The Pros and Cons of Fiber Optic Cables
There was a period when communication required word of mouth for a message to get across. The world has changed drastically since then with endless benefits. The way signals transmit is only getting faster. One of the newest additions to the game is fiber optic cables.  These micro-thin wires (the width of a human hair)… (0 comment)

YouTube Life Hacks That Make Your YouTube Experience Better
YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world. This is a place where you can watch all kinds of videos about gaming, lifestyle, comedy, recipes, how-to’s, makeup videos and anything in between. Moreover, you can become a vlogger yourself and start making money with your videos. Because there are billions of viewers all… (0 comment)

6 Crucial Steps to Improve Your Security Against Cyberattack
Cybersecurity should be a priority for businesses and individuals who use the internet because privacy and files may get deleted and stolen. Whether it’s for a business server, a website, or casual browsing on the internet, it is worth investing in the right set of tools to protect sensitive data. However, educating and familiarizing yourself… (0 comment)

Can You Message Someone on YouTube?
Are you trying to send a message to someone on YouTube? Well, you would not be able to send a message under ideal circumstances, but there are options to communicate with someone on YouTube. There was an option to send a message on YouTube, but the feature was removed by Google long ago.  Can You… (0 comment)