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List of 15+ Free Backlink Checker Tools For Backlink Analysis

If you are into blogging or managing websites or SEO, you must know the importance and benefits of backlinks. Backlinks are crucial as far as search rankings are concerned!

Google and other search engines consider backlinks as trust indicators. Having more high-quality backlinks helps your site increase trust in Search Engines, which further boosts the ranking on SERPs. It’s not just about building backlinks; it’s equally essential to regularly check your website’s backlink profile to know what kind of backlinks your site has. This helps identify any harmful or toxic links that you might want to remove or disavow as the spammy links may hurt your search rankings badly.

A poor backlink profile can seriously damage your website’s ranking. Hence, it’s vital to keep a close eye on your site’s backlink profile. Thankfully, there are numerous tools available online that can assist with this task of checking backlinks. In this article, I’ll be highlighting the 15+ backlink checker tools both free and premium ones.

Let’s delve deeper into this subject and explore these fantastic tools ahead.

What are Backlinks?

In the Language of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinks are the links coming into your website from other sites. They’re pretty much like connections or relationships.

Let me clarify this with a real-life example,

Imagine if you’re in touch with robbers or thieves or any people with a bad reputation, what kind of reputation will you have in society?

Bad Reputation, right?

Now, think of being linked with authoritative figures like the Prime Minister or President of your country or any good person with a great reputation in society, what kind of reputation will you have in society?

Great Reputation, right?

Search engines work somewhat similarly. They evaluate your website’s ‘reputation’ based on the sites linking to you. If your site gets links from reputable and reliable websites, your website’s ranking climbs as search engines trust your site more. But if shady or spammy sites link to yours, your ranking can take a hit as search engines will have very little or no trust at all for your site.

Backlinks aren’t the only ranking factors that determine your website’s ranking, but they’re crucial. Google sees quality backlinks as a sign of trust. The more quality links your site has, the more trust it gains in Google’s eyes, leading to a better Google ranking.

If you check your website’s link profile, you will know that there are so many spammy domains linking to your site that you haven’t built. This keeps happening to websites, which is why it’s crucial to keep an eye on your website’s backlink profile to find out the types of backlinks your site has.

You can also keep track of the links you’ve gained or lost recently which helps you stay updated about the link profile of your website, and as an SEO expert, you can take action accordingly.

To check your site’s backlinks and even spy on our competitors’ links, we use tools called ‘backlink checker tools‘. These are essential for SEO experts, webmasters, and bloggers. I’ve put together a list of 15+ free and paid backlink checker tools that can help you track your site’s ranking and peek into your competitors’ backlink profiles.

Backlink Checker Tools
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Top 15+ Backlink Checker Tools

1. Serpstat

Serpstat’s backlinks analysis is a powerful tool for optimizing your website’s link profile. With a proprietary index, it swiftly analyzes niche edits, competitor strategies, and new opportunities. The platform provides a 40% data advantage, constantly updates live links with no duplicates, and offers manual updates for up to 500 URLs daily, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to link-building. Serpstat’s backlink analysis is essential for making informed decisions and optimizing your site effectively.


2. SEMrush

SEMrush techtricksworld

SEMRush which once primarily focused on keywords, has broadened its toolkit to do thorough backlink analysis. Now, it’s a top-notch backlink checker out there along with various SEO analysis capabilities. Even in its free version, it gives plenty of options for basic blog checks and lets you export data as handy PDFs. But, the real gem is its paid version – it delves deep into backlink analysis, empowering users with detailed insights into their website’s link network, and supercharging their SEO strategies.

3. SEO Profiler

SEOprofiler techtricksworld

SEO Profiler is one of the good names when it comes to checking the backlinks for free. You have to register to their site which offers about 2,00,000 link analysis report per request.

4. Majestic SEO

majesticseo techtricksworld

Majestic SEO is a great backlink analysis tool. It uses metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow to analyze link quality. It simplifies complex data into easy-to-read graphs for you to understand things quickly. Comparing past data helps track changes in your links over time, and spying on competitors’ strategies offers valuable insights. It’s a must-have backing analysis for SEO experts who aim to refine their SEO strategies and improve their website’s search visibility.

5. SmallSEOTools Backlink Checker


SmallSEOtools’ Backlink checker tool has the functionality to check backlinks to the particular website you mention. It is completely free and provides up to 1000 backlink reports per query. This is a handy tool for newbie bloggers and other bloggers who are hard at the budget.

6. Ahrefs 


Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools out there, and its backlink analysis feature is just awesome. Although I love it for keyword research, the backlink analysis is great too. Based on the links, Ahrefs provides metrics like DR and UR to websites and pages to know how well the site does as far as links are concerned.

What’s unique? Ahrefs tracks new and lost backlinks in real time. Users can analyze historical data to understand changes in their link profile over time.

It helps you in competitor analysis which helps you know for which keywords your competitors are ranking, what kind of backlinks they are having, and other details. These all help you reverse engineer your competitors to rank better on SERPS.

Ahrefs offers some data for free, but if you want to tap its potential you must go for its premium version.

