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Link Building Strategies: How to Build Safe Backlinks in 2024

 This blog post was originally published on 21st Feb, 2017, and Updated on 3rd July, 2022.  Latest updated in February 2023 

On-page optimization is done on the website whereas Off-page optimization is done outside the website. The only thing that can be done outside the website is to build backlinks for it in order to optimize it for search engines. In this article, we will focus on how to build safe backlinks that actually work.

Backlinks are like trust. The more and quality backlinks your website will have, the better ranking it will attain in various search engines. Although, it is not Sureshot that you will have a great ranking just because of having quality backlinks. Over time, Google has been upgrading the search mechanism a lot which gives more weightage to content quality, site usability, user experience, and all. So, it is of utmost importance that you have to make your content the best first, then go out and build links.

About the content, and whole on-page optimization we have already discussed in our blog post about On-Page optimization so you can check that out. In this post, we will focus on backlinks.

As I said earlier, backlinks are like trust. So, Let’s understand the Trust with a real-life example. Suppose the country’s President (High Authority Person of a country)knows you and has some links with you, then your value in your society and town will be surely more. Similarly, if you have backlinks from high-authority sites, your site will have more value, and search engines will love it.

On the other hand, if you are friends with people who do shady things, for sure, your impression won’t be good. Same way, if your site has links from spam or low-quality sites, your site will have less value in Google’s eye.

That is the reason, you need more trust to perform better in search engines.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting links back to your site from some other sites.

Remember!! => The way link building was done in the past is completely changed now. Google changed the game by rolling out so many intelligent search algorithms. Those days are gone when just building a lot of backlinks from anywhere helped websites rank well. Nowadays, Quality of backlinks is more important than quantity.

The basics of building links are still the same but the way of doing has been upgraded. Let’s talk more about this and discuss the strategies that you can apply to build links in the current SEO scenario to climb up in the search pages.

How to Build Safe Backlinks?

There are many link-building strategies that you can use to build links for your site.  Few are complete spam and not working anymore in the long run and few are the good ones that work in the longer run.

Spam link building tactics do work sometimes as well but for shorter term. That means spam link building can be done for event sites but not for regular websites or blogs.

In this blog post, I am mentioning only those link-building tactics that are good for long-term blogs and websites. No Spam!!

Factors to Consider While Link Building

Before we go ahead to actual link-building tactics, let’s find out how actually we need to find high-quality links. For, that we need to know the factors to consider while building links to get high-quality ones:

Authority of Page

Authority of the page that you are getting links from is the best factor you should always consider because linking from a non-authoritative page won’t help much. When we say good authority, it means that the page is having quality backlinks, quality content, and ranking well in SERPs.

So, the first work is to find our high authority pages in your niche. Finding manually might be tough, so you can make use of Ahrefs to find any page’s URL Rating (UR). The more is better.

For example,

In the below screenshot, you can see the URL’s rating is low. However, the Domain Rating is great. That means, the domain is good to get the link from but, not this page because the page doesn’t have quite a good rating which means low authority.

On the other hand, if you see the below screenshot, you can the both the DR and UR are nice. That means the domain is good, and that particular link is also good to get a link from.

This way, you can try finding out the pages in your niche with a good URL Rating, and then try to get the link.

Authority of  Domain

Not just the page authority but domain authority is also a good factor. But, as discussed above, you should look at both the domain authority and page authority. First, you should make a list of high authority domains in your niche, and then dig deeper to find their pages with high authority, and then try getting links from.

For example, getting a backlink from Forbes.com is much better than getting a link from techtricksworld.com because Forbes is a very high authority website whereas Techtricksworld is a medium authority site. So, the Website’s authority does matter too.

Be informed that, I am using Ahrefs for such calculation but you can use other respected tools as well such as Moz DA/PA checker, SEMRush, as such.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text which is hyperlinked. Google uses anchor text as a ranking signal. But, lately, anchor text has been spammed a lot so Google started considering those links as spam which use the same anchor text for a link from so many pages. That means, it is good if you can get links using your anchor text but if you abuse it by using the same anchor text again and again for your link-building campaign, it would do more bad than good.

Anchor Text Example

So, the good practice is, you can avoid exact match anchor text while building the links. You can make use of some long-tail keywords combined with few other words to link, and also, don’t use the repeat the same anchor again for the same link.

