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How to Tell That You Can’t Trust an SEO Reseller?

SEO reselling is a fascinating industry that helps connect clients in desperate need of SEO assistance with knowledgeable and skilled SEO providers. Many newer marketing firms take advantage of established SEO resellers to find and build up their clientele, but older marketing agencies also appreciate relationships with SEO resellers, as doing so allows them to focus on delivering high-quality results with their marketing projects.

Unfortunately, not all SEO resellers offer great services. Before any marketer invests in SEO reselling services, it is important that they look for the following warning signs of an untrustworthy SEO partner:

Guarantees of Specific Results

Experienced marketers know excruciatingly well that, in marketing, nothing is certain. A campaign might be incredibly detailed and immaculately planned, but some random and unforeseeable force could cause it to fall flat and fail to generate the interest, engagement, or conversions that marketers and clients anticipated. Even the results of SEO, which seems to be a bit more mathematical than other marketing services, can and must never be assured. If an SEO reseller is guaranteeing specific results from their campaign, you must be aware that such commitments may not be met. 

I would always recommend staying away from such SEO resellers or SEOs who guarantee for ranking your website.

Uncommonly Low Pricing

Digital marketing is a competitive industry, and all firms try to keep their prices as low as possible to entice clients — but there is only so low that prices can go before a firm becomes unprofitable. If an SEO reseller seems to have pricing that is well below the industry average, it is likely that their services are not as high quality as expected or required. Low posted rates might also signal hidden fees and charges associated with the work, and such a lack of transparency is not appropriate for an SEO partner. 

Being into blogging and SEO, I can say that SEO is a costly affair. If someone is offering it too low a price, it is 100% sure that you won’t get great work done from them as for a low price they can only get you links from spammed pages and spammed PBNs which hardly give you result

A Lack of Screening or Onboarding

Reputable SEO agencies want to know that they are working with marketing professionals who will represent their work accurately and fairly. Therefore, SEO resellers tend to vet marketing firms before connecting them with SEO providers, which typically involves some form of screening to better understand the services provided by the firm, their history of projects, their current clientele, and more. If SEO resellers do not undergo such a process, marketers should have little faith in the SEO agencies they will work with.

Inconsistency in Communication

Communication is by far the most valuable skill in business — and yet, many professionals and organizations continue to struggle with consistency and clarity in their communication. An SEO reseller that cannot communicate well is demonstrating a lack of professionalism that marketing firms should not tolerate. If communications are lacking in any way, marketers might consider looking for alternative SEO reseller partners that demonstrate stronger communication skills.

Obvious Link Schemes

Perhaps the most important component of SEO strategy is link building — even beginner digital marketers understand this. Yet, there are right and wrong ways to build links. Link schemes, which artificially inflate the number of links pointing to a website, are often easily identified and harshly punished by search engines. Thus, if it seems that an SEO reseller is offering scheme-like services, marketers should look for another way to give their clients access to high-quality SEO.

To be honest, most of the low-cost SEOs and SEO resellers offer spammy link schemes which offer no value at all. When I started blogging years ago, there was a very popular link scheme 7 link challenge, and many others. Those were quite popular and helpful in those times, but gradually, Google started considering them as link schemes which are done to manipulate SERPs.

Outdated Practices

It should go without saying that the digital marketing strategies that found success 20 years ago are no longer effective today. The internet is constantly changing, which means that digital marketers need to change their services constantly to deliver desired results. There are many outdated SEO practices that are as obvious red flags as link schemes — such as stuffing keywords, article spinning, buying links, and more — and SEO resellers using these tactics are not to be trusted.

Overwhelmingly Poor Reviews

Reviews are not always the best way to find high-quality professional services, but they can provide some insight into an organization’s history. If review websites display a large number of overwhelmingly bad reviews of a reseller’s services, it is safe to say that reseller is not likely the right option for a marketing firm. However, if the reviews are mixed or mostly positive, marketers might proceed with the relationship — still on high alert for other signs mentioned on this list.

Not all SEO resellers are nefarious or malicious; in fact, most are hardworking organizations looking to facilitate relationships amongst service providers. Still, marketers need to be diligent about identifying untrustworthy resellers before they waste their (and their clients’) time and money.

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