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What Does MCM Mean On Snapchat?

Internet slang gives you the freedom of writing more in fewer words. You have a lot of things to put up on your social media accounts but these platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter limit the number of characters. All thanks to the Slang language flourishing on the internet day by day, you can now write in abbreviated form. One such abbreviation is MCM. You might have often come across #MCM or read it somewhere on a friend’s profile but you are clueless about how to reply to them.

What Does MCM Mean On Snapchat!

You need not worry as I am here to explain all about this slang “MCM”. I will be explaining “what does MCM means on Snapchat”, and texting, along with MCM Examples and usage.

What Does MCM Mean On Snapchat?

MCM on Snapchat refers to “Man Crush Mondays”. Now you must be thinking, what’s that new vocabulary? Well, this is a new trend for all men out there. Under this trend, people post pictures of men whom they admire, love, are attracted to, or are inspired by. It is used on a positive note. And it is not that only a man can appreciate another man but a woman can also use #mcm on her social accounts.

Now let me explain to you what does MCM means in texting. In texting, MCM means the same i.e “Man Crush Monday” but here MCM is referred to the person himself rather than using the hashtag. On Snapchat, unlike Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, there are no hashtags to click on and you are redirected to tagged pictures. So Snapchatters generally use it in chatting and texting wherein MCM itself means the crush or the person referred to MCM himself. 

More than texting, it is used as a hashtag. It is used in both forms, in its full form #mancrushmonday as well as in its abbreviated form #mcm. When MCM is used, you need to tag someone for whom you are using this hashtag #mcm along with a picture of that man. There could be many instances when you can choose to use the hashtag MCM for any man you adore. Here is an explicit list of such instances that indicate the correct MCM Usage

  • For appreciating looks & appearance
  • For being a fashion icon or stylish
  • For impressive personality 
  • For extraordinary accomplishments in life.

Apart from the instances mentioned above, many media houses also use the hashtag MCM to highlight certain famous personalities or feature emerging talent or noteworthy men. A lot of ladies idealize their father, husband, or love interest and tag them as MCM. Please note that although the name implies that this hashtag should be used only on Mondays but that’s nothing so, you can drop #mcm on any day of the week.

What is the Opposite of MCM?

This is quite interesting. If men have a dedicated hashtag, then how come women lack behind in the race? Women also have a dedicated hashtag that sounds exactly the opposite of MCM which is WCW. We like to catch the reader’s attention with the way of writing MCM and WCW which look exactly opposite to each other. Moreover, the meaning of WCW is also opposite to MCM.

WCW stands for “Women Crush Wednesdays“. Just like MCM, WCW is a dedicated hashtag for women for varied reasons. WCW is used to highlight a woman by another woman or man. There is a myriad of reasons that one can applaud women like extraordinary personalities, fashion divas, being style icons, being just a mother, a lady that takes care of the entire house, and many more valid reasons. And it is not that only a woman can appreciate another woman but a man can also use #wcw on his social accounts.

Please note that although the name implies that this hashtag should be used only on Wednesdays but that’s nothing so, you can drop #wcw on any day of the week.

MCM Examples

Understanding the meaning and usage of MCM is not that easy because it is used at a specific time for a specific person. Thus for facilitating you, we are illustrating a few MCM examples with an elaborative scenario. This helps you in making the correct use of MCM at the correct time.

MCM Examples Scenario 1

In this scenario, there is a loving conversation between 2 people in the text on Snapchat. Here the MCM meaning is the person himself rather than the hashtag.

Annie: You’re my MCM (with a heart emoji)

Sam: Thank you! What are you doing?

Annie: Thinking about you (Kiss emoji)

Sam: Ah Ha! But you’re my everyday crush”

MCM Examples Scenario 2

Refer to this scenario where a fan is posting on her social media to give a Shout-out to the man she finds cool and genius.

“Every man should have an intelligent mind and brilliant skills like Elon Musk. He is damn dashing. #MCM.”

MCM Examples Scenario 3

How MCM slang can be used to highlight your ideal male crush is explained in this scenario. A girl taking this to her social media is writing about her crush. You can also use this next time to surprise your love.

“Today I met my #mcm outside the mall. Nick Jonas is the most handsome of all.” 

MCM Examples Scenario 4

Another scenario is posting #mcm in the comments box. While scrolling down your Facebook wall or Instagram home page, you may come across someone whom you fall for or you find attractive or impressive and want to drop a comment. Here is what you can write using MCM in the comment section.

“Hey, you are looking fantabulous. Looks like I find my next #mcm.”

MCM Meaning Other Than Social Media

Besides social media, there are many other instances where MCM can be used as an abbreviated form of certain words, or the name of the institute or designation or person, or anything else. We are here listing some of the areas where MCM is used as a short form of certain words which has nothing to do with social media and internet slang.

MCM Meaning in Context of Water

MCM is a term used to measure and indicate the quantity of water. It means “Million Cubic Meters.”

MCM Meaning in Context of Numerals

You must have learned the Roman counting of numbers. Roman numerals have their way of writing and counting numbers. In context with Roman numerals, MCM means 1900. Single M indicates the number 1000 and double MM indicates the number 2000.

MCM As A Designer Brand

MCM is a worldwide famous designer fashion brand. The name of the brand is the initial letter of its founder “Michael Cromer Munich”.

MCM Meaning in Context of Medical

In the medical sector, MCM Meaning is very important. It means “Medical Counter Measures” and is regulated by FDA. MCM includes drugs, vaccines, diagnosis devices, etc.


MCM means “Man Crush Monday” which is used to admire any ideal man in your life, not necessarily your love interest. Just because in its name the slang has Monday, you should make such a post on Mondays. There is no rule like that. You may use #mcm for any man, be it a celebrity or your dad or your brother, or anyone. Literally anyone!

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