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What Does PYO Mean in Texting on Social Media

In the age we are living in, people don’t have much time! Thus, short words or abbreviations are evolving as they save time while you are texting on any social media platform or simple SMS.

Among these abbreviations, “PYO” stands as a less common yet intriguing term, that is being used in texting on social platforms. In this article, I am going to talk about the meaning of PYO and help you understand the usage of it while you text.

Without any further ado, let’s find out…

What Does “PYO” Stand For in Texting?

PYO” means “Put You On” in texting. It serves as a means to share exciting, noteworthy, or personal experiences with others in your network. This texting slang signifies the act of introducing someone to something interesting, be it an experience, a recommendation, or an emotional revelation.

PYO meaning in Texting
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Examples of “PYO” Usage in Conversations

As we found out that PYO stands for Put You On, we must know how we use it and where we can use it properly to convey what we want to say. Let’s understand these few examples so that you will be able to use them properly in your conversations.

Example 1:


Sarah: “Hey, I just experienced the most incredible concert! PYO!”

Rahul: “Wow! Tell me more about it, please.”


Here, Sarah enthusiastically shares her experience of attending a fantastic concert and invites Rahul to know more about it by using just. “PYO” at the end of the sentence.

Example 2:


Priya: “Hey, I visited that café with the best pastries. PYO!”

Aman: “Sounds great! Which café was it?”


Priya is excitedly recommending a café known for its delicious pastries to Aman, just by putting PYO at the end.

Example 3:


Ravi: “Came across an intriguing TED Talk. PYO!”

Ananya: “I’m interested! Share the link, please.”


Ravi is trying to introduce Ananya to an insightful TED Talk, sparking her interest in the discussion.

Various Meanings and Contexts of “PYO”

There are many other meanings of PYO as well that you should know. So that you can easily understand the meaning of PYO as per the context you are talking about.

Always remember, one abbreviation can mean differently for different people as there is no certain rules for such not-so-popular abbreviations.

So, let’s understand the different meanings of PYO in texting.

Put Yourself On:

Here PYO would mean Put Yourself On, and this could be used to encourage someone to speak up or share their thoughts without using the phrase “Let me.”


Meera: “I have something important to discuss.”

Karan: “PYO. I’m all ears.”


Karan encourages Meera to start speaking about the thing she wanted to discuss.

Put Yourself Off:

In this context, “PYO” Means Put Yourself Off that advising against or restraining someone from engaging in a particular action or behavior.


Aditi: “Thinking of buying a new phone.”

Vikram: “Not a good idea. PYO from making impulsive purchases.”


Vikram advises Aditi against making an impulsive purchase by using PYO which it means Put Yourself Off.

Pick Your Own

Although less common in texting, “PYO” can imply giving someone the freedom to make their own choice.


Aarav: “Should I order pizza or pasta?”

Diya: “PYO. Choose what you’re craving!”


Diya gives Aarav the freedom to decide what he wants by saying PYO which means Pick Your Own.

Final Thoughts on Using “PYO” in Texting

PYO is an abbreviation or slang being used in texting on various platforms. Moreover, this is not used quite often. But, you must know the meaning if you are into texting a lot on social media. You never know when someone uses it and you don’t understand it all. Thus, knowing the meaning of PYO is beneficial for you as you won’t be embarrassed among your friends.

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