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What Does Live Mean on Find My iPhone?

Find my iPhone has garnered a lot of traction lately for its amazing features. It can connect with all your premier Apple devices including Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad, etc. It acts as a protector of your apple devices. One of its key features along with the ability to trace a phone on a map is activating a sound that will enable working professionals to locate their phone in case they are working hard at work and forget their phone in a mess of files and documents.

Lately, it is becoming more common than ever that this application shows status as ‘live’. So what does ‘live’ in general mean and How does it play out in terms of Apple services? ‘Find my iPhone’ is a great savior since it can trace your iPhone and scan out the location on a map. To know more, please scroll a read from hereon.

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What Does the Live Feature Do On ‘Find My iPhone’?

So, here is the thing if you had made any assumptions and read up on a lot of data theft and agency data mining, then you are up for a feast. iPhone’s live feature comes at a time when people have issues with the way data is being transmitted from one person to another. The ‘Live’ feature however saved Apple in terms of the kind of accuracy it had to prevent crimes and other illegal things to happen from your phone.

Functions of the Live Feature

  • The live feature exists as an indispensable function in the ‘find my iPhone’ application. It helps to trace the location of any iPhone be it your friends or any special person.
  • You can also instruct the iPhone to play a song and that will help you find the phone in terms of just personal access or losing the phone momentarily.
  • You can enable this feature and also share your location with your close contact. That way, you can be helped and the contact traces your location in case of an emergency or trouble.
  • In case the miscreant who took the iPhone switches it off, The last recorded local time/location will appear on the map.
  • The location might not be exactly safe so proceed with caution. Look for the green circle even if the location is approximately the same, it does not deviate beyond the green circle.

How to Enable ‘Live Feature’ on find my iPhone?

You need to be able to gain access to the location and that requires you to toggle some essential tools icons after that. The tools further provide access to a location, or the last location when the device is taken off of the network.

  • Look for your ‘settings’ icon, and tap to open it.
  • From the settings window, select the ‘privacy’ option.
  • In ‘privacy’, you will have ‘location services’, turn it on.
  • This right there has turned on your location and activated the ‘live’ feature.
  • Now you also need to activate your ‘Find My’ application with a valid ID.
  • From settings select your Apple ID which is just your name at the top of the settings window.

  • Then in the app listings select ‘Find my’ and then choose ‘Find my iPhone’.

  • Expand ‘Find my iPhone’ and you should see a tick mark on ‘while using the app’ which is a location feature. Along with that also toggle on ‘precise location’.
  • You need to now enable the location settings ‘find my iPhone’. You can also get another option ‘select the last location’ in case you are using any version below Pro and Promax.
  • Now go to ‘Find My’ and open it.
  • You will see the ‘me’ button at the bottom of the screen on the right, tap it. 
  • Now you will have a sharing icon which is an arrowhead a little fat and expanded. You click on that icon and toggle on ‘share my location’.
  • Now exit the application. Sign in on it again.
  • You will see at the mid-bottom the ‘add people’ tally. 
  • Here, you can nitpick and add people.
  • You will see the window with the ‘people’ icon on the bottom, add in members that you know through the add sign.

  • Add all the people you want to inform your location.
  • Once done, simply tap on ‘send’.
  • Once sent the app will ask you what should be the time frame to send in your location as a notification or text message to your contact. There are three options:
    • Share for one hour
    • Share after a full day
    • Share indefinitely

Location sharing feature’s importance

Let us contrast these sharing features together on a table and see what exactly shall be the occasion to turn it off.

Sharing feature listing of Find My Applicable use
Share for 1 hour Preferable situation to apply it if you are going for a late night party alone in your neighborhood. Or you are at an open meetup with your friends nearby.
Share till the end of the day This is great for any one-off events. You can use this, in case you are going out of town for a day and have to return at the end.  
Share Indefinitely If you are a minor woman make sure you use this one especially when you go to another city/state/town for school/college. It just helps in case something bad happens there are a group of people who will defend you.

Find People Live on the Find My App

The app is fairly easy to use and has a very simple interface that is use-worthy given its tech is super great.

  • Open your ‘Find My’ app.
  • Now you will have people lists that you have shared your location with approximate distance values.
  • You can tap on the contacts and the app will show you the exact location of the contact.
  • The app will monitor the movements of that contact and even update their phone numbers on your phone.
  • But all of this is only possible once the mobile is turned on.

Find Missing Devices on the Find My App

One of the best features that is exceptional about ‘Find My’ app is that it is a holistic and extremely versatile platform, not only it enables applications, but it also helps to find out missing apple devices, your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.

  • Open the Find My app.
  • Look at the bottom menu, in the right of friends exists devices tap that.
  • The devices list will show up all the devices that you use.
  • On the very side, it will update you about the location, you need to click on the lost device from the list and enable a call and message sending.
  • That way it will help you find your phone.
  • You can also delete everything and encrypt your storage without retrievable possibility.


Does Live on Find My Friends mean they are on their phone?

No, it only means that the device is in the location and hence it means live. If the phone is keeping its GPS on which ‘Find My’ accesses the data stream you appear to be live. In case the GPS is off and the network is off the device is shut it will show the last key in the location of the GPS.

What’s the difference between now and live on Find My iPhone?

Now is actually the current location of the phone. Live is the updated location as an object shifts its space in a provided territory.

Does ‘live’ on Find My iPhone mean they are moving?

The ‘live’ feature in the ‘Find My’ app just indicates one thing only and that is their location at present irrespective of whether they are moving or not. If a person is moving rapidly it will change to ‘live’. To have the live feed you need someone to be authorized by you to share location indefinitely, and that will mean constant location updates at any time of the day.


‘Find My iPhone’ is a great tool to protect you from any harm or intimidation. It can help you get out of any bad theft band. It empowers you to be better. As, I have stated even earlier make sure that you follow the protocol of the app and do not violate anyone’s privacy, and have at least one contact who has access to your location indefinitely. When considering the protection of your device and personal security, the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature stands out as an essential tool. Its significance goes beyond its ability to prevent theft; it has the capacity to rescue you from the grip of any malicious intentions. This sense of empowerment resonates perfectly with the values upheld by Jelvix, a well-regarded frontrunner in technological solutions. To truly make the most of this capability, it is crucial to follow their recommended practices when utilizing this application.

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