Keepvid Video Converter Review
Keepvid is a great media software that has different tools to do different tasks. Do check out few Keepvid posts that are already published on our blog: KeepVid Video Downloader to Solve All your Downloading Problems KeepVid Android- YouTube Video Downloader for Android Review KeepVid Pro – The Best Video Downloader of Its Time Today,… (3 comments)

8 Best IDE for C++ Programming
C++ is a very powerful, excellent, and flexible object-oriented programming language that offers generic and modern programming features that allow a programmer develop large-scale applications such as search engines, video games, and others. When working on a big project as a C++ programmer, it becomes inevitable that you work with an efficient IDE that will… (1 comment)

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X
With the fast-growing technology, we are surrounded by gadgets such as Android phone, iPhone, laptop, etc. When we use a phone, we store a lot of data on it such as Pictures, Videos, documents, Audios, etc. Our phone is always with us, and thus, all these data are accessible to us anytime. But, what would… (2 comments)

ZenFotomatic – Removing Background from Images in a Click
Image editing is one of the primary tasks when you run an e-commerce website where you sell products because you cannot simply put bad looking product images on the site as they may not be able to attract more eyeballs. Therefore, editing each image is important to make them sellable. Especially removing backgrounds of images… (4 comments)