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10 Free Fast Copy Paste Software for Windows

Every computer user does the process of copying files from one folder to another, from Pen drive to hard drive, or from CD to hard drive and Vice-Versa. It is a day to day work that every user does whether to copy movies, songs, files, documents, software, etc.

To handle the copying process Windows has inbuilt feature and it works quite well. But, while copying bigger files, you may feel that the copy process works very slowly.

There comes the third party software to enjoy the fast copy process on your computer.

In this blog post, I am sharing 10 Fast Copy Paste Software for Windows to accelerate the copying process even if you are copying gigabytes of data.

Below is the list of 10 Free Fast Copy Paste Software for Windows:

#1. TeraCopy [Free/Premium]

Tera Copy

TeraCopy is one of the best-known utilities to copy large files with blazing fast speed. It has many advanced features that speed up file copy process. It  notifies when files don’t copy properly and allow overwriting existing files as well. It also offers to skip and rename the files while copying. Many users consider TeraCopy as the fastest file copy utility.

TeraCopy full version is a premium version that is priced at 19.95 USD, and the basic version is FREE.

Get TeraCopy here

#2. FastCopy [Free]

fast copy

FastCopy is one of the simplest and fast copy software for copying data at great speed. It integrates with Windows shell and has awesome features to surprise you as it has different methods to copy large files as per the source either different HDD or same HDD.

For the Same HDD: When you transfer files using FastCopy within the same HDD, then reading and writing process are done parallel in separate threads.

For Different HDD: Reading process is done until the big buffer fills. Once the reading process completed by filling the big buffer completely, writing process gets started.

FastCopy also offers to select individual commands that you want to appear in the right-click context menu.

FastCopy is my favorite file copy utility after TeraCopy. It is a free fast copy software that you can download here.

#3. Copy Handler [Free]

fast copy utillity

Copy Handler is a fast copy utility for Windows to copy and move files. It can be integrated with Windows shell and the right-click menu. You can set custom buffer as per the copy type whether within the HDD, or internal HDD to External HDD, HDD to the optical drive, and so on. It is very flexible to use with a plethora of customization options. You can also set system shut down once the file copying process is completed.

Get Copy Handler here

#4. RichCopy [Free]

how to copy large files

RichCopy existed since 2001, but it was made public around after 7-8 years. In the early days, it was an internal Microsoft tool only. But, now it is a standalone tool for fast copy and move files on your Windows computer. It has profiles feature that allows you to create profiles for each file copying task you want. It can filter files by name and extensions that make your copying work even easier and sorted.

It has only one shortcoming that is it cannot be integrated with Windows shell, and works as a standalone tool on your computer.

Get RichCopy Here

#5. Ultra Copier [Free]

fast copy software

Ultra Copier is next on my list of best file copy software. You can put speed limitation for file transfer and also, you can resume the transfer if it stops due to some error. It is a freeware, and customizable. It works everywhere as it is cross-platform compatible. It indeed speeds up the copying files by providing awesome features. It does work on Mac and Linux as well.

Get Ultra Copier

#6. Unstoppable Copier [Free]

file copy software

As the name says, Unstoppable Copier doesn’t stop copying even the data is damaged. It copies data from the disks with issues like scratches and bad sectors. This file copy utility attempts to read every readable chunk of information from the damaged disks, and then keep those together.
Unstoppable Copier can be a great choice if you want to copy data from sources with issues.

Get Unstoppable Copier

#7. NiceCopier [Free]
fast copy software

NiceCopier is just another fast copy and paste program that has a nice interface as the name says. It replaces the Windows default copy feature to speed up the file copy process. It has different features such as pausing, resuming, etc.

Get NiceCopier here

#8. XXCOPY [Free]

best file copy software

XXCOPY is one of the best file copy software with around 230 Commands to do the specific operations to copy files across the HDD, Pen drives, and other storages. There is no GUI version for this software. But, if you know how to work with Command Prompt then it is a great software for you for copying data.

However it is a nice tool, it has a few shortcomings such as you cannot pause and resume the copy process. It cannot recover data from disks with errors.

Get XXCOPY here

#9. ExtremeCopy Standard Edition [Free]

best file copy software

ExtremeCopy is a good utility for fast copy paste of data across different storages on your Windows computer. It replaces the default copy feature of Windows, and it increases copy speed from 20%-120%. You can copy seamlessly with this file copy utility as you don’t need to do anything, you just do normal copy paste, and this does its task automatically. You can pause and resume the copy process as per the requirement.

The standard edition of ExtremeCopy is free, but its Professional Edition is paid one. However, the Pro edition offers 30 days trial.

Get ExtremeCopy here

#10. MiniCopier [Free]

fast copy software

MiniCopier is a nice tool for copying files on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. With this tool you can queue multiple transfers at once, resume failed copy, pause, and control the copy speed. All in all, it is a simple yet effective tool to fast copy paste the data.

Get MiniCopier here


Copying file is a day to day thing, and a slow file transfer is what we all hate. These 10 Free Fast Copy Paste software can speed up the copy process as you have read above.

