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How to Start a Conversation With a Girl on Snapchat?

Did you get a girl on Snapchat? Well, great! But do you know how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat? Probably you don’t have a clue. 

Well, we are here for that! 

Here, we will tell you how to Snapchat a girl you like?

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl on Snapchat?

Firstly, act like a real person and not a scammer. 

Remember, if they don’t know you, then they would hardly talk to you. So instead of trying to win on them from the beginning – invest some time to know them. 

Tell them who you are first and where you are from – so that it seems genuine enough. 

To be honest, there are a lot of scammers right now, and nobody knows who is a real person and who is not. So, it’s really important to keep things transparent and clear between both of you from the beginning.

Take a day or two to get to know and introduce each other. While it’s not possible to get too personal too fast, you can surely share bits and fragments of your life to give the girl an idea that you’re not a scammer. 

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On second thoughts, communicate much – but don’t spaaaam!

Communication is the key – but spamming the girl can surely get you locked out of her list. Snap here, and wait for her to reply instead of going ahead and snapping her continuously. 

She is probably busy, or at worst, doesn’t want to talk to you – in that case, leave it there and move on. 

However, if she has shown interest in you, hold your patience because better late than sorry

Here’s also another tip – don’t force communication.

Maybe you have sent multiple snaps and stickers on Snapchat and got only one reply back. Then it might not be a very good sign to hold on to, especially if your motive is to know how to get a girlfriend on Snapchat

In such a scenario, don’t force the communication and let everything sink in a bit. If she really has an interest in you, she’ll surely come around. 

Third, don’t be JUST yourself!

The years of old craziness might have made you understand “just be yourself”, but that doesn’t help when you know how to get girls on Snapchat

After communicating, you must have come to know what the girl prefers. Is she into books or beauty? Does she watch Marvel movies or swell over the Bollywood cringé romantics? 

Depending on what your girl prefers, you need to approach. If she loves Marvel movies, tell her that you have an interest in them as well. It would give you guys something common to start with and talk more!

If it seems too much of a lie to you, go ahead and watch those Marvel movies first – then tell her. It would save you the guilt!

Try and stay connected throughout the day over snaps!

Snapchatters love snapping whatever they do. You can make her feel really special by making her a part of your daily life.

Take snaps of what you had for breakfast, which shirt you were wearing, where you headed, how was your workday – so on and so on. 

However, don’t spam! 

When you’re sharing so many snaps of your day, she would be interested in the same as well – if she likes you at all

Doing so would not only bring you two much more close to each other but would also give you a chance to step it up to the NEXT level, finally.

Besides, you get to explore and use all the latest features of Snapchat while doing so – how cool is that?

Try and increase the Snap frequency

If both of you loved the little Snap-game till now, it’s time to level it up, boy! Till now, you were only focusing on daily life – now take it up to express how you are feeling in the moment. 

Are you feeling low? Was it a shitty day at work? Or maybe, you got a promotion? Whatever it is – taking your time to let your special someone know about these little things really matters.

Make sure you are using a lot more expressions, effects, and stickers on Snapchat – that kind of increases the intimacy between you both. 

If this goes well – don’t mind levelling it up to some adult chats or what you call in modern-day language “Sexting”- you know what I mean, right? 

I did my best – now it’s up to the two of you. Hope you and your girl stick together and forever like the gum and its wrapper! 

Happy snapping!


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