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What Does TTYL Stand for? How to Use it?

All our previous generations know only letters that began and ended with formalities. With the advancement of the platform of communication, the means of conveying have unfolded generously. The new generation doesn’t have that ample time to write out their sentiments. 

Emojis have recouped the day rather they are a crucial part of life now. At the initial stage, most of the abbreviations were used to attach to the grammatical regulations but those days have altered as well. In the following phase of the process of evolution, the abbreviation is a word in itself or better a sentiment. 

ttyl meaningIn this article, we will particularly discuss what does TTYL stand for.

What Does TTYL Stand For?

Does every one of you know what does TTYL stand for? There might be many users who are not yet accustomed to this term. The TTYL genuinely stands for Talk To You Later. It is extremely popular on social media platforms. It is undoubtedly one of the most used abbreviations in the world today. 

The widespread use of TTYL started in the early 1980s and 1990s. Although in that medieval age, these short forms could not hold their back and gradually faded away. But in the recent generation, abbreviations such as TTYL have become extremely popular. 

What Does TTYL Mean in Texting?

Texting language is far more different and implies a loof impact than the language we speak. Not only what does TTYL mean, do you all know what does TTYL means in texting? TTYL is widely used in texting languages on various chat platforms such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram and so on. People are likely to keep their mobile phones with them throughout the day. Therefore, whenever they write you TTYL, you need to understand that they have got some other work to do. 

But is this the only TTYL meaning while texting? No. As we mentioned earlier, texting language has different implications. Texting TTYL in texting will assure the fact that you are going to talk to the person again. Though, the time of your chat is undefined. It might be the same day, half an hour later, or even one week later. Usually, TTYL is used when you are already sharing an established relationship with someone. 

Sometimes, this abbreviation is also used when you are not having any immediate plan of talking to the other person, but you don’t want to make them feel that you are being rude. It refers to a polite goodbye in that matter.

TTYL Definition

Another essential query is what is TTYL definition. TTYL is solely an abbreviation used in informal conversation to bid goodbye. It is chiefly not an acronym. Now, what is an acronym? The acronym is an abbreviation that is also pronounceable itself. Thus, TTYL is not at all considered to be an acronym since it cannot be pronounced as a word. Rather it is an abbreviation for a phrase.

TTYL Meaning

One of the most frequently asked questions on TTYL is TTYL meaning. Of course, every abbreviation is used to depict some scenario. Similarly, TTYL is used as a substitute for bidding goodbye. When anyone says you TTYL, then what does TTYL stand for? It means they are not eager to talk to you anymore, be it for anything. And TTYL is just a way to understand that without saying it on your face.

TTYL is a very simple four-letter text. Here are some examples where you can use TTYL.

  • Aunt is asking me to go to the store, TTLY.
  • My classes are about to start, TTLY.
  • I have to feed my old mother, TTLY.

When to Use TTYL?

It is quite common that you can never use abbreviations everywhere. It affects your social reputation. Thus, it is crucial to know TTYL usage. Most commonly, TTYL is used informally and you must avoid using it while being formal. There are many other do’s and don’ts regarding TTYL usage.

Use it in Informal Talks

You can always use this abbreviation when you are into some sort of informal talks such as while talking with your friends, cousins, and colleagues. But make sure that they are enjoying the use of such abbreviations.

To Bid Goodbye to Someone

Bidding goodbye has hence got a substitute. And what is that? TTYL. Bidding goodbye using TTYL has emerged as a very common matter in recent days.

To Assure that You Will Talk Again

Not to make the conversation rude, you need to tell TTYL. It will assure the other person that you will talk to the person again. It might be anytime later.

When Not to Use TTYL?

Only knowing what does TTYL mean in texting will not do. You also desire to know TTYL usage. Of course, every abbreviation has a proper place of usage. As said before, TTYL can be utilized in the above-mentioned conversations. Now we shall talk over the conversations where TTYL should never be utilized.

Don’t use it if you worry that it might offend someone

Abbreviations must never be used while you talk to elders or in any professional talks. You will definitely offend them unknowingly. TTLY is not for formal use.

Don’t use it when spellings and grammars are necessary

Spellings and grammars are necessary for certain conversations or write-ups. Therefore, when you are concerned about these two criteria, you are always suggested not to use abbreviations like TTYL there.

Don’t use it when you know the other person is not used to it

There are many persons who are not used to using any abbreviations. When you use TTLY all of a sudden, it might irritate them and make them feel uncomfortable. Surely, most of them will feel awkward in asking you TTYL definition. Hence, you are advised not to use abbreviations when the other person is not well acquainted with them.


You are now acquainted with the problem of what does TTYL means. The abbreviations and the acronyms that are generally used not only to conserve time, avert typing much, but some people may also disclose it simpler and manageable to disseminate their sentiments through the abbreviations.

Although this method of communication is yet to be accepted universally as a mode of authorized endeavors, this surely has made its way into every family. What we should keep in mind is when to use it and when not to. Especially with the acronyms that have the four-lettered words in them, one can never be too cautious.

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