For example, if I am building 20 links for this post https://www.techtricksworld.com/basics-of-on-page-optimization/

and, I use On-Page SEO as anchor text in all 20 links, it would be considered spammy, and Google may hit it badly.

On the other hand, if for the same link, I use 20 different Anchor texts which is somehow related to the On- page SEO such as Techniques for On-site SEO, How to beat the competition with best On-site SEO, SEO strategies to follow in 2021, and so on, then it would be a better practice because I am not using the same anchor text again and again but every time I am using different ones.

So, it is better to use it that way. However, getting 1,2 links using a little bit similar to the exact match won’t be bad though.


Relevancy is another great factor that you should consider. It simply means that getting links from relevant sites is good. If you are having a website that is related to tech, and you are getting links from a health site, that backlink won’t have much weightage in Google’s eyes.

In the early years of SEO, just getting links from high authority sites worked but now, it is more of relevancy. So, make sure to get links from relevant pages/sites.

Link Position

Many people don’t much think about the link position. But, it is likely to help much if your link is either in the first fold of the article or from the main body content.

In the below screenshot, you can see the links are in the beginning. It is better if your link is placed there.

In the second screenshot, the links are at the end of the body content which is a bit less effective but still fine as they are in the body content at least.

In the third screenshot, the link is buried at the bottom which is not worthy than the links placed in the main body content. So, be sure where you want to get your link placed.


If you are into SEO, you know what a dofollow and a nofollow link mean. The link juice pass to the linking site if the link is dofollow. but, if it is nofollow, there won’t be no link juice pass because when rel=”nofollow” is added to any link, it means that search engines must not follow the link.

So, for SEO purposes, dofollow links are worthy. However, a mix of dofollow and nofollow links are great to have.

Below are a Few Ways to Build Safe Backlinks

  1. Create Content that Everyone Likes to Link

Although this is not a direct method to build links, it does help you earn links. Write the blog posts that are so informative that other bloggers would like to link them in their blog posts as references. This works great. Let me share an example,

If you are into blogging and SEO, you might have heard the blog backlinko.com, where Brian produces killer content with a lot of research. This is the reason; you might find him being mentioned in most of the SEO, blogging blogs. That is why one of the best ways to get quality backlinks is to create great content. No matter how much time it takes to complete one article, just be sure that you write a masterpiece every single time.

  1. Directory Submissions {Not a Safe Link Building Tactics}

Google has de-indexed some of the web directories and still deindexing them which means that the links from the directories do work! Otherwise, why would Google bother about them?

But, to be on the safer side, I would advise you not to go with directory submissions rather go for blog directories and business directories to submit your sites. Click here to get the list of such blog directories. Although I have put this on my list as somehow it works, but this might not be a safe link-building tactic.

Note: Don’t use spammed directories because they will do more bad than good. Don’t submit links in bulk.

  1. Guest Posting

Though Matt Cutts has said that guest posting for SEO is unethical and will be considered an unnatural link-building practice, but you can still do some guest posts and get editorial backlinks.

Just be sure that the content you provide for the guest post must be a masterpiece that adds more value to the host blog. If you can do this, then getting an editorial link from that article to your blog won’t harm rather do more good to your site.

For example, I did a guest post on Tesla Themes’ blog (DA:73 and PR:4) which is a high authority website. I have got quality editorial links from them that undoubtedly a great addition to my blog’s backlink profile. But, if you see the content, it does add value to the host site as well. So, guest posting should not be done to get backlinks but to add more value to the host’s blog as well so that your link from that particular post will have more value.

Webucator found that guest post useful, and they made a video using it that you can watch here:

You can see that I got a good backlink from that guest post and got very good exposure of getting published on such an awesome platform, and now even a video was created with that post.

Lately, I have few done guest posts on SEO topics, and I made sure that they are of high quality because the high-quality content is what Google loves, and if you get links from the content that Google loves, you must be benefitted. One such guest post example is this: Long Tail Keyword Research Tools.


The real big problem about guest posting is many bloggers either make your link nofollow or completely remove the post after a long time. I had a few cases where I wrote few guest posts and they ranked well. Later, the blog owner edited the article and added his own content which is good, but completely removed my author bio/name. So, basically, you should be vigilant about the blogs where you have done guest posting. More importantly, try guest posting on the blogs that you trust. But, still, guest posting is a great way to get quality links. You may not face such a problem as I faced.

