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How Long Does It Take for Turtle Eggs to Hatch in Minecraft?

Turtle eggs and turtles have been one of the most common elements in a Minecraft game. Taking enough care of the turtle eggs and hatching them properly is the key to achieve the best standards in an enhanced experience when it comes to hatching turtle eggs in Minecraft. 

How Long Does It Take For Turtle Eggs to Hatch in Minecraft?

The simple answer to that question is -3 days! The egg once laid in the sand will go through three stages before it can be hatched. It will not hatch in red sand. The exact time taken will depend on different factors and time of the day. The turtle egg will grow faster at night and will ideally hatch in three days.

How Long Does It Take for Turtle Eggs to Hatch in Minecraft?

The typical time taken for four turtle eggs to hatch if you do not indulge in any enhancement procedure would be three days. The turtle in Minecraft can be obtained through a silk touch enchantment in the inventory. 

The turtle egg is ideally broken when pushed by a piston or when block influenced by gravity falls on it. Minecraft lets you farm turtle eggs by breeding the turtles. The turtles will feed on seagrass and will breed. Once they are bred, one of them will return to the beach and lay eggs in a few seconds. The turtle will lay four eggs in the sand by digging into it. 

The eggs will hatch only when laid in a specific sand type. If you have been a regular Minecraft player, you might have noticed that the turtle eggs laid in the red sand will not hatch. The eggs will begin growing and ultimately hatch in three days. These will continue growing through day and night. In fact, the turtle eggs grow faster at night. 

How to Hatch Turtle Eggs in Minecraft?

Having understood how long does it take for turtle eggs to hatch in Minecraft, let us now learn how to hatch turtle eggs. You need to have a lot of patience to hatch turtle eggs in Minecraft. You also need to employ a few tricks to be able to hatch the turtle eggs into the cute turtle babies. 

Here are the steps you are expected to follow when hatching turtle eggs – 

Step 1: Find the Turtle Eggs 

You can look for the turtle eggs along the edge of the sand in Beach Biome. You should be able to find the turtle eggs being laid naturally. 

If you are unable to find the turtle eggs, you can breed them by building walls of sand around the turtles so that they can breed and produce eggs. 

Step 2: Increase the speed 

Turtle eggs can considerably take a long time to hatch. If you are looking to fasten the hatching speed of the turtle eggs, you can increase the random tick speed. The default random tick speed in Minecraft is 3. You can increase the speed through a command /gamerule

You will use the following command to increase the random tick speed to 50000 –

/gamerule randomTickSpeed 50000

Step 3: The Turtle Eggs Will Break First 

The next step would be to wait until the turtle eggs are hatched three times. The first time the turtle eggs break, you should hear a crack sound. You should also find the green particles to appear. You will also witness a brown cracking in the eggs. 

Step 4: Second Crack

Once you have observed the first crack, you should wait for the second crack. You will witness the green particles yet again, and the cracks would be a little more darker. 

Step 5: A final Crack and Hatching 

The last cracks will find the turtle eggs hatching. After the third cracks sound, the turtles or baby turtles will hatch, and the turtle will begin to move. 

You can now set the random tick speed back to default. 

That does it. You have successfully hatched the turtle eggs in Minecraft. 

Why does it take so long to hatch Turtle eggs in Minecraft?

Well, there is no specific reason why does it take so long for the turtle eggs in Minecraft take so long to hatch. You just need to take care of the turtle eggs as you would handle the regular blocks in Minecraft. 

The only time you will not find a turtle egg not hatching would be when they placed in red sand. They will take their own time to hatch and grow into turtles. The turtle eggs have been observed to hatch faster during the night hours. 

While you are hatching your turtle eggs, make sure nothing falls on the eggs. In that case, they would break. Make sure that you are taking enough care to protect your turtle eggs and thus you will be able to have more turtles. 

Why Should to Have Turtles in Minecraft Game?

Baby turtles developed into adults will drop scutes. You can use around five turtle scutes to form a turtle shell. These turtle shells are known to provide you with an enhanced experience and an ability to breathe in water. 

When you wear a turtle shell, you will also be able to craft a turtle master potion. The turtle master potion can be an excellent option to gain resistance IV and slowness IV.

You should take enough care to protect your turtle eggs until they are hatched. In Minecraft, you would find that skeletons, zombies, ocelots, and wolves try to destroy the turtle eggs. You should take extreme care to safeguard your turtle eggs and keep the enemies away from the eggs. 

The Closing Thoughts

That was how you would find the turtle eggs, and hatch them. The turtle eggs can take a whole lot of time to hatch. But, as we already stated, you can fasten the speed by changing the random tick speed. However, you can decide not to use it as well. But, hastening the time can help you avoid the task of having to safeguard the eggs from enemies for long. 

So, that was how you would be able to hatch your turtle eggs and get access to an improved breathing ability within the water. 

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