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10 Best GBA Games You Never Played

There was a time when GBA or Game Boy Advance was one of the favorite gaming consoles ever. That was before these games were dominated and overthrown by the games like Pokémon and Super Mario. There is an excellent range of best Gameboy advance games. A lot of them belong to the genre of the best GBA games you never played before!

Don’t think you should believe it? We will check out the best GBA games that you may not have come across before. 

What is GBA?

GBA stands for Gameboy Advance. In fact, it was one of the iconic handheld console brought out by Nintendo during the 32-bit era. It had a massive collection of games. It also offered a huge collection of Super Nintendo series of games. 

The Gameboy Advance or GBA range of devices held a place of high value and even today hold nostalgic value. In fact, GBA was the last edition before Nintendo moved to dual-screen Nintendo DS in 2004.

Best GBA Games you Never Played Before

The GBA or Gameboy Advance was actually launched in 2001. It was, in fact, one of the best gaming consoles in the handheld console genre. Of course, a good number of GBA games never received the recognition that they really deserved. We will make an attempt at uncovering them in today’s post. 

Here is the list of role-playing best GBA games and a few best GBA games you never played before. 

  1. Rebelstar: Tactical Command

This is one of the excellent options for the best Gameboy Advance games and comes as the best option for the GBA games that have gone underrated. It has been treated to be a great option for the role-playing game best GBA games ever. 

This was one of those games that changed the gameplay and graphics for better. Offering you a beautiful graphics that takes a lot from the animations and provides you access to an enhanced performance in terms of addictive gameplay, the game features a confrontation between the humans and aliens. It indeed offers you access to an enhanced gaming experience and resembles the games like Advance Wars and Advanced Wars 2. 

  1. Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand

The game was developed by Hideo Kojima in 2003. Yet another role play game, it has been considered to be the most innovative games ever among the best GBA games we have come across. The cartridge for the game has a light sensor so that you can charge up the weapon of your character. The game does offer you an excellent graphic based on GBA. Get access to an exciting experience of role-playing game best GBA games come with a powerful fantasy world you can explore. 

The game focusses more on the lurking gameplay than opting for the direct action. It is based on the concept of Age of Darkness which stands for the end of the world. The game comes with a built-in clock in addition to the solar charger.  The solar charger perhaps it worthy of the title! We would definitely consider it to be one of the excellent options for the best GBA games you never played. 

  1. The Drill Dozer

The game is launched and created by Game Freak. It may be noticed that the developers are known for the creation of Pokémon. Jill is the protagonist of the game, and she has an all-powerful gigantic dozer. She is all set to regain the Lost Diamond, and as the gamer, your aim is to protect them from the Skulker gang and assist them in completing the task. 

The game comes with plenty of options to keep you engaged. It is indeed an exciting option if you are checking out the best Gameboy Advance games you would ever want to play. The game is highly underrated, and we assume you might not be aware of the game despite being a GBA fan. We do not see why the game did not find any sequel in spite of being such an excellent game. That would perhaps explain how underrated the game was. 

  1. Mario Golf: Advance Tour

If you are looking for the best ever experience on the platform with the best Golfing action, nothing can beat Mario Golf – Advance Tour. This is indeed one of the excellent item rich and level based role-playing game best GBA games ever. In fact, the game is considered to be one of the wonderful options among the best-golfing titles in the GBA series. 

One of the top notch and a widely popular GBA games, it has won a few awards for an exciting performance in the past. Published by Nintendo and developed by Camelot Software, Mario Golf – Advance Tour is the right golf tour game that you would want to focus on. One of the features we liked the most was the fact that it has a map on which you can explore multiple objects and courses. 

  1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Well, looking for the right racing game in the GBA range of the best games? The Super Mario – Super Circuit is one of the excellent games you would want to go with. In fact, one of the excellent options for the best GBA games you never played offers you a fun angle making it one of the great options you would want to go with. 

Yes, the game is not entirely about racing and getting faster. It is all about a few laugh out loud moments along with a few excellent graphics options. We would definitely treat it as an exciting option among the best Gameboy Advance games. You can enjoy a few really memorable tracks while playing the game both in terms of challenge and colorful extravaganza. 

  1. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Yet another excellent game that stands for an enhanced performance among the best GBA games you never played. Do you love the combat games that come with action-packed gameplay? You would definitely fall in love with the best features offered by the game. 

The game takes place in a wonderland. The world of the mirror takes you through a fantasy experience and lets you go through a series of the enchanting and wonderful world of a moving mirror. Get into the combat mode with the multiple Kirbies. Take ahead the best experience with the action-packed combat game on the GBA platform. 

  1. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Yet another fighting game, Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, should ideally be a great choice for the best Gameboy Advance games. The game has been considered to be one of the most unique and addictive games ever. The game and the game-play are is quite faster and frenetic in its own right. You can enjoy a multiplayer contest or opt for a one to one fight. 

You can even enjoy a story mode that can be extremely useful and practical. The game is both frenetic and frantic. It is a perfect package and provides you access to a wonderful experience ever. The anime focussed graphics can take you to the hilt of the best possible combat gameplay. 

  1. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

The transformation of Mario from the days of the Super Mario RPG and similar other games is quite evident with the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The character of Luigi was quite innovative at the time. The interplay between the two brothers is quite mesmerizing. 

What makes GBA games a wonderful option is the laugh element they add to the content and gameplay. If you are a Mario fan, you will indeed fall in love with the game and like to the best possible level. Mario and Luigi was one of the wonderful games ever among the GBA series and has always been a popular one. 

  1. Wario Land 4

The game was earlier known as Mario Land and has now been renamed to Wario Land 4.  The game was specifically designed for the 3D and Wii U gaming consoles. The gameplay does offer you up to four different treasures that you can search for. You need to unlock a pyramid and then save the princess. 

An exciting and one of the best Gameboy Advance games, Wario Land 4 is all about playing a Roleplaying game as Mario and taking it to the next level. Yes, apart from the character of Mario that you have grown fond of over the years, you will also witness a huge number of other characters as well along with a host of new challenges. 

  1. Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Developed by Nintendo Games and Intelligent Systems, Advance Wars 2 is an excellent and unique game and can be an excellent option among the best GBA games you never played. The game was adjudged the best handheld game in 2003.  Based on a Japanese story, the game has gathered enough fans over the years. 

One of the excellent options for the action packed RPG games; Advanced Wars 2 lets you enjoy a new world of battles and gaming scenarios. More characters, more arenas and an excellent gameplay – that is what Advance Wars 2 would promise you. 

Well, those were a few excellent games among the best GBA games you have never played before. Check out the best Gameboy Advance games listed here and share your thoughts with us. Check out the best games that GBA platform has on offer for you and enjoy them to the fullest ever degree ever.

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