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What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat? Meaning, Usage, Definition!

 The most popular use of GTS on Snapchat is “Good Times”. However, it can mean differently as per the chat which all are explained in this article. 

Snapchat has gained huge popularity since it has the option of messages that disappear on their own after being viewed or as per the option chosen by the sender. This extra control and privacy has won the hearts of millions of teenagers and continues to do so. 

Be it a new Snapchat user or old, nobody ever can claim to know everything about it. Be it the technology, the algorithm, or the language you are bound to get stuck somewhere. 

If you want to keep up with the pace that the world is moving in, you will surely feel the need to install and be used to the app. And then comes the most important part. Learning Snapchat slang. Without this, you’re just obsolete. 

Now, are you new and somebody has sent you a word with a bunch of words that you don’t understand. If one of them is GTS, then you must be wondering what does GTS mean on Snapchat and we are here to help you know all about it. What it means, where to use it and what not to.

GTS Meaning

So first let’s look at the GTS definition. It is not exactly easy to make people who are not used to the language of Snapchat make them understand all the short forms of Snapchat. And it is more difficult to answer these texts. These shortcuts are not even easy to guess. 

Now GTS in many apps is sometimes meant as Go To Sleep. This sounds perfectly normal and thus the user can be easily misled. Even when you search for the full form in google some search results will indeed show ‘Go-To Sleep’. To complicate this even further you will see that even some Snapchat users will use GTS to convey going to sleep or ask someone to go to sleep. 

There is yet another meaning of the term in Snapchat. It can also stand for ‘Google that shit’. 

Did someone have a rough week and sent you a snap with GTS written on there? It can even mean “Going Through Shit”. 

But don’t pay any heed to what you know about the acronym. GTS in Snapchat actually stands for “Good Times”. 

What Does GTS Stand for in Snapchat?

Good Times

GTS when used as an acronym for “Good Times”, is usually used as a conversation ender. It is used to signify that you are having a good time or that just life is good in general. It can also mean that a past encounter was good while talking about some good memories you shared.  So let us have a look at what does GTS stand for.

Google That Shit

When GTS is used in place of Google That Shit, this is used in response to a question on what something means or if somebody is being annoying with asking the details of something, and this is how you express your exasperation. 

Go To Sleep

As an acronym for “Go To Sleep”, it can also be used in place of Good Night. It is used to ask someone to go offline and sleep. Or just as a reply to someone being annoying, you can sarcastically say to someone “Go To Sleep”. It stands for the fact that you are tired and have to rest now, generally. This has been in use since we did not have access to touch screens. 

Going Through Shit

Going Through Shit is used when someone has had a really rough day or life. When someone has a lot of problems, they will probably say something like this. You may be well acquainted with a rapper named Machine Gun Kelly. He has a song called GTS in this exact context. 

Use of GTS

In Snapchat, there is a lens called Good Times. This can be applied to your photos to make them much cooler and impress the people you send snaps to. There are many Good Times snaps available on Snapchat. These filters can all be used. So this acronym can even be used to denote these filters.

You can also send this to other users in text form on Snapchat. Especially when you mean to go to sleep this can be sent in a simple text or over a snap and then sent to the other person as a form of a good night greeting. 

Examples of GTS

Even if you understand the meaning of a short form it can be hard to know where you can apply it. Now that you have the answer to the question of what does gts mean on Snapchat, you got to learn in what tone to use it. Mind you, changing the tone or applying in the wrong place can make you go from looking cool to look like a complete fool in seconds. So here are some examples of applying GTS:

  • When used as a short form for Good Times – Remember when we went to that pool party? GTS! 
  • When used as a short form for Go To Sleep – I can get up early whenever I GTS.
  • When used as a short form for Google That Shit – Why don’t you just go and GTS?
  • When used as a short form for Going Through Shit – I’ve been GTS.

Use of GTS in Pop Culture

GTS has been extensively used in many iconic things in pop culture and thus it does not really mean that, when used in a snap, this has to mean any one of the conventional full forms for the acronym. Sometimes your friends who are always up to date with whatever happens and you never understand what they refer to, they may be using it to refer to something that has nothing to do with the acronym itself. In these situations, it can stand for any of the following. 

GTS cars

This has been a sensation on Instagram so you may very well know what this means. This is about GT sports cars. People with GT sports cars make it a point to brag about them so there are thousands of posts alone on GT sports cars and however inactive you are bound to come across any post at least once. So in this case it could mean sports cars so don’t mix it up with any other acronym. 

Machine Gun Kelly’s GTS

This acronym would stand for the famous song Going Through Shit which is also one of the acronyms that we discussed earlier. So if you see Machine Gun Kelly mentioned somewhere and along with it there is the acronym GTS do remember that this is based on the song and not any other acronym. 

Guess That Song

If this is something in reference to a reality show then be sure that it means Guess the Song. This is a much acronym and if you see a question mark, hear music and there is GTS on the screen you now know what to think about it.

GTS in Pokemon

Global Trading System used to be a famous platform for trading Pokemons and thus if this is used by one of your gamer buddies they mak=y be reminiscing their old days. Unless you belong to the Pokemon fandom there isn’t really any chance that you will stumble upon this acronym.

Grims Toy Show

Do you know about silly SUPER POP from YouTube? There is a wrestling show on it called the Grims Toy Show and GTS is also used as an acronym for it. This is really not very popular but if you follow something related to the show or have a friend who is a fan of the show then you may come across it. 


Now we have covered every inch there is on the topic of GTS. While there will always be some other short form in Snapchat that you have no idea about, you sure won’t find trouble about GTS. Now you can even confidently send this to a fellow Snapchat user with proper reference. If you by chance forget how it goes, you can always come back to this article and refresh your memory. 

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