Additional Resources:

  1. Google Webstore

You can also get a link to your site from Google’s other product, Google WebStore by either creating a Chrome Extension or App.

I thought it is a good opportunity of getting links from there, and I created both extension and app. 🙂

You can try this too. To publish a chrome extension, you just need to spend $5 as a registration fee while registering on Google Webstore.

Additional Resource:

  • How to Build and Publish a Chrome Extension for Your Blog?

  1. Infographics

You all know already that visual content performs better than textual content. Thus, bloggers love to add them to their blog to increase traffic, lowering the bounce rates, and increasing the Avg. Time spent on their blog.

So what you can do is to either create a beautiful infographic using free tools like Piktochart or get one designed by any professional designer and then host it on some infographic sharing sites like Visual.ly.

Now, reach out to bloggers, and let them know about the infographic. You may ask them to use it on their blog along with a credit link to your site, or you can offer them a guest post in which you will write a good description for the infographic, and publish it on their blog.

You will notice that many bloggers will accept your offer because they love to use visual content on their blogs. Make sure that your Infographic must be unique and designed professionally.

Additional Resources:

  1. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a time-consuming task, but it can be very effective. You need to find out broken links on the blogs or sites in your niche, and then reach out to the owner to let them know that they are having broken links on their site, and also suggest them to replace them with some good working links.

Now, what you need to do is to suggest one of your blog posts or site’s content as reference. So, that they will just replace that broken link with your link.

In most cases, you will notice positive results because who would like to keep broken links on their site?

You may use the Check My Links Chrome Extension for finding the broken links on a web page. I ran a test on a Wikipedia page, and see what I found:

find broken links with checkmylinks

The red link is the broken one, and the green ones are working. So, you may make use of this Chrome extension to quickly find out the broken links on any web page. And, then start writing the email to the blogger to let him know about the broken link and suggest relevant replacement link.

Additional Resources:

  1. Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a tough job because most of the time, you don’t get replies to your emails.

In this strategy, you need to find out the blogs in your niche and ask the bloggers to mention one of your blog posts that are relevant to their content.

Unless you are an authority, it’s tough to get replies to your emails but if you have the killer content, you may expect some positive replies. I would recommend using this strategy only if you have awesome content.

  1. Participate in roundups

If you have a good presence online, you may be asked by many bloggers to participate in their round-ups. You must take part in them because this might help you get backlinks as well as more personal branding.

I have shared my views on the topic: Content Amplification technique for Amplifyblog.com, there I have got a link back to my blog as well. Though I have taken part in many roundups, few give Nofollow, few dofollow which is fine. But don’t ever miss the opportunity to participate in such round-ups.

Just to show you how many links you can get from different blogs, do check my Featured-on page where I have listed all the roundups, interviews, and lists. They all got me good backlinks for my blog.

  1. Help Others and Earn Links

Since the beginning of my blogging career, I have been helping the needy ones. I helped them just because I love helping everyone. And what I noticed in recent years that helping others earned me a lot of natural links to my blog as well.

I won’t suggest helping just because of getting links but do it to feel good, and after all, it is a noble job. You might get links from many.

  1. .edu and .gov Link Building

Every SEO person knows the value of backlinks from Edu and Gov sites. It’s tough to get links from such sites, but if you have some great content, then you can reach out to relevant Edu sites to let them know about your content. If they like, they may add your link there.

Apart from this, you can search Edu, Gov sites on Google, and then find out the way to get link opportunities such as via comments or outreach.

You may perform these search queries in Google to find them out:

For .edu sites:

site:.edu inurl:blog

site:.edu “keyword” “blog posts”

site:.edu “keyword” “post comment”

For .gov sites:

site:.gov inurl:blog

site:. gov “keyword” “blog posts”

site:. gov “keyword” “post comment”

  1. Profile Links

There are many websites that when you join, give you the option to fill your profile. In many of them, you may find a website field where you can input your site’s link, and get a free backlinks from the authority sites.

Even in a few sites, you will get space to write about yourself where you can include a backlink to your site as well.

These types of profile links can be strong and do boost your site’s SEO. However, it is not very easy to find out such high authority profile link opportunities.

  1. Interlinking

Interlinking can be a great way to build backlinks to your new pages or blog posts. Yes, if you have a website or blog, you might have so many pages, and possibly many of those pages are old and have some backlinks pointing to them which add value to the page. So, whenever you publish new content on your site, you can go find out similar subjects or anchor texts on your site, and add links to the new content in them.

