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What Does IYKYK Mean on Instagram and Snapchat?

Instagram and Snapchat are the leading social network platforms where you can meet and greet hundreds of new people every day. And you can’t lag behind just because you don’t know the trending short-form lingo or acronyms used by the youth nowadays.

Internet slang is getting popular at a bullet’s pace and every day there is a new addition to this slang word bank. Recently I came across a new slang which is IYKYK while I was scrolling down through my Instagram account. I didn’t know the IYKYK definition but later on, when I researched it, I feel like sharing its meaning on my blog.

It is really interesting and engaging when you make use of this word as a hashtag or in the captions of your Insta reels or Snapchat stories. So here I am sharing IYKYK meaning on Snapchat and Instagram along with IYKYK examples for a crystal clear understanding of the subject.

What Does IYKYK Mean on Instagram and Snapchat

IYKYK Meaning on Instagram

IYKYK meaning on Instagram is “If You Know You Know”.

To be very honest, understanding this acronym and making the right use of it at the right place is quite tricky. I am sure you would be able to make pro use of it once you read this full blog. IYKYK implies that a particular post or story is not for everyone who reads or views it. Those who can understand it, it makes sense only for them. It may also mean having a callback to any particular memory, event, anecdote, or experience mentioned or tagged in any particular post.

Mostly it is used as a hashtag in posts and stories shared on popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Some people also make use of IYKYK for cracking jokes that have some hidden or inside meaning.  It is prominently used by meme makers so that the viewers can relate to it.

This inside meaning can’t be understood by all and that’s the reason that the hashtag IYKYK is added to such jokes. IYKYK is always used in a light-hearted and amusing sense. However, sometimes, it can also be used as sarcasm. You will better understand the usage of IYKYK with the help of IYKYK examples.

IYKYK Meaning on Snapchat

IYKYK meaning on Snapchat is also “If You Know You Know”. 

Talking about the usage of IYKYK on Snapchat, this acronym has gained rapid popularity in the recent few years. And it became even more popular on the youth’s favorite Snapchat App in the form of a hashtag. Users add #iykyk when they make videos or stories for some specific group of audience. This helps them in fetching higher reach and engagement. Even on Google trends, IYKYK holds the top position.

Usually, users want to add a pinch of fun and humor in such posts so they do not mention a lot of information otherwise that fun element will be missing. Also, this will leave other people curious who can not relate. The slang IYKYK becomes mainstream after Pusha T’s song If You Know You Know and later on it trended on TikTok.

IYKYK Examples

So, as I told you, understanding the correct usage of IYKYK is a bit tricky. One should know exactly what the word “Know” means. It actually depends on the person and his intention of posting. Say if you are posting it for the public at large on Instagram or Snapchat, you want to convey it to a larger group of audience. 

While if you are sending this as a snap or direct message, you might mean it for only a few people who are added to your friend list. Let me quote some IYKYK Examples to better perceive the IYKYK definition prevalent on the internet.

IYKYK Example 01

An Instagram user posted a funny video of friends partying in a club. His post with a caption read as:-

 “It was the craziest party ever last night, #iykyk”.

It is a public post wherein the use of #iykyk implies that something very funny or crazy happened at the party, which only those people who were there can understand. Here people who are tagged in the post will understand what the user is talking about without mentioning anything clearly. Just the hashtag iykyk is enough. 

IYKYK Example 02

This example is of a content creator on Instagram. He posted a funny video of ‘Expectations’ Vs ‘Reality’ of the life of content creators and social media influencers. The caption below the video read as:

“Presenting the life of influencers, expectation vs reality. #iykyk”.

Here in this example, the person who is posting the video is himself an Instagram influencer and he is adding #iykyk to indicate all the other content creators out there who can relate to his video. 

IYKYK Example 03

Let us now take an example of an Instagram influencer who makes use of #iykyk for boosting the reach of his reels and posts made. Here an Instagram influencer is sharing a picture of a popular brand watch with the following caption written with it:

“Watches that bring good times in your life, #iykyk”

In the above caption, the Influencer is marketing and promoting a popular watch brand, its products, and services. He add #iykyk in his caption to imply that those who already used the said brand products, know and understand the quality of products and services. So, this could also be a creative way of using IYKYK. Influencers who work in particular niches will often use this hashtag to bring on board more followers.


IYKYK is the short form for the phrase “If You Know You Know”. It can be used in the text also and as a hashtag also. To sum up this blog, it can be said that IYKYK slang is used when you want your audience to relate or associate with the picture or video you posted. It can also be possible to make use of this hashtag in any private post to recall any shared memory or incident.

All in all, the meaning of IYKYK can be understood if you were present at the moment, otherwise, you can not understand. Altogether it can be concluded that the hashtag IYKYK is used to relate the picture or video or any other post with someone who can understand the inside or rather say the hidden meaning of the post or video.

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