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Shopify’s Top-Rated SEO Tools

Every e-commerce business cannot get the top results on search engines, especially Google. The primary way to get your store ranked number one on Google is for your store’s content needs to match a potential user’s intent, followed by a stellar SEO strategy that swoons your page right to the top!

Once upon a time, I have done dropshipping business through Shopify, and it had been great. What I found out is, without a great SEO strategy, it is tough to make your store successful, and get sales. I employed the best SEO tools, and strategies after a few not-so-successful months, and then, sales got skyrocketed as the store started to rank quite well on Google. So, as per my experience, I am sharing here a few good tips that would help you make your store rank well on Google SERPs.

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For What Reasons Should You Install an SEO App for Shopify?

Drive traffic to your e-commerce platform 

SEO apps are the most significant boons, giving you total control to drive more traffic directly to your website. With each optimization feature, you’ll be able to increase visibility on Google searches and dramatically increase the traffic with these apps. Some of the most important features are focusing on keywords, making the content meaningful, and speeding up the time it takes for a page to load, all of which are made for search engine ranking.

Improve User Experience 

Another significant benefit of using an SEO app for Shopify is that it helps improve user experience (UX). Optimizing your website with the right keywords and providing helpful information makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re searching for quickly and efficiently. 

Additionally, users will likely stay on your site longer if your pages have a faster loading time due to optimized images and code structure. This will lead to better engagement and conversion rates. 

Boost Revenue and Increase Visibility 

Finally, installing an SEO app for Shopify could boost revenue by increasing online visibility. Optimizing your website with the right keywords and content can draw more people in who may be interested in buying from you or learning more about what you offer.

As I already said earlier, when I had a Shopify store, I worked without SEO apps and proper strategy. Thus, there was less traffic, and almost no sales. But, when I started using the apps and used the best SEO strategies, the store started to get more traffic and sales. What we can conclude here is, a Shopify store with proper SEO apps and strategies can have better traffic and sales as compared to stores without any SEO apps and strategies.

Best Shopify SEO Apps 

  • TinyIMG: This app optimizes all images on your Shopify store with proper ALT texts to be more visible in SERPs. It also compresses image sizes to load faster and rank higher in search engine results. This is a must-have app if you want to maximize the visibility of your images on search engines.  
  • SearchPie: This app is a holy grail for optimizing titles, meta descriptions, and URLs of all your web pages to appear higher in search engine rankings. It also allows you to add custom redirects for 404 errors. Improve User Experience on your site by directing them where they need to go when a page doesn’t exist anymore.  
  • SEO Kart: A one-app army, SEO Kart tracks how well each page of your website is doing in SERPs and provides detailed insights into why it’s not performing as well as it should be. This is great for quickly identifying any issues with your website, so you can take action before it affects your ranking too much. In addition to audits, it also has image and bulk optimizer features. 
  • Smart Search bar and filters: This app allows users to search the entire catalog of products on your store without having to browse through every page or category manually. It comes with advanced features such as auto-complete suggestions, filtering options, and sorting capabilities. These make finding what customers are looking for easier and faster than ever!
  • Jude.me Product reviews: Product reviews allow customers to leave feedback about their experience with a product or service after making a purchase. This will help build trust and credibility among potential customers who may not know anything about you yet. 
  • Rich Snippets SEO Schema: Rich Snippets SEO Schema is a Shopify SEO tool that allows you to create eye-catching snippets of product information. The details appear next to the title and description when someone searches for one of those items on Google or other search engines.

These essential SEO apps for Shopify stores should push your online store rankings on SERPs like Google. Additionally, it provides customers with a delightful navigational experience.

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Final Thoughts

Having the best SEO tool for Shopify installed on your Shopify store offers multiple benefits. You can now drive traffic to your website, improve user experience, boost revenue potential, and increase visibility online like never before! 

But, tools won’t do everything for you. You need an expert who can find the best and rankable keywords using his/her keyword research expertise. You may also need a great content creator who can write the content for product pages while optimizing them with SEO. For all of these, you should invest in finding the best Shopify SEO experts who know how to harness these tools and lead your site to rank on top. The expert can do the best overall, on-page, and off-page SEO of your store to make it the best fit for ranking well on Google.

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