I have been doing this, and I would say that in many cases just adding 3-4 internal links from old blog posts, my new posts’ ranking improved. I would recommend doing interlinking manually and refrain from using some plugins because they may not select the right anchor texts for links every time. That may ruin the link structure throughout the site. However, Link Whisper plugin seems to be a good one, but still, when it shows you recommendations for linking, you should do check the links, and then add the links using the plugin. The one benefit of this plugin is it does the work faster. So, if you want to use it, go about it.

Additional Resource:

  1. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO is a great way to get high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites. You can get backlinks from even DA 80-90 websites for free but let me tell you that it is not quite easy as it seems.

For one of my niche sites, I have responded to 50 questions and got 1 link that is from DA 85 site. So, it was worth the time I spent writing those answers for 50 various questions.

All you need to do is to go to the website https://www.helpareporter.com/, and register yourself as a source, and select the preferences. Select related to your niche as I selected tech.

And, you will start getting questions, in your email. You just have to respond to them with your answer, and send that the reporter along with your name and website.

If you are pitch gets selected, it is highly likely that the reporter gives you credit by mentioning your name and link.

The thing is, you have to respond to a lot of questions to get a few approved. but, it is all worth, if you get even 1-2 backlinks from high authority websites.

Additional Resources:


Backlinks are very important factors for search rankings. So you must not ignore it. Above-mentioned are the few good link-building strategies that still work well. While building links, you must avoid link-building mistakes because one mistake can put your site in danger as Google is very strict when it comes to links.

Share your views and ideas about link building. How you build links for your site?

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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    Though, I know most of the link building strategies but lack of time couldn’t follow all of them. I’ll try to follow now. Dofollow back link from Google+ is just great, I didn’t have any such idea before! well explained, great article. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Hello Sonam,

      Knowing things is different thing, and make use of them is different. So rather than just learning, do some implementation as well because at the end what works is the “Result” which only comes if we implement our learning.

      Glad you liked the post. Thanks for coming by.

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    • Hello Shameem,

      Directories have lost their value, but still few good ones are there. Yahoo directory was shut down in December 2014, though it redirects to yahoo business listing now.

      What do you mean by sponsor link? can you describe a bit please. I didn’t get you exactly.

  • In the early days of my blogging, I added my site to a lot of directory sites. I suppose I still have a presence on them. You don’t think this could be harmful to my blog do you?

    It used to be much more common to be involved in round up posts but that seems more confined to personal blogs these days.

    Are the any advantages to writing this type of curated post yourself? I can see that it’s a good way to show appreciation by adding links to good content but what about for SEO purposes?

    I find that being a part of small, friendly blogging communities helps a lot. Your posts are shared and you get more engagement on your social media pages.

    • Hello Sue,

      Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views.

      First of all, if you have submitted in spam directories, then yes those links may harm your blog anytime. If you haven’t faced any bad till now then you are lucky. However, if you want those links to exclude from your blog’s link profile, then you can use Google’s Link Disavow tool to do it.

      Round-up posts are not done basically for SEO, rather bloggers do this to engage more people on their blog which is a great way, but when they link out to the participant’s blogs, then that counts in their blog’s link profile as well, and that helps in SEO.

      The more natural the link is more trust your blog gain in Google. More trust means better ranking.

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      Yes, its a never-ending job, and we need to building and earn links as the content development is going on. We need a good balance of the amount of content and the number of quality backlinks.

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  • Hi Atish,
    I know most of the link building strategies but lack of time couldn’t follow all of them. I’ll try to follow now.I also like the idea of getting a dofollow back-link from Google,I find that being a part of small, friendly blogging communities helps a lot. Your posts are shared and you get more engagement on your social media pages. 🙂

    • Hey Sneha,

      Knowing and doing are different things. Even if you are known to all of these strategies but you are not implementing them, then its no of use. So start implementing today 🙂

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      Thanks for reading my blog post. Almost all kind of link building is nowadays tough and time consuming, but they are done right, the time spent is worth.

  • Hey Atish,

    Thank you for the mention, excellent post,

    High quality content does help in getting more links, as other bloggers constantly look for quality resources to link to. If our article stands out in quality, it surely gets more opportunity to be linked and mentioned.

    Am a big fan of directories, before 2007 they were my favorite link building platforms. Quality directories still work and sites like Dmoz, yahoo directory etc. are surely worth the submission.

