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How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the gaming world. Gamers loved to play this game in the past, and even after being old, there are gamers who are still in love with this masterpiece. I have been a gamer in my college time and loved playing this. Since I have studied Computers, I used to spend most of my time with my PC, and I have had a great love for such amazing games.

Minecraft can confuse people. Being a game that is pixelated, many people might think that the game might not require a lot of RAM. In fact, it actually requires a higher allocation of accessible memory for it to run. Minecraft can be an excellent choice as a game if you can install MODs and get a few texture packs installed. But in the end, all these functions would require extra allocation of memory for the game to run. In this piece, I will help you to allocate more RAM so that ‘Minecraft’ can run seamlessly on your computer system.

How Much RAM Does Minecraft Need?

The RAM requirement is very heavy to run Minecraft. Minecraft has MODs and installing a lot of them can kill the game. And, this can lead the game to freeze, slow down or even crash. But beyond all, you need to know the supportability of the RAM so that it can run smoothly without causing any perennial problems while the game is played. So, here is the thing:

Minecraft RAM Requirements

  • The ‘no MOD’ vanilla gameplay only requires 2 GB of RAM for you to play Minecraft.
  • Moderate to heavily modded gameplay can be a tad bit different and it requires at least 4 GB.
  • Heavy modded and moderate modded gameplay in the latest version of Minecraft especially 1.13+ packs will require more than 6GB RAM.

Lagging will happen if you have any of the above-mentioned versions and do not have the adequate requirement met. In this case, it is quite presumable that the game won’t run smoothly and keep crashing again and again.

Course of action

See, frankly speaking, you will require a course of action and a schematic plan to follow. The first thing you have to do is to check your RAM. In case, you are using heavily modded gameplay with or less than 4GB RAM. Your system will inevitably crash. You need a better strategy regarding this.

Let me tell you about it more in detail.

Steps to check RAM:

  • Right-click on the windows icon at the bottom of the taskbar. Select Settings

  • In the settings window, click on System 
  • Then click on About.

  • Under ‘Device Specifications’ see How much RAM you have on your computer.

  • You will see an entirely different window that has all the information required on the device specifications.

Once you have completed the navigation and have a rough idea about the spacing in RAM. Now you can pool in the game’s resources in that available RAM. 

Use Default Launcher

  • The first course of action that needs to be done is to launch Minecraft. 

  • After launching you have to make sure to open the ‘installations tab’ on the top.
  • Now, here select a version that you want to play and you will also have to click on three dots and then select ‘edit’

  • As the next window opens expand by clicking ‘more options’ in the bottom
  • Now there will be a JVM Arguments field which will read, ‘Xmx2G’ Here the term 2G refers to the number specific to your RAM that you want to allocate.

  • There will be a green button at the very end ‘save’. Just click on it.

Use Curseforge Launcher

  • Once you have launched ‘Curseforge’, on the left low bottom side, you will have an option called ‘setting’. Click it.

  • You will see that there remains a ‘game’ section here. You can simply see on the right side. You can access ‘Minecraft’ from the right-hand side and open it.
  • You have to access Java settings and you have to make sure the movement of the orange bar is exactly at the preferred ram that you have in your PC.

Use ATLauncher

  • Boot ATLauncher and then on the right, click on ‘settings’.

  • At the top of the ‘Settings’ page, there are a lot of tabs. Make sure to select the ‘Java/Minecraft’ tab.

  • You will see a tally or a list of adjustable properties and there will be a section RAM. Here you need to mention the maximum amount of RAM that your PC has.
  • Then click on ‘save’ to save the changes.
  • Also, click on ‘confirm’ to confirm all the saved changes.

Allocating RAM to your own Minecraft server

If you have your own Minecraft server you can allocate RAM as per your choice and want. Here are the steps:

  • Open folder that has all Minecraft files.
  • Here right click on the blank space, click on ‘new’ and then ‘text document’.
  • As the file opens, you have to paste the following code: “java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true PAUSE”.
  • Now you see the four hashtags. These hashtags are not just hashtags you have to fill in the four digit number which is the amount of RAM for you to run the game.
  • Go to file first, change the name and then save the file as ‘all file type’
  • Now you have to right click on the same file and start renaming the file, ‘The file should read as ‘server launcher.bat’
  • So, the text document has now turned into a launcher. The launcher then becomes a more optimized launcher to run Minecraft.


Minecraft is an amazing game, however, it is also a very hard and heavy game to run. In this small writeup, a very basic, simple approach, all the aspects of it have been explained. I have also used examples of various launchers and How accessing the settings of the launchers can actually change the RAM requirement.

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