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How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

Recently, I wrote an article How to Check How Many Hours You Have Played on Minecraft? Now, today, I am here to talk about “Smoker” in Minecraft as how to make a Smoker in Minecraft, and what it is.

If you have been playing Minecraft, a smoker is an important option A smoker will let you cook food at twice the speed of a furnace. If you want to cook food faster in Minecraft, you need to learn how to make a smoker in Minecraft. 

To make a smoker in Minecraft, your need to have one furnace and any type of wood. You will need to have four logs of wood. You can make use of any type of wood such as oak Logs, Spruce Logs, Birch Logs, Jungle Logs, Acacia Logs, Dar Oak Logs to name a few. 

What is Smoker?

Smoker in Minecraft is a better utility block that works better than a furnace. The utility block is designed to provide you with access to better cooking. It is capable of cooking food twice as faster than a furnace. 

What Are the Uses of a Smoker in Minecraft?

The primary benefit of a smoker lies in cooking capabilities. It provides you with an improved cooking capacity. A smoker can cook at a speed that is twice as faster when compared to a furnace. In fact, the smoker does not have any effect on anything else than the food items. 

The smokers emit a light level of 13 when they are active. This is in tune with the common furnaces. However, if there are any villages where there are no butchers, a smoker can prove handy in letting you turn a villager without any profession into a butcher. 

How to Find the Smokers in Minecraft?

You should find smokers appear naturally during the course of the game. It can be found in certain buildings in the villages that are generated after the 1.14 update. 

If you do not have smokers in any of the villages and have been looking to get the smokers for a few specific purposes, it would be advisable to make a smoker. Minecraft lets you make a smoker using a few of the ingredients. In case you have the requisite ingredients, you should be able to make a smoker and use it for any of the purposes you have been looking ahead to. 

How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

To craft a smoker in Minecraft, you need the following primary components: 

  • Furnace 
  • Logs or wood

Gather those elements and follow the steps here below to make a smoker in Minecraft. 

Launch your crafting menu

Open the crafting table. You should have a 3 x 3 crafting grid. The grid should ideally resemble something as in the image here below:

Add the ingredients

You can create a Smoker using one furnace and four logs of wood. It would be advisable to use the same pattern of arrangement as in the image here below. You need to place the furnace in the middle grid on the crafting grid. Surround it with the logs of wood from the four sides. You would be able to use any type of wood. 

Ensure that you do not forget the right pattern for making the grid. If you are not careful in arranging the grid properly, you will end up not being able to create a smoker. 

As soon as you add those ingredients, you will find that the smoker appears on the right side of your crafting grid. That does it – you have successfully created a smoker in Minecraft. 

Drag the Smoker to your Inventory

Now that the smoker has been created, you will now need to drag it to the inventory. You will not be able to use it unless you have added it to the inventory. 

You simply need to drag to the inventory, and that does the task for you. 

That does it. Creating a smoker is as simple as that. You can create as many smokers as you would want to and move them onto your inventory. 

A smoker in Minecraft can be useful in cooking food faster. A smoker can cook food twice as faster than a furnace. The smoker can also be an excellent option to be used as a butcher’s job site block. 

Which platforms support making smoker in Minecraft?
If you are checking out the options in how to make a smoker in Minecraft, you should also get to know well in advance about the supported platforms where you can make a smoker. 

Here is a listing of which platforms support making a smoker in Minecraft:

Java Edition – PC and Mac  Yes 
Pocket Edition – PE  Yes
Xbox 360 No
Xbox One  Yes 
PS3  No 
PS4  Yes 
Wii U  No 
Nintendo Switch  Yes 
Windows 10 Edition  Yes 
Education Edition  Yes

The Closing Thoughts

That was how you can make a smoker in Minecraft. The steps should be extremely useful in arriving at the best options for your needs. As long as you have the right ingredients needed for making a smoker, you should be able to get access to an enhanced experience in creating your smokers in Minecraft. 


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