    Guest blogging is yet another link building method that still works as long as you choose your target sites well – and make sure your content is really good.

    Thank you for the Google+ tip, however for me it is coming up as nofollow – perhaps Google has made some changes …

    For me personally, the Roundup and the Blogger outreach is really working out well. On GuestCrew we have managed 2k+ shares and plenty of backlinks on our roundups so far,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Hello Uttoran,

      Thank you for reading my post, and sharing your views. Yes, quality directories are still alive and working.

      Content is the real king, if you have something valuable, people must link to you. Guest blogging is good too but after Matt Cutt’s declaration, gone are the days when you submit only 300 words post and stuff links there. Now you need to first add more value, then get links for your blog.

      Good to know that Guestcrew’s round up got so much of shares and backlinks. Would you mind sharing the link of that round up, I would like to check that out too.

      Atish Ranjan

      • Just going through your blog and found another great stuff from you, Atish.

        Although there are so many link building strategies out there, only a few of them work like a charm.

        For example, most people don’t know how to use guest posting. They only use it for link building.

        If you’re using it for relationship building, links will come automatically. That’s the secret!

        The same thing goes with blogger outreach. Don’t use it for spamming other people’s emails (and beg for links).. this is the thing most beginners do.

        Instead, focus on linking out to other bloggers first, then ask for the help!

        • Hello Anil,

          Agree with your thoughts. Link building is refined as link earning which you can get by building relationships and most important by creating awesome content which everyone wants to link to.

          Glad you like it. Thanks

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    • If you are able to build some quality links and have good on page SEO then naturally your organic traffic will increase. Apart from it, use social media and blog communities to increase referral traffic. Thanks for coming by Nikita.

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    • Hello Govind,

      Glad to know that you joined back. Edu and gov links do work well because not everyone can start domains with these extensions. You need to submit proofs and all to get such domains, and that is the reason backlinks from those sites have more value. But, still they are good when you get links naturally and from the pages that have comparatively few number of OBLs(outbound Links.)

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    please reply

    • Sandeep,

      Broken link building means you find a page on which you find a few outbound links are going to not found pages. So, you can create a content related to that link, and try contacting that site owner to replace that old broken links with your post link.

      So, if your link gets added there, you get a good backlink. right?

      That’s what link building is all about.

      Keep trying to get such links and your site’s ranking will be better.

  • Hey Atish,
    You Share Awesome Knowledge With Us. Really Very Impressive and Useful Article I love It.
    I Love Also Blog Commenting Link Building strategy, It is Very Safe and Natural Way. What Your Opinion About Commenting and Google Also Note Our Social Present So I Hope Commenting on Relevant Topic it is Best Way for Link Building.

  • hi Atish,

    Your article provide nice information about link building! But I have a website and i am done most of the link building strategies on it but result is Zero. my website keyword always show in google’s Search instead result example when i am searching iHaveAnswer keyword google always show result like this ( Search instead for iHaveAnswer ).

    I have no idea why , if have any idea about it please tell me.

  • Hello Atish,

    No dot your link building strategies is too good ! but can you tell me 2 thing
    (1) How Broken Link Building is good for any website?
    (2) All are said link exchange between same category website, so how edu and .gov link building good for as?


    • Here go the replies
      1. Did you read properly what I wrote in the broken link building? Broken link building means you contact site owners who have pages on which they have some resource links that are not found. So, you can create such resource on your site, and ask owners to replace with your link. I am sure, they will happy to replace because they might be happy that you take their notice to the broken links.
      2. Even .edu or .gov links are good if they are somehow relevant. Getting tons of edu or gov links from sites where comments are auto-approved is not gonna help you anyway.

      If you can get the links from related niche edu or gov sites, and get links, its great!

  • thank for sharing, this, but i don’t know if directory still work for Seo, because submitting to directory take alot of time,

  • Hello Atish
    These are some awesome tricks to build quality backlinks to your blog. Yes, it is difficult to get a link back from a high performing website, but one should always be on the lookout. As I was reading through this, I submitted my site to dmoz. I have to do others still, but thanks for reminding.

    • Hello Praveen,

      Link building is not easy when you think of getting natural high-quality links. You have to keep looking out for every link opportunity.

      Thanks for coming by.

  • That is some vintage link building techniques mention.
    And I would certainly advise anybody who ask me about link building to refer to this post.
    Thanks for Sharing such a great stuff.

