List of 25 Free Backlink Checker Tools For Backlink Analysis

This post talks about the free backlink checker tools for backlink analysis of your site and even of the competitors’ sites. Before we talk about the various tools, let’s talk something about backlinks.In the language of

What are Backlinks?

In the language of Search Engine Optimization, backlinks are defined as incoming links to your website from some other website. Building quality backlinks are the key to a website’s popularity in blogging. Backlinks signify how authoritative a site is and how valuable the site’s posts are to the readers it focuses on, because if your site has valuable content people will link to it in order to refer something you have written on your blog. The big G (Google) considers quality backlinks as trust, so more the quality links your site will have the more trust it gets, and hence better ranking in Google.

You can do internal link building within your site as well which is called as Interlinking but what matters the most is having good quality backlinks from other relevant websites that focus on the same niche as yours. Links from similar or almost related niche are good as they possess more value than the links you get from not similar sites.

Naturally added links are having more value as Google is against the intentional backlink building. Therefore, even you build backlinks, do in a way that the links look so natural that they seem to be placed as references.

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In SEO, we need to keep a complete track record of how sites are linking to us and what backlinks have we earned. It is important to know the sources of backlinks you get to your blog because there are many spammy sites may link to you, and that can hamper your site’s ranking eventually rather than help in improving the ranking. Therefore, it’s important to stay updated with the links you get so that you can disavow the bad neighborhood backlinks, and keep your site’s backlink profile clean.

In order to keep track of backlinks and to spy our competitors’ backlinks, we need certain tools or software that are called backlink checker tools.

Since free backlink checker tools are the need of every SEO, Webmaster, and even blogger, I have prepared a list of 25 free backlink checker tools that you can use to spy on your competitors’ backlink profile, and even check your own site’s backlink profile as well.

Why there is need of free backlink checker tools?

Backlink checker tools are important for every blogger or SEO analysts because backlink analysis gives the idea of site’s overall backlink profile that can be reverse engineered to compete with competitors.

Below are a few reasons why free backlink checker tools are necessary:

1. Free things are affordable by anyone thus free backlink checker tools are required by every website owner who has no budget to buy costly tools.

2. They help you to know who is linking back to your site. This enables you to befriend with that site owner by saying simple thanks for the link back.

3. Backlink checker tools help you to recognize if your competitor site has been linked by any site so that you can target to get a link back to that site.

Here Are Top 25 Free Backlink Checker Tools:

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush techtricksworld

Previously a good name for checking keywords has now dropped into the backlink analysis business. SEMrush is perhaps one of the best backlink checker tool. It allows you to export your data as PDF and the free version has pretty many options for a basic blog analysis. Moreover, their paid version provides an in-depth analysis of backlinks.

  1. SEO profiler

SEOprofiler techtricksworld

SEO Profiler is one of the good names when it comes to checking the backlinks for free. You have to register to their site which offers about 2,00,000 link analysis report per request.

  1. Majestic SEO

majesticseo techtricksworld

This tool has been a favorite of the professionals and is used widely. It allows you to download the complete link portfolio of the competitor you are spying on. Yes it has its own curated list if majestic million where it places the websites based on their link profile and other criteria to rank.

  1. Site explorer Info

siteexplorer techtricksworld

Site explorer info uses its own site crawler and is completely free. It helps you to discover as many backlinks linking to your competition that are on their database.

  1. Small SEO tools


Small SEO tools has a functionality to check backlinks to the particular website you mention. It is completely free and provides upto 1000 backlink report per query. This is a handy tool for the newbie bloggers and other bloggers who are hard at the budget.

  1. Web SEO Analytics


Web SEO analytics is the SEO tool that is perfect for the analysis of backlinks to your competitor. You can check your own backlinks too. One thing worth noticing is that it has the limitation of using the tool once in 24 hours on their free version. So if you are about to check their tool use it judiciously.

The premium version comes with a free trial of 10 days so you can figure out if the tool is worth the bucks it demands for.

  1. WebmeUp Backlink tool

free backlink checker tools

They give you the option to export all the backlinks found in their analysis for future reference. This is a feature that most backlink checker tools do not provide for free. The catch is you have to register for either their free account or the paid account. But this is pretty normal in the age where we have 100s of email addresses for each site we can register here too. Read Webmeup Review here

  1. Ahrefs 


As they say keep your best card for the last. Ahrefs is used by beginners and SEO professionals alike. It provides 10 backlinks per report. You can get details if every way the linking has been done. Image backlinks, no follow backlinks, do-follow backlinks and also backlinks from all TLD including .edu backlinks.

Ahrefs offers some data for free, but if you want to tap its potential you must go for its premium version. This is my most favorite backlink checker tool on this list.

  1. Alexa

This is a bit of a paid tool but is worth the efforts. This paid tool comes from the company of Amazon which also handles the Alexa rankings of the site. It is hugely trusted and costs less than 10 pounds per subscription. However, you can  get 1-month free trial before setting up your mind to buy that.

