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How to Pin Any Tweet or Retweet on Twitter {2023}

If you are a regular Twitter user, you would definitely find a few pinned tweets that always stay at the top of your Twitter timeline. Until the tweet is removed, the tweet does remain on the profile page. These tweets are called Pinned Tweets, and it has been considered to be one of the excellent means to keep your Twitter profile in high standing. 

Have you ever given a thought to find how to pin any tweet? It can be one of the excellent options in terms of social media marketing. So let us check out how to pin a tweet effectively and find how it improves your branding. 

Why Should You Pin a Tweet on Twitter?

As you would have observed on Twitter, or any other social media network, when you post new updates or content, the older tweets go down the line on your timeline. They may turn out to be less visible to your followers or anyone who visits your profile. There may be cases when you would want a couple of your tweets visible at the top of your timeline so that your followers will be able to find them at all times. 

This is what a pinned tweet can help you achieve. Through this means, your preferred tweet will always get an assured top position. But, why pin a tweet in the first place. There can be several reasons you would want to pin a tweet. First, you may want to monitor a tweet and check how much response does it get. Second, maybe you want to refer to the tweet quite frequently for whatever reason. If you are a brand or a digital marketer, you may have designed the tweet as a window to what you do, or maybe a retweet of one of your accomplishments. 

It is possible to pin a single tweet at a time. If you pin a new tweet, the tweet that has been pinned earlier will be unpinned. 

How can pinning a tweet help you as a brand? Here are a few reasons that may be helpful:

  • You may be looking ahead to boosting your Twitter engagement. 
  • You may also want to get more likes and retweets. 
  • It can be a great option to get more followers
  • You may have a few specific engagements and campaigns, and the pinned tweet should help you get more exposure to your campaigns.

How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter?

Pinning a tweet on Twitter is much easier and simple to go with. However, Twitter does provide you with a straightforward option to pin a tweet on Twitter timeline. 

How to Pin Your Own Tweet?

You can specifically pin your own tweet on Twitter, and in most cases, this is what you would ideally be doing. You would want to pin your own tweet and get access to an enhanced degree of simplicity. 

Here is how you can go with the steps  in how to pin any tweet: 

  • Launch your Twitter account. 
  • Navigate to the tweet that you are looking to pin on your timeline. 
  • Click on the three-dotted menu bar at the top right corner of the tweet.

  • You will get access to a host of context menu options. 
  • Click on the option Pin to your profile option.

  • You should get a confirmation option to pin your tweet. Click on Pin on the confirmation screen. 

That does it. Your selected tweet will be pinned to your profile. 

Can you pin someone else’s Tweet?

The above method describes how to pin a tweet on Twitter from your own profile. However, what if you have found a tweet on someone else’s timeline and looking to pin it to your own profile? Can you pin someone else’s tweet? Twitter does let you pin someone else’s tweet to your profile. 

You may follow the steps here below to find how to pin someone else’s tweet on your profile:

  • If you want to pin someone else’s tweet, you can go to their profile. 
  • Navigate to the tweet that you want to pin on your profile. 
  • Click on the three-dot menu beside the tweet. You should find it in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Click on the option Embed Tweet

  • On the next screen, uncheck the option for include media. 
  • Scroll down and copy the raw text. 
  • Include even the options in the text – pic.twitter.com URL. This is available in the tweet consists of an image. 
  • Now, go to your profile and tweet the content that you have copied.
    Once you have copied the tweet, the next step would be to pin the tweet. This method would be the same as in the case of how to pin any tweet.
  • Click on the three-dot menu beside the tweet.
  • Choose the option – pin to your profile. 

That does it. You have pinned someone else’s tweet onto your profile. Before you can pin a tweet from someone else, it would be advisable to seek permission from the original poster. Also, make sure that you have given due credits to the original tweet. 

How to Pin a Retweet?