  • Hi Atish,
    Thanks for the informative post.

    However, my query is what’s timing of link building: should I go for LB after a few tens of articles, or a piece by piece basis?

    Kindly explain.
    Thank you.

    • Hello KR,

      Either ways you can go ahead. Just make sure you maintain the link velocity. If you have a new blog, I would say first publish 10-15 posts, and then start building links if you want to run that blog as a regular blog.


  • Hi Atish bro,
    Nice post. I am looking for more ways on building links particularly that are not very black hat types. Infographics is a good way to go.

  • Hi, Atish,

    Thanks for this informative post. Off Page SEO really plays an important role to increase the ranking of a site. Backlinks is really very important and getting quality backlinks is one of the major concern among newbie bloggers. This post will surely help them out. Great Work.

  • Hey Atish,

    Search Engine Optimization field is booming day to day with new inventions and innovations. A major Off-page SEO technique is social media engagement. Today, If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, engage with people on multiple social media platforms.

    Social media presence will help grow your business and also help you get more back links. Now-a-days, Infographics are in high trend and they are getting popular on the internet, so we can definitely take its advantage to drive more and more traffic to our website. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  • Hi Atish,

    By reading this blog, One can come to learn how important off-page seo is to build links to get the traffic to website. I got a point to know that Google+ Do follow link will be more valuable, and i searched google to get the lists for all submission sites ,here i got a list of sites for each submissions and It reduced time to make search for each sites for each submissions.

  • Hi Atish,

    Nice collection of link building tips.

    I do agree that link building has lost some lustre, but is still really, really important to do.

    I think the blog commenting and roundups are wonderful for this, as you indicate.

    Also, very nice .edu ideas. Those are so difficult to locate and convert into links, and this is really helpful info for doing just that.


  • Thanks for sharing with us a greatest link building strategies really which can help to enhance our growth rate.

  • hey, thanks for posting the articles i am an seo but i dont know fully of seo i am working on my site now but i am not getting high backlinks can you tell me how to do get the high pr backlinks??

    • Hello Balakrishna,

      High PR? are you kidding me? PR is dead a long ago!

      Anyway, to get authority links you can have some brand visibility to get the naturally. But, if it is not possible, you can try creating author accounts on authoritative websites which allow guest contribution, and from there you can get some high quality backlinks.


    • Rakesh, When it comes increasing sales using SEO, you must rank for the popular search terms related to those products which you have on your store.

      Good keyword research, and extensive link building. I am sure it would help.

  • Hi! Great Post! But let me add something 🙂

    Good method in my opinion is search for niche forums and solve the problems of your potential clients. You should becoming a specialist there by regularly providing feedback and help. Do not concentrate only on acquiring links to further generate traffic on your website, because being a specialist in a forum is also an excellent way to build brand recognition.

    Use this commands to find niche forums:

    inurl:forum “keyword”

    forum + “keyword”

    “keyword” + forum

    Tris @ iMarketKing

    • Hello Sunil,

      To give you a good answer, I should know what you have done already to get it to3rd page.. then I can suggest what else you can do to improve the ranking more.

      • We have listed in all local and business profiles and we are concentrating on guest blogging , article submissions, quora posting, social media postings,Blog commenting.Can you give me suggestion for – Other than this which will be good to rank high

        • Hello Sunil,

          Article submissions in auto approved article directories are not effective. In fact, they may put your site at risk. Guest blogging is good but don’t use rich anchors.

          In this post, I have mentioned many ways to build links. You can try them out.

  • Hi Bhai, I am a beginner
    I have just started a blog
    I m learning new things every day on the internet
    I have always followed you thanks for this fantastic post…

  • I have a question. When I move with a webseite to an another Domain with a redirect from the old Adress. have I got to set new Backlinks?

  • atish brother, in this post you shared more valuable information.. it helps me alot to understand seo.. but i try all this but still my blog never increasing rank .. please any advice for me

    • Hello Feroz,

      You should be aware if you are doing anything and still nothing good happening, then there might be some Google update hit you in the past. If that is not the case, you might be doing something wrong.
      Above all off page tactics, you must write the best content which is the base of the SEO.

  • Hello, Atish.

    Backlinks are the most important and necessary part of SEO, and without it, we can not rank high competitive keywords. I learned few new things from this post. Thanks a bunch for this wonderful article.