7. BacklinkWatch

Backlinkwatch is also one of the free backlink checker tools that use the Ahrefs crawler to index backlinks. This is a popular service used mostly by novice bloggers due to the simplicity and free nature of the service.

8. CognitiveSEO

Cognitive SEO is also a reputed SEO firm that provides great SEO services. They have forayed into the backlink analysis service too. Their free service provides reports of up to 25 backlinks per analysis. It may seem less however if you use it in the long run continually you will not require more data. But their paid version is pretty good and worth a try.

9. Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is another great tool to analyze your site’s backlink profile. I used it in the past, and it was too slow to crawl links, but later, they started their link crawling and indexing quicker to give data quickly. I mean when you get a backlink for your website, the Moz Link Explorer takes many days to show in their index when you check for backlinks of your site. But, later they made things faster, and since then, I started using it. Based on links, Moz provides DA=Domain Authority and PA = Page Authority metrics to know how your site is performing.

The best part about it is it gives you a Spam Score to your site which helps you know how much spammy or shady links you have, and accordingly you take action to safeguard your site’s ranking.

10. Google Alerts

Surprised to see Google Alerts in the list? Though it is not primarily a backlink checker tool, it can be used to be vigilant towards linking backlinks of the competitor.

Here is how! You can set a trigger alert for the mention of your competitor and this would help because it is real time. An alert comes just as the mention goes live. I would also like to caution you that it does not tell about the previous activity.

You can set a trigger alert for the mention of your competitor and this would help because it is real time. An alert comes just as the mention goes live. I would also like to caution you that it does not tell about the previous activity.

11. Open Link Profiler

OpenLinkProfiler is another free backlink checker tool that you can try out today. It has up to 2 lakh backlinks report per domain. It’s the largest than any other analyzer even provides. The links are 90 active links so no outdated links are served to you.

12. Searchmetricssuite

Searchmetricssuite is another good tool for backlink analysis . It’s because it is available for analyzing 10 backlinks at a given time without registration. And upon registration, you get over 500 links. This is enough for a basic blog analysis otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the results.

13. SEO Spyglass

SEO Spyglass is a desktop utility rather than an online tool. It is the most recommended software to check the backlinks. It has updated its servers to index up to 15 trillion backlinks that are way more than Ahrefs and majestic SEO even. If you want the functionality to export link profiles you must buy their paid version which is available at a one-time fee.

14. Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis is a great tool that allows you to analyze the backlinks based on the do-follow or nofollow status of the links. Pretty handy!

15. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is offered by Bing in which you have to first verify your site, and you will get all the required data related to links, search performance, and much more. This is only good for checking your own site’s data as it needs verification. You cannot check competitor websites’ backlinks or other data.

16. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is very similar to Bing Webmaster tool as it also needs you to verify your site to view the data such as search queries, search performance, backlinks, and other data. You can analyse your site’s backlinks using this, and disavow bad links if any using their very own Link Disavow Tool.

Backlink Checker Tools Table For A Quick Glance

Backlink Checker Features Free Version Available
Serpstat Niche edits, competitor strategy analysis, live link updates, manual updates, backlink analysis Partial
SEMrush In-depth backlink analysis, PDF export, basic blog checks Partial
SEO Profiler Limited free link analysis reports Yes
Majestic SEO Trust Flow, Citation Flow, visualized data, historical comparison Yes
SmallSEOTools Backlink checking for specific websites, up to 1000 reports Yes
Ahrefs Real-time tracking, competitor analysis, DR, and UR metrics Partial
BacklinkWatch Uses Ahrefs crawler for indexing, a free tool Yes
CognitiveSEO Limited free reports, paid version available Partial
Moz Link Explorer Domain Authority, Page Authority, spam score Yes
Google Alerts Real-time competitor mention alerts Yes
Open Link Profiler Large backlink reports per domain, 90-day active links Yes
Searchmetricssuite Basic analysis without registration Yes
SEO Spyglass Extensive backlink indexing, desktop utility Partial
Link Diagnosis Analysis based on do-follow and nofollow links Yes
Bing Webmaster Tools Backlink analysis after site verification Yes
Google Search Console Backlink analysis after site verification Yes
Editor’s Pick

I have been working as a blogger, writer, and SEO Analyst for more than a decade. I have used almost all of these tools and many others as well. Based on my years of  SEO experience, Serpstat and Ahrefs are standout tools for analyzing backlinks. Serpstat offers user-friendly insights and live updates, while Ahrefs excels in live tracking and detailed metrics. Both are top choices for boosting website authority and rankings. Choosing between them depends on specific needs, but both are top-notch for managing link profiles effectively. Moreover, all the tools are good and can be good for specific needs.

Over to You

This is my listing of the top 15+ free Backlink Checker tools to provide you with the best backlink analysis of your site and also of your competitors’ sites. Use these free backlink checker tools to get your SEO better and more targeted. Which is your favorite too? I would love to hear about that in the comment section. I would also provide a detailed tutorial on the tool that most readers chose.

Which are your favorite free backlink checker tools from this list? I would love to hear about that in the comment section. I would also provide a detailed tutorial on the tool that most readers chose. So please tell me about it in the comments.

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