Tips To Boost Your Organic Traffic

Every blog owner or site owner wants to get a great amount of organic traffic and to achieve this start your strategy from the day you launch your blog or site. You Just need to do proper SEO and Here are the tips which you must opt to get huge organic traffic(traffic from search engines) :

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important part of SEO. When You start a blog or your business site then You need a proper SEO to get good traffic from Search engines. So at first you need to search the important keywords for your business site or blog.

I suggest using Google adword keyword tool(Now it has been replaced with Google Keyword planner tool) for keyword research. Suppose you have a website which offers Internet marketing, digital marketing services etc. Then what will be the keywords? Just Go to the Google Adword keyword suggestion tool and type few random keywords related to your business such as Internet marketing, internet marketing service, SEO services, Internet marketing solution, digital marketing solutions etc. just like this:-

Now you will see as:-

Here 1 is the keywords are those which you have searched and 2 are the suggested keywords by the tool. Whenever you put few keywords and search in this tool then it also suggest related keywords so that you get few more good keywords ideas. Now according to your requirement filter out important keywords your site. Save those keywords in an excel sheet or notepad (as you want). One more thing try to choose those keywords which are getting enough monthly searches.

[color-box]Note:- Now above mentioned Google adword keyword tool has been shut down and replaced by Keyword planner which you might want to learn to use? Yes? Read here on Brian’s Blog about using keyword planner.

Keyword Distribution

Now you are having a number of important keywords with you. Now what you need to do is the proper distribution of your keywords.

There are three places in the code you should put those keywords wisely and that are Title, Meta description andMeta keywords. However, recent studies says that Google doesn’t give much priority to meta keywords but there are other search engines which still consider these tags.

The next thing you should do is to categories keywords according to their priority as the most important keywords and less important keywords. Now, Place the most important keywords in <title></title> tags. Remember you must not stuff the keywords in title. Just insert keywords wisely in way that it doesn’t seem to be keyword stuffed. After that write a description for your site(for now I am talking about the home page of site) and Place here as :-

 <meta name=”description” content=”your description here”/>

As you have already used the most important keywords in the title tag So Now you need to use other less important keywords in the description. Try placing keywords wisely in the description. Again I want say that it keywords must not be stuffed. It should look like a proper description having few keywords.

After doing this use about other keywords in the meta keyword as:-

<meta name=”keyword” content=”your keyword here”/>

In this way you have distributed all the keywords wisely. Remember you have not finished yet. What ever we did here is just for the Home page of the site Now you must do all the things for each and every page of the site. For each and every page you need to select keywords which are relevant to those pages.
Now you have completed all the keyword selection and their proper distribution.

Tags for Search Engine Crawlers

There are huge number of meta tags which are used to instruct the Search engine crawlers but here I want to tell you to use these for sure

<meta name=”Robots” Content=”Index, follow”/>
<meta name=”Googlebot” Content=”Index, follow”/>

The first tags is enough because it works for all the search engines including Google but if you want to give for emphasis then Use second one too. Its good to have both.

XML Sitemap

Now You must create xml sitemap for your site. There are so many online tools to create better xml sitemaps.  After creating an sitemap for your site just place in your sites directory as submit this sitemap to the Google webmaster tools.

Alt Text

alt texts are very important when you place an image in your site. Alt is short form for Alternate. Sometimes when you open a site and the images don’t load because of slow connection or anything then you might see there text instead of the image, those are the alt texts.

What I want tell you is that use your sites keyword as the alt texts for images in way that it describes the image also. These tags are also crawled and indexed by search engines and they work for the site as keywords.

These are the basic techniques to do On-page optimization for your site wisely and effectively. If you use it in a better way then you must get huge number of organic visits. If you are running blogs then you should also use important keywords within blog posts.

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Permalink Structure

Permalink structur must be meaningful. I saw so many site whic are sueing permalinks  such as :-


Just Look at it. Can you Figure out any meaning from this permalink. Ofcource Not. It must contain some word or keywords. Suppose If this url points to a page which has information about the social media. then It should be something like:-


Or something likes this. It looks meaningful and also social media tips can work as a keyword which must be beneficial for search rankings. Because no one is going to search  “product_category.aspx?caid=102” in google or any search engines but there are hell lot of guys who daily search “Social Media tips” (Its just for example).
My point is that Having a meaningful word in link can be beneficial for better search rankings.

After these implementations start your Off page optimization campaign and keep on building links with your important keywords.

Must Remember

  1. Always look for http errors and crawl errors for your site in the Google webmaster tools. If You find errors then try removing them.
  2. All the meta tags will fall within <head></head> tag.
  3. When you start your off page campaign then Please Go Slow while Building Links. Don’t Go fast.

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