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How to Make Sure Your Web Design Doesn’t Drive Visitors Away?

Are your rankings not exactly what you would envision? Or maybe there’s a problem with your conversion rates? If that’s the case, your web design can be lacking. But how can you figure out if there’s a problem with that?

Think of the answer to these questions to know whether there is some problem with your approach?

How Easy to Read Is Your Content?

The important influence that content has on web design can’t be emphasised enough. It’s essential to make that content readable. As such, keep the technical terms to a minimum, and explain to them every time.

How Many Ads Are on Your Website?

Ads pay your bills, but they’re particularly irksome for visitors. Ad-heavy websites subconsciously remind people that brands want to sell their products, instead of helping them. Besides, ads make navigation harder, so people spend more time searching for relevant content.

How Fast Does Your Website Load?

As claimed by web design agency Adelaide, Magicdust, it is key to check the analytics on a regular basis to make sure that your pages load within a matter of seconds (three seconds should be the goal here). If it takes more than three seconds, you’ve lost almost half your visitors. A slow website, even if it’s packed with relevant information, cannot determine people will stay.

In order to increase your website speed, you can make your images smaller, get rid of any non-essential plug-ins and ensure your hosting account is reliable.

How Many Calls to Action Are You Using?

Calls to action are important, but too many of them are confusing, overwhelming and perceived as “salesy”. So, instead of bombarding visitors with in-your-face calls to action, display buttons in a visible place that’s easy to find by visitors when they feel like it.

Does Your Front Page Show Videos?

If the answer is yes, it might drive visitors away. Too much stimuli are overwhelming and annoying. The same goes for autoplay, which doesn’t allow visitors to take their time watching the content.

Do You Have Modern Web Design?

The principles of web design have evolved, based on important research in neurobiology and the subconscious mind. Design agencies provide easy to navigate, modern websites that use these principles to increase conversion rates.

Are You Requesting Personal Info?

First-time visitors aren’t so keen on leaving their personal information or subscribe to offers. Rather, they’re more interested in finding specific information and leave. You can use a newsletter button, but don’t ask people for their personal info to access your website.

How Honest Are Your Offers?

Many companies offer people discounts if they sign up for their newsletter. But once visitors sign up, they’re told they can only get this voucher with a bigger purchase. If you dupe your visitors with fake offers, you only frustrate them, so they’re less likely to use your vouchers or to come back.

Is Your Web Design Cluttered?

Cramming information, colours, and buttons together in a cluttered melting pot confuses your visitors. A website that’s difficult to navigate is frustrating because it prevents visitors from finding relevant information fast.

Do You Use Stock Photos?

Stock photos don’t look professional at all in different cases because the same images are used on many websites since the same stock photos get sold again and again. Apart from appearing spammy, they suggest to visitors that you don’t have enough resources to invest in a quality photographer to create own images for your business.

Is the Price of Your Products Hidden?

People are interested in prices. If you hide or are dishonest about them, you can lose potential buyers. Visitors like to do research, compare info about various products, so they don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for prices.

Is Your Website Difficult to Navigate?

If the answer is yes, then you’re losing customers. Visitors become irked very quickly when they can’t find relevant information fast. Use a visible navigation bar, along with a logical structure of headings, titles and product pages, plus a search bar.

Does Your Website Layout Help People Convert?

When visitors are ready to buy, they should immediately find a way to do that. That means you need a call-to-action button on every page, with words that encourage visitors to contact you or buy your products. To properly create a CTA that will convert, you might need help from an affordable New York website design company to get things going.

Is Your Website Mobile-friendly?

More than half of online visitors use their mobiles to access websites and do Google searches. As such, you need a responsive design, a fast loading speed and a mobile-friendly interface that engages users.

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Are You Perceived as Friendly?

Do you focus on the needs of your customers? Do you offer round-the-clock customer service? Are you flexible with your hours, prices and returns? You can only attract and keep visitors if you show you’re more interested in solving their needs, rather than selling your product at any cost.

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  • Major mistake in web design is designers not taking website loading time into account, good agencies take it into account and keep all the departments intact while getting anything done so that each department can give its input. Companies where departments are not interlinked such mistakes happen.

  • Hi,
    Having a Mobile-friendly website is necessary for every website owner. As we all know that the mobile usage has surpassed the desktop usage and most of the internet users use their mobiles to surf the internet.

    Web site loading time matters a lot and yes, when it takes 3 to 4 seconds to load, then the visitors will leave your website and look for other alternatives. Unnecessary plugins can really slow down your website if you don’t uninstall it.

    Lots of ads on the website really annoy the readers.

    In this post I have learned some thing new about web design and thank you for sharing this post with us.

    Have a good day

  • Hi Team
    Basically designers are not programmers and programmers are not SEO expert so the gap between all these three remains whenever a designer design a new UX. He always want a best experience on that but a programmer find it difficult to implement and when he/she implement that design they forget about SEO factors. This is the reason, we should choose a full stack developer who have some basic understanding of SEO also.

    BTW it was a good read. Keep in touch

  • Thank you for your great suggestions for optimizing website user experience. I agree that one should not overdo things like many calls to action or having ads all over the web. There needs to be a balance in the number of ads and they should not diminish the user experience in any way.

    Great techniques!

  • Yeah, website loading and page designing matter a lot for its speed. now my website speed is 1.50 seconds after improving my site backend. thank you so much for sharing such type of information.

  • This is indeed Good information that anyone should know prior designing website. I also believe that Content and Web design should also go hand-in-hand. The web design should also be relevant to the content. And the usage of images on the site should also be relevant to the content and should be used where necessary. The web design or images used should justify the subject of the website. This is also one important factor people forget when designing website.

  • This is a wonderful article, great pointers. Website speed, ease of navigation and having a responsive design indeed are nowadays necessary factors for a good user experience so that you don’t lose visitors on your website. Thanks a lot.

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