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What Does GNS Mean on Snapchat?

From Hello to Hi and now just waving hand emoji, internet language is getting shorter day by day. And why not, this digital era turns our life quick and busy. There is so much to do in less time. So, social media users invent slang language wherein a few letters one can tell stories. One such repeatedly used acronym is GNS. Despite being very frequently used on all social media dashboards, what does GNS mean on Snapchat is still the most searched question on Google. So, here is everything you should know about this common Snapchat lingo – GNS to escape from ignominy.

What Does GNS Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat has gained enough popularity due to its unique features, disappearing messages, snaps, and of course those funny mood-changing filters. This is the prominent reason that Snapchat soon earned thousands of users. Temporary stories and vanishing snaps once opened catch everyone’s attention.

GNS meaning on snapchat
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Snapchat users have their unique language which we call abbreviations, acronyms, slang, or, whatever. This language is basically the short form or initial letter of the main phrase. You may not be aware of all the slang in the Snapchat dictionary so here we are explaining GNS meaning<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> in detail.

GNS means ‘Good Night Streaks’. This is the Snapchatters style to wish Good night. You must be wondering why there is a need to add a streak. Can’t only GN be enough? So, streak word is additional because GNS is often used to send in the text just to maintain streaks between the two people who chat on Snapchat. Snapchat has a GNS filter as well.

Many people interpret GNS as ‘Good Night Screenshots’ which is not at all true. Yeah, however, screenshots can be sent using GNS filters but no one can know that. All thanks to Snapchat! GNS usage is the same as that of GTS. GTS means ‘Go To Sleep’. GTS and GNS can also be used interchangeably. However, there is a group of people who believe GTS also means ‘Good Times’ which sounds really cool.

What Does GNS Mean In Texting?

The treasure of Snapchat slang keeps on increasing every day. With each passing day, Snapchatters are inventing a new slang word that is not necessarily known by everyone. And that’s embarrassing when your friend is texting you acronyms’ language and you just can’t figure out what it means. Obviously, you won’t be able to reply to them contextually and so feel sidetracked. So, instead of thinking about uninstalling Snapchat, it is better to learn and gain expertise in this new language. And we are here to help with letting you know what does GNS mean in texting.

GNS on texting also means the same unless the context under which it is used is different from social media. GNS is not just limited to the boundaries of social media. It has other meanings also. Here we are listing a few other GNS meaning in contexts other than social media.

  • In Medical GNS means Graduate Nurse.
  • In Medical Surgery GNS means Glucose Normal Saline
  • In Networking Gene GNS means Gene Network Sciences
  • In Neurology GNS means Genital Nerve Stimulation
  • In Geography GNS means the German North Sea
  • In Computing GNS means Get Nearest Server
  • In Computing GNS means Global Network Solutions.
  • In Military operations, GNS means Global Navigation System
  • In Telecommunications GNS means Global Network Services
  • In Computing GNS means Graphical Network Simulator
  • In Security, GNS means Global Network Security
  • In Slang GNS means Gaining New Self

GNS Examples

So you know the GNS definition now but are still confused about how and where to make use of it. Is it the right word for saying Good Night or Good Bye? Let us look at some GNS examples which help you to understand GNS usage better and use it like a pro.

A late night conversation between two friends.

It was a long tiring day, Okey, see you soon. GNS.

Here GNS is used in a very casual way where while chatting, one friend wants to end the conversation and hence send GNS. It is kinda indication that the other person is feeling sleepy and no longer interested in chatting.

To continue Snap Streak.

GNS, Let’s just continue the streak.

Here GNS Indicates that the friend wants to continue the streak hence sending GNS by the end of the day. Maybe the entire day there was no exchange of text.

Other Popularly Used Snapchat Acronyms


GTS means Go To Sleep. This is a nice way to end any conversation. You can say this to your friends and colleagues. As it sounds a bit informal, it wouldn’t be suggested to text seniors and managers. 


WCW means ‘WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAYS’. This one is an appreciation of slang made for women all around. More than text messages, it is used as a hashtag that indicates appreciation and encouragement to women by the post maker. There could be many incidents where one may use WCW to present a token of appreciation to women around you.


SSB in comments, captions, and Snaps on Snapchat is ‘Send Snap Back’. This means that when your friend sends a Snap with SSB, he wants you to Snap him back with your picture or video. In other words, it can be concluded that SSB is sent for beginning the messaging trail with anyone on the Snapchat App. This is nowadays even shortened to SB which simply means ‘SnapBack’.


NGL on Snapchat means ‘Not Gonna Lie. Yes, you are understanding this right. NGL is used in posts or chats to give assurance and prove honesty. However, anything can happen in social space, so, NGL can also be used in an insulting tone or in a sarcastic way. It can be a frequently used acronym for an emotional person who finds social media to open up his emotions and feelings.


ISTG which stands for ‘I Swear To God’, is often written for assuring what the sender is saying. It is a kind of guarantee that a sender is adding with the statement or information he/she has made or given. Say, if someone says “ISTG, you look beautiful”, this means that the person wants to show the seriousness of his words that she is very beautiful and he is not lying. Besides assurance, ISTG is also used for indicating harsh reality, surprise, or annoyance.


KMS on Snapchat means ‘Kill Me’. It can be used as a melodramatic expression to show fake anger to your beau, bae, or buddies on Snapchat. However, on a serious front, it may be a threat of suicide or expressing depression, sadness, or disgust.


WTM is another slang that is flaunted like forest fire nowadays on all social platforms. In slang also it means the same as it means on Snapchat. As already mentioned above, WTM means What’s The Move, What’s The Matter, and Whatever That Mean.


Social media was started as an online friends’ circle for chatting and instant messaging. Slowly, with the addition of more features, the language is also involved in the form of acronyms and soon it will take over the internet. Today, no one has time to write long sentences. Everybody prefers to text just initials. GNS is one such acronym that means ‘Good Night Streak’ used on Snapchat – An instant messaging App with real-time face filters. Hope we can answer you what does GNS mean on Snapchat. 

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