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What Does OFC Mean In Text? OFC Meaning, Definition, Usage

An essential part of our everyday conversation is the frequent use of abbreviations. The younger generation is usually very fond of using abbreviated words, especially while texting each other. This is the reason why you might notice the extensive use of abbreviated words while conversing with a younger sibling or a college student

Abbreviations help make the conversations cool and exciting and add a certain crispness to them. From using TC for ‘take care,TTYL for ‘talk to you later,’ BTW for ‘by the way,IDK for ‘I don’t know,’ there is another popular abbreviation, but not used much, which is OFC.

However, it is very likely that many of you are not quite aware of the text slang OFC, so let’s get you started. If you are totally unaware of this term, the first question you would have about it is, what does OFC mean in text language? In this article, I will tell you what does OFC means in text and the various ways how you can use it.

What Does OFC Mean In Text?

If you are wondering what does ofc mean in text language, then let me tell you that the answer to it is very simple. The text slang OFC in the textual language is the short form of the phrase ‘OF COURSE.’ It essentially has the same meaning as the phrase, of course, which means an affirmation that something or some statement is absolutely true. 

Using OFC in textual language essentially means you are expressing your agreement or confirmation to a particular statement. You could even use it for expressing a tone of irony or sarcasm in your conversations.

For Example:

Leonard: Did you finish up the work that was given?

Joey: Umm….am sure I did.

Leonard: OFC you did!!

In this case, Joey’s reply did not quite satisfy Leonard, and you can see that he seems annoyed as well. So, he has replied curtly, in a sarcastic tone, by using OFC in the conversation. 

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What Does Ofc Stand For In Texting?

Now that you what does OFC stand for, let me also tell you that it is generally used for introducing an idea that is very obvious or highly expected. It is also used for emphasizing an agreement or permission. Just like the OFC full form, text slang OFC is the abbreviated informal version of the phrase, of course, and you generally use it in everyday conversations.

Examples Of OFC Being Used In Conversations:

Example 1:

Here is a snippet of the text conversation between Dave and Ross, who are discussing about throwing their friend Jenna a birthday party

Ross: Hey man, how are the preparations holding up?

Dave: Pretty good actually. Have you arranged the cake?

Ross: Duhh!! OFC, I have! Crème-caramel with butterscotch icing just the way she likes it. 

Dave: Cool! Ig you’re her best friend for a reason. See you later pal!

So, here as you can see Ross uses OFC for confirming a detail that was very obvious.

Example 2:

Here is another snippet of the conversation between Chandler and her sister Phoebe regarding a wedding they have to attend.

Phoebe: I can’t believe Aunt Jill has sent you the invitation card but not me.

Chandler: I think there is a mistake. I told mom about this; she says maybe you have misplaced it. 

Phoebe: OFC I have misplaced it. Only I can be that irresponsible, isn’t it?

Chandler: Now calm down Pheebs, let me talk to Aunt Jen and see what she has to say about this.

Here in this conversation, you can see that Phoebe is using the abbreviation OFC in an annoyed and sarcastic tone.

Another OFC Full Form

Many people who hear text slang OFC for the first time often think about the definition of OFC. Well, OFC is actually a text slang word that essentially stands for ‘of course.’ The other synonymous words for OFC are, absolutely, certainly, clearly, definitely, indeed, obviously, naturally, and so on. This internet slang sometimes meansOf F*cking Course’, when used with an exclamation mark (!). It is typically used by teenagers and youngsters these days. You can never use it in a formal conversation, as it may annoy the person you are conversing with.

So, if you are wondering what does OFC stand for in texting, then let me also tell you that nowadays, textual slang is hugely gaining popularity among youngsters. Apart from OFC, they use many other text slangs as well. Another text slang that is gaining popularity among the youth is CTFU. So if you think about what does CTFU mean in a text message, then you must know that it stands for crack(ing) the f*ck up. This abbreviation or slang is essentially used to describe the act of laughing out loud to an extremely humorous expression. You could be using CTFU to imply that you are cracking up with laughter as the conversation is extremely funny. When we witness something that is unexpectedly humorous, you could use CTFU to imply that it is making you laugh uncontrollably.

Text Slang OFC

As I told above, OFC in text language means ‘of course’ and has no other literal meaning apart from that. You could be using it for expressing affirmation, confirmation, or even annoyance. It is sometimes used as text slang as well if you add an exclamation mark to it. In that case, it means OF ‘F*#KING COURSE,’ which is actually an expletive.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using OFC

Now that you what does OFC stand for, you must keep in mind that OFC is used as text slang in conversations. So you must be very careful while using it. You should never send text slang to a person with whom you share a formal relationship, as it might annoy them. You could use OFC while texting individuals with whom you share a friendly or informal relationship, like your friends, siblings, etc.

Also, it would be best if you did not use it repetitively as it might start making the conversations very monotonous. You could use other interesting text abbreviations in its place like, OBV (meaning obviously).


Hearing the text slang OFC brings you to think about what does OFC mean in text language. In this article, you also got to know the OFC full form and how to use it.

Using the same abbreviations over and over may annoy your friends as well, so try using new and exciting words. However, always keep in mind that it is never advisable to use text slang in official conversations. Never make such a mistake as the repercussions would be disastrous. Nonetheless, there is no denying that using abbreviations saves a lot of time, especially when you’re occupied with your work but have to urgently reply to an individual in between.

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