    Keep it up, dear.

    Paramjot Singh
    ~ My Blogger Guides

  • Hello,

    Great post and you are providing a good information.

    Is directory submission is good for link building? actually i read directory submission is not good for website and google may penalize our sites. Is it true?

    • Hello Dr G P Singh,

      Basically, yes. Directory submission doesn’t fit into the modern SEO well but if the directories are quite good and manually moderated, you may do a few submissions. Otherwise, Stay away.

  • Hi there, I totally suggest to create both a Chrome and Firefox extensions, they give you both dofollow links and it’s a great way to get more traffic from people that look for certain keywords in the extensions store 😉

  • Hi this article is very nice. But I think the link building can work only if it is organic i.e. effortless links. Because google knows all about how people creates backlinks.

  • Hello, You have posted a nice blog. Here in your points I would like to add some more link building strategies such as:
    1.Document Sharing
    2.Image/Video Sharing
    3.Review Posting

    We all know that every online customer firstly tries to see the reviews whether these are good or bad. So, if we have good reviews there then it’s obvious we got more traffic and can improve our ranking

    • There is no guarantee of getting on top pages, Kaleem. Just start working, and keep tracking.

  • Hi Atish,

    This is an awesome article. In today’s competitive SEO it’s very difficult to generate backlinks & rank higher. But after reading your article i am damn sure that i can achieve my goals very easily.

  • Hi Atish,

    Getting free backlinks for my blog is good or bad. Will It Harm SEO of my blog. I have newly created blog and I am in the search of getting backlinks. I got free backlinks from smallseotools backlink maker

    • Hello Alfaaz,

      Getting good backlinks is not bad. In fact its good but first of all you need to have enough content on your site. Also, automated backlinks are spam. Try building links manually using authentic techniques like guest blogging, etc.

  • Everything was just fine instead of few things, I didn’t understand by roundups. Please explain what are roundups? Out of the whole article, the one thing that I like the most was this line.
    “Hep others just to feel good”
    Somewhere this is the key to success, you help other people out and you’ll see the reward you get in return.
    Please, can you make sure the profile links gives us do-follow links or no-follow?

    • Hello Kashif,

      A roundup is a kind of blog post in which multiple people(experts) share their opinion on one topic. And, when they do, they get a link back from that site where the roundup is published.

      About profile links, there are many site offers dofollow profile links, and many offers nofollow only.

  • Hello bro.
    How are you doing today?

    Google has update many animal to detect unnatural and spam backlinks hence link building isn’t seems to be easy now a day. I do agree what you said, we need to build quality backlink that give us more weight.

    I got 2 dofollow links from Alexa, but never hear about getting backlink from Google store. You know, bro? That’s very impressed.

    Oh. I really want to ask you a long.

    Do directory submission and social bookmarking still worth for SEO?

    • Hello Kimsea,

      I am fine! How are you doing?

      Any kinda site that are not spam, do help if you get links from there naturally. About Bookmarking, I see most of them offer nofollow so no benefits.

  • Hello Atish Ranjan! How are you doing today?
    Can you tell me how many backlinks can i build every day? And how can we build quality backlinks by blogspots? Thanks bro

    • Hello Son Le,

      I am great today. How are you?

      There is no specific number you create links. Just maintain the link velocity. If you are creating 5 links a day, keep it consistent or increase to 6,7 after a few days.

      By blog posts, you should use proper yet changing anchor texts for each link you build from blog posts. Try to get links from the blog posts which are ranking well on Google, and getting a continuous flow of traffic.

  • As we all know that Backlink plays an imperative role to rank any post in search engines. So, bloggers tried different methods in this scenario. You have shared some outstanding ways through which one can easily build links.

    I get links from blog commenting, video websites, article directories, forum posting and question answers website like Quora.

    Many thanks for sharing spectacular post



  • Awesome elaborate tutorial on a way to produce a triple-crown link building strategy for my web log. I’m pretty affected by the broken link building technique and tho’ it’s long I will be able to undoubtedly attempt it get in future!

  • Hello Atish Ranjan!

    Considering our competitor’s keywords is a done thing to grab higher positions in search engine result pages.
    Currently am working in a SEO company and whenever we get a new project first thing we do is, finding the competitors for our website.

    • Hello Ritu,

      To be exact, links do work even if you get from a directory but most of the directories are spam that is why it is advised to stay away from them. But, if you get some good directories, you can surely get a few links from them, and that will work.

