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Prank Call Ideas for Family

Before we go ahead with this article “Prank Call Ideas for Family”, we would like to tell you that always prank in a light manner so that you don’t hurt anyone. Also, these are just the ideas shared. You would be responsible for the pranks you play on someone.

Prank calls can indeed be one of the best options you would ever come across. Of course, being at the receiving end of a prank call can be much annoying. To be frank, the success of a prank call would ideally be dependent on the way it is executed. A well-executed prank call can definitely leave you quite happy even if you are at the receiving end. 

If you are a kid, you would definitely love making those prank calls with your family and friends. How about the prank call ideas for the family? Let us share a few good prank call ideas for family that would help you get access to better entertainment. 

prank call ideas for family
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Best Prank Call Ideas for family – A formidable List

Well, in tune with what we have already understood, prank calls can be one of the funniest ideas when you are with your friends and colleagues. You can even consider checking out a few good prank calls for family. In fact, it can be a great way to amuse yourself or a group of people. 

We thought of listing out a few good prank call ideas that can be both funny and not too heavily impacted. 

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Why did you call me?

This is a pretty easy and simple prank call idea that can be not much harmful. Call up someone in your family and ask them why did they call you. Make sure you have called them on some unknown number. Keep repeating the question until they get annoyed and hang up on you. 

To make the prank even more effective and powerful enough, you can repeat the prank throughout the day repeatedly. You can enhance the annoyance even further by calling the person from different numbers. Repeat the procedure for a couple of days until they get much impatient. 

Congrats – You have Won!

This can be a good option when you have an upcoming event or television show. At least one or two of your family members would be interested in the upcoming show, and you can pick them for the prank call idea. Call them up and tell them that they have won… They won’t believe their ears!

When you make a call, make sure that you sound as much professional as would be possible. If you are not able to handle the task, you can ask one of your friends who can achieve the mission of sounding extremely professional. You can even ask them to come to a particular place to collect the prize. When they actually arrive, you will indeed be giggling to your heart’s content. However, do not forget to reward the “victims” with some sort of prize or reward!

I am Pregnant!

You guessed it right. You can pull this prank call idea on a male family member you know, and you are a female. Just call him up from an unknown number and tell him that you are pregnant with his child. 

Of course, he will ask you what your name is. You can grab this opportunity to ask him how many women he has been with to make that query. You can even try to be as much creative as possible to take it further ahead. Keep crying and blaming the person until he gets impatient. In fact, it can become one of the best prank calls ever if you can drag it over a couple of days. 

Is your Refrigerator Running?

You can even get the task done with any of the consumer durable products. Call up anyone in your family and ask them whether their refrigerator is running. They will definitely answer you with a YES. 

The real essence of the prank call would be in the next stage. When they answer you in the affirmative, ask them to run after refrigerator and catch hold of it before it moves out of your sight. Simple prank, but it will definitely leave you and the receiver of the call in splits. 

The Birthday Prank!

Share one of your family member’s number with your friends. Tell them that the number belongs to one of the hot girls in town and give them a random date as HER birthday. Tell your friends among girls that the number belongs to one of the hottest guys they would drool about. 

Make sure you have shared the same number and same date with all your friends. So, should we say anything else? Your family member concerned will definitely annoyed to the core. His or her phone will keep ringing throughout the day, and he would keep wondering why did he get those calls. 

Wrong Number

This can be one of the wonderful options for the best way to prank someone in your family. Just call the person and ask them to connect you with some person (say, John). When the person informs you that it is a wrong number and hangs up the call, call back again and ask for John once again. 

You can continue calling from different numbers and ask the person for the same John repeatedly. And one fine day, make a call to the person, introduce yourself as John and ask them if he has any message from anybody. This will finally make the person go mad at the unknown person. 

The Closing Thoughts

Well, pranks can be quite annoying, and you should ensure you are careful enough when handling these prank call ideas for family members. But, make sure exercise enough caution while indulging in those calls. 

Check out these excellent prank call ideas for family. You can share more ideas with us if you have already indulged in any such activities.

Remember that these tactics should remain a tactic and not harassment in any case. Take care not to harm anyone with these pranks.

Pranks can be problematic sometimes if the person takes things literally, so prank on the person you know how they may react. Don’t make anyone panic for a longer time, just play the prank, and let them know within a short period of time that it was a prank to calm them down.

Note: These are just ideas for pranking. Use these ideas on your risk if you decide to prank with someone. We will not be responsible for any consequences.

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