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How to Download Online Videos with 9xbuddy?

In this blog post, we are going to talk a lot about 9xbuddy – One of the best video downloader tool out there on the internet. And, we will also talk about how to download videos using 9xbuddy. I hope you will enjoy the blog post.

Downloading is one of the most performed activities online. Be it a file, template, documents, audios, video/movie, software, app, and so on; everything that is available online, we try to download when needed. The list is unending, people keep downloading various things online to keep them for their further use.

You will find many people who do have easy access to YouTube to watch various videos, but still, they want to download those videos to keep them for their various usages. So, in that case, there must be a good video downloader needed. Right?

There are tons of free and paid tools available in the form of online tools or even standalone software programs that you can download to your PC. Many of them are paid, and many are free. 

I have been downloading a lot of stuff online as well. In most cases, videos are the main content that I and most of us download online. Many online sites I have used earlier to download videos are either expired or they are overloaded with so many ads and due to that working with such sites seems nearly impossible. Many are not even working well.

So, while searching for the best option for downloading videos from popular video sharing websites, I found 9xbuddy. And, that is what I am going to talk about. Yes, in this post, I am going to discuss what is 9xbuddy, and how you can download videos using 9xBuddy.

What is 9xbuddy?

9xbuddy is a video downloader online tool that you can use to download videos from a number of websites. On its home page, there is a text area in which you can enter the video link, and click the “Download” button to download any videos.


Though you can download directly from its home page, it has created several standalone pages for websites from there you can download videos of those particular sites.  But, to be honest, the separate pages for individual websites seem to be an SEO tactic only because you can download videos from any websites on any individual page. For example, I went to a page for site “A” , and then I just took YouTube’s video URL and pasted there, and I was able to download it. That means those individual pages are made just for SEO purposes.  Let’s see this example, 

The above screenshot is of the page on 9xbuddy which asks for a video link from Porcore but, you can paste any other site’s video, and you will be able to download. Such as, just paste a YouTube video URL and try to download, and you will be able to download.

That clearly means that the individual pages made by 9xbuddy are just for SEO purposes, and the downloader option is the same on every page. So, don’t waste your time visiting individual pages for any site on 9xbuddy. Just download any video from 9xbuddy’s Home page itself. (This is a time-saving tip for you while using 9xbuddy)

The best thing about 9xbuddy is that it supports a huge number of video websites from where you can download videos. I do not know exactly how many sites they support for downloading videos but I am sure they are supporting more than 2800 video sharing/hosting sites. That means you can easily download videos from these 2800 sites. They might be supporting more, but I am just putting this number from their latest additions.

I have hidden the sites as there are adult site links in the screenshots as well which may be offensive to many.

How to Download Online Videos Using 9xbuddy?

There is nothing much to guide you because it is very simple to download videos using 9xbuddy. But, still, I would like to share with you a quick how-to-guide here.

  1. First of all, go to any video site to get the URL of the video. For example, I am copying a video link from YouTube.
  2. Now, visit 9xbuddy’s homepage. And, paste the video URL there in the search box, and click on “download”.

  3. Now, you will see this:

There are a lot of download options for the video, you can just click on “DOWNLOAD NOW” on any of the options as per your requirement. It will start the download.

In a few minutes, depending upon the video size, your video will be downloaded. However, as you can see there are many options, you can download the MP3 version as well.

That’s it! That is how you can download videos with 9xbuddy. Due to this easy process, 9xbuddy downloader is the best one in the business right now!

Important Tip:

In the 9xbuddy search box where you paste the video to download, you can just write any search term to search the video there itself, and then download as well. 

When and How 9xbuddy was Started?

As per my research, it was started by an Indian who has a website 123sudo.com where 9xbuddy is added as a project. And, also, at the bottom of 9xbuddy website, there is a line stating “MADE WITH LOVE BY123SUDO ”. So as per the copyright date, it mentions 2014-2020 till today(08-05-2020) that says, the site was started back in 2014, and it is still running. I took a screenshot for you from their main site 123sudo. 

On the home page of 9xbuddy, the site’s owner states “The primary motivation behind 9xbuddy was my friends and family who were keep asking me for help with downloading their videos from different sites. You know, when you are THE IT guy of your family, everybody treats you as their personal technical support. But I am the nice one and I wanted to give them the way how to download desired videos by themselves without constantly asking me for the help”.

That means the site was started by a person who was asked by his friends/family for the solution of video downloading, and he came up with the website 9xbuddy which seems to be the best video downloader online currently.

What are the Downsides of 9xbuddy?

Like every service or product, there are a few downsides 9xbuddy has as well which I am mentioning below:

  • 9xbuddy is indeed a great website to download videos online but they do mention links of many sites on the home page and other pages in which there are many adult sites as well. So, the website must be used by adults(18+) and not by kids. Or if you are one who gets offended by such sites that mention adult or adult sites, then you must not visit 9xbuddy. Moreover, you can just visit, and download using the 9xbuddy downloader as I guided in the how-to above. 
  • There are a lot of ads here and there, and whenever you click for the first time anywhere on the site, it will go to a new tab opening the ad. This is irritating sometimes. But, on the other hand, we can tolerate this because the tool is offered for free, and the owner might want to earn some money from it. That is the reason they show the ads.

Does 9xbuddy Have its Mobile App?

Yes, they do have an app but that is not known as  “9xbuddy app” but it is launched with the name “OFFMP4”, and you can find it on offmp4 dot com. There you can download the APK file of the app, and then install it on your Android phone. This is currently available for Android phones only.

The Bottom Line

Apart from all the Cons, and other things, I loved 9xbuddy because I can download almost any public video on the internet without paying a single dime. So, what is better than that!

So, I would say, if you are looking for the best video downloader, 9xbuddy is the best option to go for. 

I Hope this is something useful for you and now you know how to download videos with 9xbuddy.

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  • 9xbuddy, I’m here for the first time and explained so nicely. It launched in 2014 and that sounds unreal, till now, I didn’t touch with it. It’s kind of easy downloading platform and appreciates for sharing with us Atish Ranjan.

  • Amazing. Thanks for sharing, last time i try to find a video and then after i tried to download but i couldn’t. Overall best tips you shared and finally i got that video.
    Thanks again

  • why 9xbuddy can’t use? I keep on paste site to download movie but keep on show “This Page has no download links or temporarily blocked. Please try later” Pls help

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