  • HI
    This is an awesome article. In today’s competitive SEO it’s very difficult to generate backlinks & rank higher. But after reading your article i am damn sure that i can achieve my goals very easily.

  • Hi Atish,

    Very well written post about Off-Page SEO. You have nicely explained all the resources which are handy in link building. I have tried all of these methods out of which Broken link building, Guest posting, and Roundup posts are my favorite.

    Thanks for quality share once again 🙂

    Warm Regard’s


  • Hi Atish,

    Well written article on link building strategies and I really the way of your writing. I’m new here but I have seen that there is a lot of new things to learn. I just started following you on Twitter.

    My favorite ways to link building are Forum Posting and Commenting on niche blogs. But if you have a golden piece of content or a great list post, you auto gets some high-quality backlinks from other sites.

    The content writing strategies always help you get the fast ranking boost in search results. Thank you for sharing an amazing post with us.

    – Rajinder

  • hi thanks for sharing nice article but is the little bit confuse I saw lots of website and blog there are only a few backlinks 200 to 2k and organic traffic is too high n all keyword on the first-page
    hows any idea

    • Hello Deepak,

      There might be a possibility that those few backlinks are powerful once. Also, they chose the keywords that are low competitive but search volumes are more. Therefore, with a few good links they are able to rank and hence more traffic. You should analyse their site more in this area, and I am sure you will be able to figure out something.

    • Hello Deepak,

      There might be a possibility that they have few but powerful links. Also, they must have selected the keywords that have low competition but high search volume. Thus, they are able to rank them fast. Just analyze their site more from this point of view, and I am sure you will be able to figure out something.

  • It is really long time to building the backlinks , before I was submit website to a lots of business directory , but now we worried the penalized by Google if submit too much business directory , it is difficult to find valuable free directory , as some good Directory need pay , it is better to used the social links , such as Facebook , Twitter , pinterest , Linkedin ects ,

  • All these link building strategies are very powerful. I have follow two of these strategies in blog but need follow all of other strategies. We can learn link building strategies very easy in here. Thanks a lot for sharing us. Keep it up. Good job

  • first-rate certain educational on the way to create a success link constructing method for my weblog. I am quite inspired by the broken hyperlink constructing approach and although it is time-ingesting I’m able to clearly strive it out in destiny!

  • Hi Atish….

    Nice describing link building strategies… its important for SEO… thanks for sharing this post…..

    one more question how to increase traffic on site…plz, rply.
    Thanks …

    • Hello Komal,

      From which channel you want to increase traffic? Social Media or Search Engines?

  • Really Great Article sir, You have told each and every opportunity to build links.

    I want to ask that directory submission and articles submission in article directories effective in 2018 or not?

    • Hello Sandeep, They lost their essence because most of the directories and article directories were never properly moderated. In short, no they don’t have much value nowadays. You can try getting contextual links when you write a guest post for other blogs.

  • Hai,

    The Wonder full valid Article it cover all the method of link building strategies. Its very useful information to know for off page SEO. And you explain the method as a step by step procedure.

    Thanks for sharing this kind of valuable information.

  • Hello Atish, Really impressive, so many idea in one blog is quite appreciating. We also doing the Digital marketing and now in that we are focusing on SEO. Your artical is really helpful for me. Thanks buddy for sharing.

  • Impressive blog.

    I suggest you add “Reviews” as we all know that every customer firstly tries to see the reviews whether these are negative or positive. So, if we have good reviews there then it’s obvious we got more traffic and can improve our ranking as well.

  • Atish, your SEO tips are always the best ones as you have been blogging for years.

    I knew most of the tips, but Help a Reporter is something I’ll try out soon.

    SEO is changing, and it’ll keep changing more in the future.

    I believe that there will come a time when knowledge will be of use, but the main thing will be to know the latest SEO trends.

    Atish, I’ll be back here soon. I am focusing on writing and technology both. You should check out the tech blog I’m working upon. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Subha,

    Glad you liked the article. Yes, things have been changing a lot in SEO. Thus, we really need to improvise our tactics too.

    Thanks for coming by.

  • Hello, Atish

    Thanks for this wonderful content. I am a new blogger. and was very much worried about making backlinks. Your content helped me a lot to understand that how backlinks work can be built. kindly keep posting his kind of great work. so new bloggers like me can get good guidance.

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