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5 Useful Websites to Make Money Online

This post would help you to know few useful websites to make money online.

Internet is the great invention which has provided some splendid ways for the people to make money online without leaving the comfort of home. People contended with their monthly income, students, homemakers are the enthusiastic online job chasers who looking for sources to make an additional income at spare time. Earning extra dollars with relaxed mind at convenient time from home is the greatest advantage of performing online money making jobs.

To earn money online, you don’t need to have extraordinary skills or a computer genius. Basic computer knowledge, good scripting skill and specific talents are enough to work with lot of money making ideas which can be profitable to make a decent income at home. Spending quality time with immense patience would help the people to increase their online earnings gradually and it is more likely to earn thousands of dollars within few months.

websites to earn money

Choosing the appropriate online jobs based on your skills, learning its fundamentals and doing the chosen jobs with dedication would let you to reach the goal of earning online money. I came across some useful websites to make money and gonna discuss below in detail. If you are searching for some genuine  websites to make money, you can make use of it.

1. Mturk

Amazon mechanical trunk is a great website which pays for your work. Sign in as a worker to make money by working on HITS. Once you get the approval after registration, you can search for the jobs based on your skills and interest. Flexibility, no earning limit and not many skills required are some of the good features of this websites which makes the workers to work comfortable with it. It would be good to choose the HITS which pay low cents in the opening period and after you get experience in this work, choose the high paying HITS to work.  

2. Cloud crowd

Cloud crowd is a leading online work platform where you can find a wide range of interesting projects like writing, translation, data entry, reviewing and editing documents and so on. You can work on fascinating well-paying jobs and get the payout through PayPal. The earning potential ranges from $0.01 to $30 and you can else make money with your referral link too.  Here you need to sign-in with your Facebook account and your earnings will depend on your ability to complete the tasks.  

3. iwriter.com

This is a genuine website owned by famous internet marketer for freelance writers and article searchers. If you are interested in writing, you can make a good income here. Requesters post the projects with the specifications like no. of words to be written, category and with some special instructions. You can choose any of the fascinating projects to write and you will get paid after your articles get approved by the requester. You have to send the article within the allotted time and the payment is based on the no. of words you have chosen to write.  

4. Redgage

If you enjoy sharing the photos online, uploading videos to the web, distributing the useful links, active on social networks or having own blog/website, then Redgage is the right website to make money. You can upload your own stuffs or friend’s articles here and if the uploaded stuffs get rated by others, you have potential to make more money with it. Interacting with other Redgage members and using the available tools would help you to get more views for your uploaded materials. 

5. Twago.com

Twago is the freelance job board which is a good alternative to Elance.com. It expanded as “team work across global offices” where the buyers and sellers/service providers meet together for business deals. It is a bidding type website and the free members can upgrade their account to get some benefits. Based on the freelance skills listed in your profile, the employers will let you to work on their projects. 


Working online and earning money with some websites requires some basic knowledge and skills. Moreover, like the offline jobs or 9-5 jobs, some quality time should be spend to do the online jobs. If you work with dedication and elegance on the chosen online job, it is more feasible for you to earn cash with it.

Hope the above itemized websites is the easiest way to make money. What do you think about these websites? Did you already know these listed websites to make money online? Share your thoughts here.

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • I know the websites like Mturk and Iwriter and earned some bucks with it too.

    But I have no knowledge about the rest of the websites which you’ve listed here.

    Will try these websites to make money at my spare time.

    Thanks for sharing the useful stuffs Atish, keep doing it 😉

  • Hi Atish,

    Useful list of websites to earn money. Mturk is the best website to earn money, but it banned for indians.

  • Hi Atish,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    I honestly had only heard about Iwriter from the ones you mentioned and had visited it long back when I started my freelance writing career. However, once things picked up pace, there was no looking back because the clients started contacting you with work. Of course, now there might be many more of such sites all over, and it all depends how they work for people. I must visit these others and check them out though.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • I agree Harleena, Once you start your freelance career and prove yourself infront of clients then you don’t need to join many sites as Yo naturally getting offers directly in your inbox. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Hello bro i am pardeep dagar sellling ebloggerz.com u have commented there plz send me frnd request i have sended u 2-3 time u have not accepted or plz give me ur mail i will talk to u there and tell me price for that domain how much u can pay for that

    • Add me on my professional Fb account. Fb.com/atish.ranjan. Thanks I would love to accept there. -:). Sorry mate, Currently I have already few domains and I am not able to handle more blogs currently. I would ask when I need. Thank you so much for the concern bro.

  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for sharing this. Honestly, I have yet to hear them except Redengage.

    Redengage is okay but I still remember having some horror time with them. I wash out and never got my $25! Hope the management changed now and everything is fine.

    Nice write up and keep it up!

  • Atish, thanks for this wonderful list. I have not used any of the sites listed; maybe I should visit them someday.

    The problem with some of these sites is that they get saturated with lots of writers and everybody eventually gets rated lower than he is actually worth. Like you rightly advised, it would be good to start gradually from the scratch and then work one’s way up the ladder.

    Thanks once again for the post. Have a warm and lovely weekend.

  • nice article, nice to meet you. I have no knowlwdge about this website if the site owner little some description about this website payment history, payment process that should good….but all of good….thnx..

  • Amazing !
    I never heard or never read of any of the above mentioned services in my 3 months of blogging career . Thanks to you Atish for making me aware of these services .For me , Redgage sounds interesting and i would be giving a try to it .


  • So far i only know about odesk and freelance, but i never tried to explore another options. Thanks for sharing very useful websites.

  • These websites would be beneficial for students.
    Mostly students searches those sites from where they can earn money and could be independent.
    Thanks for Providing such a great information.

  • Hi Atish, love to see yet another great post from your side to help the newbies make some money online. I can assuredly say that these are some pretty useful websites that the beginners can make use of, to start making money on the internet. And, many of my online friends are still making money with Amazon Mechanical Turk, hear that it’s really a cool site to make money doing small jobs. Anyways, thanks once again for this post. Peace and blessings!

  • A great list of resources, Atish – I hadn’t heard of any of them before, apart from iWriter. I’ll definitely bookmark and share this post.

    Many thanks for an excellent share 🙂

  • For freelance writer these are very good website to earn money. I have tried for iwriter.com and will check other soon.
    thanks for sharing these useful site bro 🙂

  • Now a days everyone want to earn money online I think above given websites should be used by all those people who want to earn couple of money online.

  • Hey Atish,
    Thanks for sharing such a very impressive and needed Article here. you have very nicely mentioned about these Useful Websites to Make Money Online. this post share some useful ideas for the people to Make Money Online. and i personally feel that this is very nice and helpful post. thanks again…..!!

  • Nice list of site till now i was not able to find the good one but now i think my journey for making money online without any investment ends here. Thanks for such a great article its worth reading.

  • Hi Atish sir
    i never know about this all site excluding iwriter. very nice list i definitely used redgage. thanks for sharing.

  • hi ! Atish you suggest many websites in this article. this is very useful to me to make more money in my rest time. most of the website i near heard and find before i read this article.thank you very much Atish sir.

  • Earning money online is not as easy as many people tend to think it is. In order to earn a full time income you need to be really creative and provide value to thousands of people searching for rare to find information.

  • These are the websites I have never really heard of. I use Fiverr to make some extra money and loving the service. Not comfortable with any other as of now. Will have a look at couple of them to see what they give.

  • I am totally amazed that there are so many ideas of earning the money online but I never knew.
    Thanks a lot to you for giving such a nice and great info.

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