Just like how you can pin a tweet onto your profile, is there any way wherein you can pin a retweet? Yes, Twitter allows you to pin a retweet to your profile. 

Here are the steps involved in how to pin a retweet: 

  • Launch your Twitter profile. 
  • Go to the retweet that you want to pin on your profile. 
  • Click on the three-dot menu that is just beside the retweet. 

  • From among the options, click on the option Embed tweet. 
  • From the next overlay, you can scroll down and copy the text version of the tweet. Make sure that you have included pic.twitter.com URL. 

  • Tweet the copied content on your profile. 
  • Once you have created the new tweet, you can simply pin it following the steps that we have already explained above.

How to Pin a Tweet on an Android or iOS Smartphone?

The steps above are best suited for your queries on how to pin a tweet on the web version of Twitter. However, given the fact that most of us use Twitter on a smartphone, it is quite obvious to find the options for how to pin a tweet on the smartphone. 

Wondering how do I pin a tweet? The steps involved in how to pin a tweet on an Android or iOS device would include: 

  • Launch the Twitter app on your Android or iOS device. 
  • Go to your profile 
  • Navigate to the tweet that you want to pin to your profile. 
  • Tap on the three-dot menu just beside your chosen tweet. 
  • From the context menu, pick the option for pin to profile. 

  • On the next screen, confirm your action by tapping on Pin.


That does it. Your tweet will be pinned right away. 

How to Unpin a Pinned Tweet?

There may be times when you want to unpin a pinned tweet. In such circumstances, you may need to look for the best tips and options for how to unpin a pinned tweet. You may check out the following options to unpin a tweet. In essence, the steps in how to unpin a tweet are similar to how to pin any tweet. 

The first and best option that can be helpful in unpinning a pinned tweet would be to pin a new tweet to your profile. This will automatically unpin the older pinned tweet. However, it would be worthwhile to unpin the existing tweet if you do not have any worthy tweet to pin to your profile and want to unpin the currently pinned tweet. 

Here is how you can unpin a pinned tweet on Twitter: 

  • Go to your Twitter profile page. 
  • Go to the pinned tweet. 
  • Click or tap on the three-dot menu just beside the tweet. 
  • From among the options available, pick the option for Unpin from profile option. 

  • On the next page, click on Unpin to confirm your action to unpin the tweet from your profile. 

That would do it. You have successfully unpinned a pinned tweet. 

Which Kind of Posts Should You Pin to Your Twitter Profile?

Having learned how to make a pinned tweet, it is important to find which content is worthy of pinning. Pinning a tweet to your profile is definitely a great option for improving your visibility. If you are a digital marketer or involved in any marketing arena, it may be worthwhile to consider it a unique and special branding exercise. However, it is much important to understand the type of posts you should pin to your profile. It can help you increase your conversion and maximize the leads. 

Using the right tweet to pin to your profile can definitely prove to be the best way to improve the visibility of your campaign and blog post. The fact that you have a good tweet pinned to your profile can make the people explore your profile or timeline further. 

Here are a few pinned tweet ideas that should ideally be useful and practical in achieving the best results. 

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be a great option to pin a tweet. However, it would be advisable to pin the blog posts that provide a great brand value to the audience at large. This will ensure that the visitors to your profile will find that you offer great content, and they will keep coming back to you. 

If you have a blog of your own, it may be worthwhile to promote the post through a pinned tweet. While the pinned tweet can attract followers to your Twitter handle, it can also bring great traffic to your blog. 

PR Initiatives

PR initiatives you are involved with can be another great option to pin a tweet on your profile. You can even consider issuing a clarification to any controversy that you may be subjected to. 

Pinning a tweet that seeks to clear misinformation can also be a great option in achieving positive results. You may also use the PR tweets that indicate your new campaigns and achievements. 

Your Popular Posts

Do you have any popular posts that you have published on your own blog or any other publication? Then, tweeting about this post and pinning the tweet can definitely prove to be a great option for pinning to your profile. 

