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What Does FWB Mean in Text?

Be it slow typers or people who want to save some time, shortcuts in the text are blessings to them and you won’t be able to stop them from using them profusely. Teenagers will shorten just about anything. And it is a challenge to figure it out. 

It is an age of complications, no offense to the generation that owns this age. Be it relationships or text language, complicated is a tag that you wear proudly.  If you have come across the word fwb, and have no idea about FWB meaning, either you are not too savvy with this generation or you need to open your mind a bit more. You will then also have to know about the FWB relationship meaning.

friends with benefits

Meaning of FWB

FWB stands for friends with benefits. Fwb relationship meaning can be really tricky to define. This benefit, if you think about it, is a really vague term. But generally, it is about the benefits of sexual nature. 

Watched the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’? Maybe this is a sign for you to check that out too. But not before you have gone through this article because we will be covering a lot of ground too. 

FWB is usually used to denote the relationship between two individuals who are friends or close associates who engage regularly in sexual activities or are romantically involved with each other. But they have not made the relationship they have official, they are not even dating each other. Thus knowing the FWB meaning is important. let us see what it stands for. 

What Does FWB stand for?

So if you see a text that has the acronym fwb in it you will from the next time know what fwb stands for. You should know that it means that the person has used to refer to a person they have casual sex with.  I have already said it stands for Friends With Benefits.

It is an agreement with no strings attached where the two friends or acquaintances are involved with no commitment involved. This lack of added components aids in further complicating the relationship further. 

Meaning of an FWB Relationship

Still, wondering what do friends with benefits mean? Well, whether an fwb relationship is good or bad for each or both individuals involved depends on the person involved and two consenting adults should not be questioned about their relationships or be judged based on it. 

This kind of experiment can not only make things less complicated for the people in a  way but it can also be a space for the two people to safely experiment with what they like, don’t like, or are comfortable with. Sexual preferences can really be embarrassing for some people and the idea that there are no strings attached can really help with the trust issues of some people. Figuring out what you do and don’t like sexually is an important thing. 

This is a relationship where you can say it is just friends helping out each other as they should. But the good side being said, this thing can become pretty complicated and prove detrimental to the people involved. There is sometimes so much more to an fwb than casual sex.

Now that we have covered what is fwb relationship let us move on to the types so that you know what exactly that friend means. Or is it a guy or a girl that asked you for this? Then you have all the more reason to know about the types in detail.

Types of FWB Relationships

  1. This is the type where two people get drunk. Drunk enough to get involved with each other, but not drunk enough that this may later feel like a mistake or that one of them took advantage of the other.
  2. This is the type where two people negotiate to have sex. When they both want it, haven’t got it for a long time, and would like to get down to it just for feeling good, this is the type of sex they have been friends with.
  3. There is another type where people swear that it won’t get any more complicated. This means that they deny the part where it is very much plausible for them to catch feelings for each other but they think that is too absurd and they surely won’t. So they have sex without a second thought of it can turn into something much more complicated or what it would means if either or both of them caught feelings. 
  4. There is a belief that fwb relationships are very common among guys and they don’t get much affected by it. It is true according to some people that guys won’t ever fall for their partners. They see it as a part of an arrangement that does them some benefit. 

In this kind of relationship, we can assume that the girl develops feelings and thus complications arise. But to be honest, this can also be just the opposite. With the guy falling for the girl and the girl being aloof, it would not be less complicated. We have to keep in mind that guys are emotional as well. 

These arrangements may not seem like much. On the surface, what FWB stands for is that it’s just another day, time spent with a person with consent from both parties involved but inside this can surely mean a lot more. When it develops into something, which it usually does, one of them has to get hurt.


We are not here to judge you based on your relationship status. We are here to make sure you have a good understanding of the word that you are looking for, that is you know what do friends with benefits mean clearly.

But in case you want to know the context of the text sent to you or you want to be aware of how it works to get a hold of the whole situation, we are sure this article helped you clear a lot of doubts.

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