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Importance of Guest Posts and In-Content Links in Business Branding

Search engines remain as relevant today as they were a few years ago. While this may sound obvious, it is contrary to what many believed about the popularity of search engines especially when getting sales through paid channels is the norm. People still use search engines as their primary means of getting information about a product or service. However, while search engines’ popularity has remained the same, the way people conduct searches in 2019 has changed drastically. This is the reason why many businesses now use Guest Posting Service by Globex Outreach services to help them reach their potential customers. 

SEO in 2019 – How to Get Your Site Ranked Higher?

In 2019, Google has 200+ ranking signals to rank a website on search engines. These include site domain authority, inbound links, content quality, bounce rate, number of visitors, average time per session, site errors, the right use of schema structure, to name a few. While some of these are not directly in your control like the inbound links, the number of visitors you get on your site, and domain authority, you can indirectly influence them through your actions such as using guest posting service to get editorial inbound links to your website.

Why Guest Posts Matter?

Guest posts are one of the best and the most cost-effective ways to get backlinks for your website.

Even John Mueller has given guest posts a green signal. In one of his web hangouts, he said:

“I would almost go so far as to say well, even those kinds of guest posts where you do contribute significantly to the site maybe it makes sense just to have those links as nofollow. And have it such that you kind of profit from the people who go to your site because I think that you wrote something fantastic and they’re interested in hearing more from you.”

Although he asked webmasters to give these guest posts a no-follow link, he did recognize them as a way to get relevant links back to your blog.

  • Easy way to get links

You can find a lot of places for guest posting. Most websites have a ‘write for us’ page on their blog that you can use to send them a blog post idea. If they like the idea, they will ask you to write about it. Most of these ‘write for us’ offers are free. However, in some cases, the websites will charge you some amount to publish your blog with a backlink.

  • Google Approved

As we have already provided the endorsement of John Mueller, it is equivalent to Google approval. This means what you will be doing to build your links is completely white-hat SEO. You don’t need to be scared of it being a black-hat tactic that can lead your site off the SERPs.

  • Costs Way Less Than Link building

Since guest posting is free, you will only be spending money on the writer who will be writing your blog. If you are writing the blog yourself, then it is better that you do complete research on the topic and comes up with an approach that is unique and thorough. It is even better if you pitch to multiple blogs so to increase your acceptance ratio.

Importance of In-Content or Editorial Links

In-content links or editorial links work in the same way as guest posts. But the benefit of having in-content links is that they are placed naturally by the blog editors. Editorial links signify that your blog is creating value for the readers and that is why other blogs have linked to it.

WordStream puts the definition of editorial links as:

“An editorial link is a link that results from a site having good content and marketing techniques.”

Search Engine Journal says that Google algorithms are very smart in distinguishing between editorial and acquired links. It says that editorial links are recommended by social media websites and forums. Therefore, they have more value than acquired links – which are placed intentionally by the webmasters. And, Google distinguishes between the two by searching their frequency on social websites.

Best Ways to Get In-Content or Editorial Links

Here are some of the best ways to get in-content and editorial links for your blog.

  • Interviews

The best way to get editorial links is by interviewing successful personalities. People love to read about successful personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates,  and others in the online industry. Whatever they say in an interview is quoted on many other publications. By doing this, websites can naturally earn contextual links. Moreover, contacting such big personalities is not always easy. So, you can try to reach out to them to which you can easily get to talk.

  • Expert Roundups

Expert Roundups are another great way to rank websites. Roundups include expert opinions and that’s why people give them more value. Expert roundups are an opportunity for users to learn about a specific topic from multiple experts. This increases the tendency of that roundup post appearing in multiple places.

  • Controversial Posts

Controversial posts are one way to rank your website higher in search engines. Let’s say you stir a debate about ‘Why Gutenberg is Destroying WordPress’. People in favor of the decision will favor it either through commenting on the post or by publishing supporting material on their blogs – you will eventually get a few dozen editorial links for your website.

  • Comparison Articles

Comparison articles are another great way to rank websites higher in search engines. Comparison posts like ‘WordPress vs Shopify’ or ‘iPhone vs Android’ are some comparison articles that people always refer to when they are writing about similar topics. A word of caution though. Make sure you compare products that are not already discussed by other top websites. Otherwise, people will refer to that blog.

  • Curation Posts

Another great way to get links particular to a topic is by curating material of that blog from multiple sources. Let’s say you are writing on a new feature of Google Phones. Instead of going for an opinion post, add curated information from other blogs. In short, your blog should have everything that a person is looking for related to the topic.

  • Infographics

Infographics are some of the best ways to get links. What people don’t want to read, they can easily see in a summary in an infographic that’s what made these visual graphics popular in the first place. Quick Sprout suggests creating an embed code for your infographic that others can copy and paste on their blogs – giving you a natural link along the way.

  • HARO

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is another great way to get free editorial links on websites that are looking for transparent information on various topics. You can sign up as a report on HARO and answer queries that are only relevant to your niche. In a short time, your content with editorial links will start appearing on multiple websites that cared for your opinion.

Ready to Reclaim Your Position? Get Started!

Now that you know the importance of guest posting and editorial links in search engines, it is time to reclaim your rank in the search engine. If you are not sure how to get started, you can get help from some of the leading outreach experts such as Globex Outreach are available in the market.

Remember, it is a trial and error game. So, give your best shot, and move on.

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  • Super post, guys!

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    I hope you don’t mind but I have a question for you about your section on Curation Posts.

    I like this idea. Do you recommend reaching out to the site owners before including a snippet in an article? Or just include a link back to their site for proper attribution?

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