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Does Telegram Notify Screenshots?

Are you an avid user of Telegram? I am sure you must be tempted to take a screenshot of some of the chats for one reason or another. Have you wondered if Telegram notifies the screenshots? Well, the topic of screenshot alerts has been a hot one among those who care about privacy. 

So, does Telegram notify users when a screenshot is taken? Let us unearth the truth.

Does Telegram Notify Screenshots?

Yes, Telegram does have a screenshot alert feature. But, this does not apply to all the chats. Telegram notifies the users when a screenshot is taken for the Secret Chats. If you are a regular user of Telegram, you must be aware of the Secret Chats feature on it. 

However, Telegram does not notify the screenshot when you take a screenshot of a normal chat or photo. That would mean you can freely capture and save pictures that someone has sent to you. Irrespective of whether you are using Telegram on a desktop or a mobile app, you will be able to screenshot the notifications without any hassles. 

What are Secret Chats?

Now that we know Telegram notifies the screenshots taken from a Secret Chat, it is quite practical to find what Secret Chats on Telegram. This will help you understand what are the privacy policies that Telegram focuses on. 

The Secret Chats are the special and encrypted messages that you engage on Telegram. In contrast to the regular messages and chats, the Secret Chats offer additional security features. Some of the security features would include the self-destruct functionality and the alert for screenshots. 

These Secret Chats are designed to ensure that you are vary of the privacy and want to be sure that the information you share remains strictly between you and the other person. 

Does Telegram Notify Screenshots of Stories?

Stories have become an integral part of many social media services and chat platforms. Telegram Stories too are similar to what Stories are on a host of other platforms. They appear for your contacts for a short period of time. In the case of Telegram Stories, you can let them stay visible for 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. 

Telegram does not typically alert the screenshots on Telegram Stories. However, Telegram lets you set a privacy setting for your Telegram Stories. You can choose to prevent or allow the screenshots on Telegram Stories. Using the option to Allow screenshots will hide all the Telegram UI options that let you share or save a story. 

Since you have control over whether you wish to allow or prevent screenshots on Telegram Stories, you do not receive a screenshot alert. 

Does Telegram Notify Screenshots on the Group Chat?

When it comes to the Group Chats on Telegram, they are treated on the same lines as the regular chats. Unless a chat on Telegram belongs to the category of Secret Chat, it will not notify you if anyone takes a screenshot. 

You can, however, disable screenshots on Telegram by following a few simple steps. Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced > Disable Screenshots > Done. This will ensure that no one will be able to take a screenshot of your chat. But, remember that there are several ways to bypass being detected when someone takes a screenshot from your Telegram chat. 

Does Telegram Notify Screenshot Profile?

No. When you take a screenshot of a Telegram profile, the user will not be notified that a screenshot was taken. This is in tune with the other privacy features on the messaging platform. 

Since the profile does not belong to the category of Secret Chats, no screenshots are notified even when someone takes a screenshot. The screenshot alert feature is only available for secret chats and for those chats where you have changed the privacy setting not to allow screenshots. 

Why Does Telegram Not Notify When Someone Takes a Screenshot of a Photo?

Telegram works on a principle similar to how other similar platforms work. The messaging platforms follow a principle when a message or photo is sent, it is beyond the control of the sender. That way, it does not notify when someone takes a screenshot. 

The theory behind this is simple – As long as something is on someone’s screen, it is their wish what they want to do with it. So, you can comfortably take a screenshot of the photos. However, if it is a part of a Secret Chat, do not take a screenshot as the user will be notified. 


Well, taking a screenshot on Telegram is not a concern as long as you are in a regular chat. However, exercise caution when taking a screenshot from a Secret Chat. Having said that, it should be noted that whether Telegram notifies the screenshots or not, it is considered a breach of privacy and infringement of copyright laws if you take a screenshot of someone else’s photos or videos without their consent.

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