real WhatsApp for Android. Just check the video above and you will get an idea of how it works. You can even choose factors like showing the last seen, online status, status of message delivery, etc. with this app that is just great for such an app!

Creating a WhatsApp fake chat is really easy. All you need to do is open the app, add a fake new contact that will be shown in the chat screenshot and you will be asked to choose their profile picture. After that, you can start adding messages inside the app, and you can also change the status of messages to delivered, to read or whatever you want. Everything is easy to set up, and this app is amazing to use.

#4. Create Fake WhatsApp Conversations With WhatsFake Zap Zap

The apps I have shared above are for Android devices. But, what if you want to create a fake WhatsApp chat on an iPhone or any other iOS device? Well, I have found an app that will help you do it easily to create fake WhatsApp conversations.

The name of the app is WhatsFake Zap Zap, which is definitely an interesting name for such an app. This helps you in creating fake WhatsApp conversations that will look exactly like a screenshot of the chat of original WhatsApp, but it will be the fake chat that you can use as a joke.

Verdict – Have fun with no harm

You can use these Fake WhatsApp chat generator apps to prank your friends and dear ones. Don’t every use these for nasty purposes or to offending others.

These apps are good for having some fun with your friends or family, and some of these apps can even change the status of messages to read which will make the chat look more original and real. But again, you are the one who is responsible for using this app properly.

Use these apps for fun and that too in a no harm inflicting way. Now go ahead and create some WhatsApp fake chat to have some fun with friends.

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