It does show the links to sites. This is not a great tool for backlink analysis. But, still its fine to have it mind as sometimes it can help you well.

  1. BacklinkWatch

Backlink watch is also one of the free backlink checker tools that use the Ahrefs crawler to index backlinks. This is a popular service used mostly by novice bloggers due to the simplicity and free nature of the service.

  1. CognitiveSEO

Cognitive SEO is also a reputed SEO firm that provides great SEO services. They have forayed into the backlink analysis service too. Their free service provides reports up to 25 backlinks per analysis. It may seem less however if you use it in the long run continually you will not require more data. But their paid version is pretty good and worth a try.

  1. Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer is from the world leading SEO firm Moz. You can use this tool to see your backlink reports and also the backlinks of the competitor. The report can be categorized through domain authority of the linking domains and also the anchor text used to call the backlink.

  1. Google Alerts

Surprised to see Google Alerts in the list? Though it is not primarily a backlink checker tool, it can be used to be vigilant towards linking backlinks of the competitor.

Here is how? You can set a trigger alert for the mention of your competitor and this would help because it is real time. An alert comes just as the mention goes live. I would also like to caution you that it does not tell about the previous activity.

You can set a trigger alert for the mention of your competitor and this would help because it is real time. An alert comes just as the mention goes live. I would also like to caution you that it does not tell about the previous activity.

  1. Open Link Profiler

This is my favorite tool that I use for backlink analysis. It has up to 2 lakh backlinks report per domain. It’s the largest than any other analyzer even provides. The links are 90 active links so no outdated links are served to you.

  1. MoonSerach provides free backlink analysis and has its own crawler.

  1. Ranksignals

Rank signals is another tool which helps you analyze the backlinks of a website.

  1. Searchmetricssuite

This is a tool that I recommend. It’s because it is available for analyzing 10 backlinks at a given time without registration. And upon registration, you get over 500 links. This is enough for a basic blog analysis otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the results.

  1. SEO Spyglass

SEO spyglass is a desktop utility rather than an online tool. It is the most recommended software to check the backlinks. It has updated its servers to index up to 15 trillion backlinks that are way more than Ahrefs and majestic SEO even. If you want the functionality to export link profiles you must buy their paid version which is available at a one-time fee.

  1. Link Diagnosis

It’s a great tool that allows you to analyze the backlinks based on the do follow or nofollow status of the links. Pretty handy!

  1. Traffic Travis

Another tool is the desktop software class that targets the link portfolio. Its free feature is limited to 100 backlinks but if you opt for their paid version you get the benefits of Moz backlinks (1000 in number) and also extra bonus backlinks from the crawlers of Exalead and Blekko.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools

This is a tool that helps out if you are the owner of the links you test. That means you can check your own backlinks for free. However, it is not good for the backlink analysis for serious SEO firms because they don’t show you other domains’ report. But to use this tool you need to verify your website/blog in webmaster tool by installing verification code on your site.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools

Mostly used by bloggers who have limited funding or budget. It is the best tool if you wish to analysis your own report. Yes, you also get the functionality to disavow links that according to you might harm your SEO. Google webmaster tools have the functionality to disown the links from cheap and non-trusted sites. But to use this tool you need to verify your website/blog in webmaster tool by installing verification code on your site.


As the subdomain suggests this backlink checker is in Russian language and is for our Russian readers on the blog. It provides 5000 backlinks per project.

  1. Sheerexplorer

Sheerexplorer is the tool you need if you want to have the access to the blocked parts of your competitor. Now having the view of web pages blocked by robots.txt and other blocked content can have a great impact on your analysis report. But I would request you to have it ethically.


SEO Kicks is just another backlink checker tool which gives results faster.  Do check out this tool too.

Over to you,

This is my listing of the top 25 free Backlink Checker tools to provide you with the best backlink analysis of your site and also of your competitors’ site. Use these free backlink checker tools to get your SEO better and more targeted. Which is your favorite too? I would love to hear about that in the comment section. I would also provide a detailed tutorial on the tool which maximum readers chose. So please tell about it in the comments.

Which are your favorite free backlink checker tools from this list? I would love to hear about that in the comment section. I would also provide a detailed tutorial on the tool which maximum readers chose. So please tell about it in the comments.

I would love to hear about that in the comment section. I would also provide a detailed tutorial on the tool which maximum readers chose. So please tell about it in the comments.

[color-box color=”white”]P.S. Apart from Backlink checking, you may need a tool to keyword rank checking too. And, Tiny Ranker is the best tool to use for keyword rank tracking. You can read the review of Tiny Ranker by clicking here.

!You must check this out!

Do you know how to build backlinks that work in current SEO world where Google has closed almost all the ways which were used to make a website rank? But still, things work if you do it carefully. One strategy of building Private blog networks is working great until you are able to leave no clues to Google to find out whether you are running a PBN. Read All about PBNs and how to build it => How to build a Private Blog Network?


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