The pinned tweet can be the right option to help you maximize the reach of your popular post. You will be able to attract more Twitter followers to your blog post that has been well-performing. 

New Products and Services

If you have launched a new product or service recently, pinning the tweet about the product or service can prove to be a perfect option to create awareness about your product or service. Creating a video tweet and pinning it can be a great option in the long run. 

This can be a great option for advertising your products and services. Posting videos of any newly launched products can further prove to be a great option for achieving more positive results. Make sure that you select the posts and products more carefully. 

Pin your most retweeted content

Pinning a tweet that you have created and one that has been retweeted or favorited most can prove to be one of the excellent options for most of your needs. If you have a huge influence tweet, it may be worthwhile to showcase it to your followers. 

If you are sure that your most retweeted tweet is likely to improve your engagement, it may be worthwhile to ensure that you have pinned the tweet to achieve more positive results. This can be a great option for ensuring that you show your authority. 


If you have a few of the proud testimonials that you want to showcase with your clients, pinning a tweet can prove to be one of the prime options for achieving more positive results. You may even include a video or an image. 

You may even showcase client reviews to provide you access to an enhanced degree of experience to achieve the perfect choices in showcasing your talent. In addition, you would be able to capture new potential clients for providing a great degree of experience. These pinned tweets can change the way your followers look at you. 

Pin your contact details

Pinning your contact details can be yet another excellent option for providing you with a great degree of performance excellence in customer service. It can be an excellent option to ensure that your followers can get in touch with you with ease. 

You can also showcase the performance of your customer service quality through the pinned tweets. While a huge number of brands opt for pinned tweets to improve the customer service quality, you can make use of the service to a greater extent. 

You can even use it for collecting emails from your followers

Bloggers make sure that they can collect as many email subscribers as they would want to. The Twitter cads such as email collection can prove to be a greater option to help you get access to a better degree of email subscribers. 

You can ask your Twitter followers to sign up for your email list right from the pinned tweet. The potential subscribers do not need to leave the Twitter platform to subscribe to your email newsletter. It can be an easy tip for the best possible experience you would want to go with. 

Pin the tweets advertising the job openings that you may have

You may need to hire a specific service, or may be you have a job opening at your business. Pinned tweets indicating those requirements can be one of the excellent option that you may want to experiment with. 

A tweet or a pinned tweet should be a great option for sharing alerts about the services or hiring that you are looking forward to get. This can be helpful for you in getting a really good number of followers. You may even ask your followers to retweet your pinned tweets.

FAQs on How to Pin Any Tweet

Can you pin a tweet to the top of your feed?

Yes, you can pin a tweet to the top of your profile. Simply pick the tweet you want to pin and click on the hamburger menu beside the tweet. From the context menu, pick the option for Pin to profile.

What does it mean to embed a tweet?

A tweet when embedded contains the images, videos, and other parts of the tweet. It can include two parts – the HTML code or snippet and the JavaScript.

What happens when you pin a tweet?

Pinning a tweet to your timeline can make it appear first thing on your profile. This can help you create a brand awareness or even showcase a tweet that can gather more attention.

Why cannot anyone else’s tweet?

Twitter does not logically allow you pin someone else’s tweet. The best way is to either retweet the tweet that you have liked or embed it into your own tweet. Once it is available on your profile, you can pin it to your profile. But, remember to give credits to the original poster.

The Final Wrap Up

Well, pinned tweets have always been considered to be a great option for providing you access to a great degree of customer engagement. This option can be a perfect option to help you get the attention of Twitter followers. If you are quite diligent in making use of the pinned tweets, it can help you achieve the best possible options of engagement with your followers and potential clients. 

The tips shared above should definitely be helpful in letting your get access to a great degree of customer engagement in achieving a better degree of success. You would find that there are several ways to achieve this, and a few of the tips shared here can be helpful in this context. Explore them and get access to a perfect option for achieving the best success possible. 

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