Many times when my friends come to me for asking to give some movies, and to do that I have to copy movie files to their pen drives. Usually, movie files are bigger than normal files, and before I came to know about these tools, I suffered due to slow transfer of movie files from my HDD to Pen drive. But, when I started using one of these tools, I never had slow copy process.

Currently, I am using TeraCopy, which works great for me. You can also try these tools as per your preferences. These all are Free!

I would like to know whether you are using such tools to copy large files.

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  • Superb, Atish Ranjan That’s Great Software For Copy and Paste with another device. Basically, I have faced a problem to Copy and Paste with USB and my PC is so slow, after download FastCopy Software my time saved. Thank you So Much for sharing it.

    • Hi Asif,

      Thank you for reading my post. happy to know that FastCopy was able to help you when you needed it. Keep visiting.

  • Mr. Atish,
    Thank you so much for shearing. actually I’m felling very very boring about my windows copy/past system. from now I will try to look forward from keep some thing from here.

  • Hi Atish bro,
    I must say this is an exclusive list of copy p[aste software. It is also essential for people who work with lot of typing or research work because they need a clipboard that saves more than 1 entry at a time!
    I use ditto and it gives me tons of features. I may try the other software by you very soon.

  • Hello Atish, Wowsy I had no idea there were so many copy and paste software’s available, What an extensive list.
    This is sure to come in handy.
    Great Share
    Chery :))

      • In connection to that, I’ve tried several of these softwares since our office needs to transfer files from our computers and most of those are sensitive documents. So far, Rich Copy (or GS RichCopy 360) worked well for me and my team. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for sharing a list of copy paste software. Actually, I never used any of these softwares till now. I will have a try if I need at any time and I am bookmarking this post.


    R. Stephenson

  • Thanks a lot for sharing these software’s for fast copy paste. I have already used TeraCopy, but after some months it started asking for key, thanks for sharing the other fast copy paste software’s.

  • Hello Atish,

    Thanks so much bro to share this article. Sometime I face this copy paste problem when I take files from my smartphone to my laptop. Hope these softwares solve my problem.

    Thanks & regards,

    Moumita Ghosh

  • Thanks Atish for the info.

    so many options though.

    but what went wrong with windows traditional copy-paste method ? how fast are they as compared to it ?

    • Hello Vikas,

      You can test the speed by copying same file using windows default system, and then using some tools like these.

      There is nothing wrong with windows default tool. But, these tools increase the speed to a great extent.

  • I’ve used Teracopy before, its good, we can add up number of items in a queue, so pasting process will be done without crashing the system. I’ill definitely try all of that given above.

  • Thank you Atish. I didn’t know about these fast file copying utilities. I can see occasions where I’d find this feature useful myself but it’s my husband who’d find the most regular use for them. I’ll refer him to this article. He regularly backs up files for clients. Only yesterday he was asked to back up about 700 mobile phone photos to a laptop and a thumb drive. It took so long.

    • Thats great, Sue.

      It is useful when you want to copy large data. Do share the tools with him, and he will enjoy using these for sure.

      Have a nice weekend ahead.

  • Hi Bro,

    This article having all popular free software, everyone know about copy paste and this feature make our life more easy and save lot of time. Thanks for this great software article.

    Mohd Arif

  • I have used Terra Copy and Fast Copy for many years. Terra Copy is just amazing and fast and there is no software that can beat Terra Copy.

    But these days we don’t copy past much. Instead we download stuff online and if possible I would like you to share a list of free download managers.

    • Good to know that you have already used Terra Copy and Fast Copy Software. Both are are great. Thanks for stopping by, Imran.

  • Hello Atish,

    This is a great list of software. I use TeraCopy(free version) for many years already and have not encountered any problem. The best thing about TeraCopy is it makes copying files really fast. I could still remember the time when i don’t use any of these types of software and only rely on Windows copy function.

    I really hate the waiting time for copying large files. It’s not good for my work. Good thing i tried TeraCopy and have been a happy user since then.

  • you have to show a good software . i did not use such software but after your this post i must use it.

  • Hello everyone!
    I’ve been using RichCopy 360 for the last 6 month and I have to say that it’s fast, reliable and secure copy program that I suggest to everyone.

  • Hey everyone,

    Obviously these are popular software when it comes to software copying. I’ve been a user of few of them myself, but has now been inconvenienced by several crashes/errors/data loss when transferring files. I had to do it all over again and it’s really not worth for a busy individual like me. My friends suggested GS RIchCopy 360, and for several months it has been working perfectly fine for me. You might want to give it a try if you are looking for a reliable software. Hope this helped.

  • You forgot to mention my favorite file copying software which I have been using for 3 years now. GS RichCopy 360 is a power packed software loaded with features. Some of its key features which I liked the most are, it uses multi threading file transfer which boosts up the transfer rate very much, it has NTFS security, it notifies you when the transfer is completed by sending email. Not only this it provides long path name support which is not provided by teracopy or robocopy and many of their siblings! I would recommend you to try it its just awesome!

    • Hello Susadn,

      I have mentioned RichCopy already in the post. Moreover, GS RichCopy 360 is something different than that?

  • Thanks a lot for sharing these software’s for fast copy paste. I have already used TeraCopy, but after some months it started asking for key, now i am using G.S Richcopy 360 and it woks great for me.


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