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Snapchat Ghost Meanings – Meaning of Different Snapchat White Ghosts

When Snapchat was introduced into the social media world some years ago, the world was never fully prepared for this instant picture messaging application. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular social media sites, especially among the youth with over 300 million active users.

An outstanding feature of Snapchat is the White Snapchat Ghosts that are usually located beside the friends on your friends’ list. Many Snapchat users don’t really understand the meaning and usefulness of Snapchat ghost faces meanings.

In this article, I will explain the meanings of the different Snapchat ghosts on your Snapchat page. This will deepen your appreciation for the Snapchat platform and help you have a better understanding of your friends’ reactions to your snaps.

10 Snapchat Ghost Meanings

  1. Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

It is a common knowledge that the heart symbol represents love. This ghost shape shows a display of affection for the friend. This can be your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Alternatively, it may be someone’s way of informing you that he or she loves receiving your Snaps or replying to them. Therefore, your relationship with the person is the major determinant of the meaning of this Snapchat ghost.  Nevertheless, rest assured that the user loves you. That should be reassuring.

  1. Ghost with a start and V-sign

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

This is another Snapchat ghost meaning that you will appreciate. If you receive this sign from your friend or family, it is an indication that the sender sees you as an amazing person with a high sense of positivity. It is an indirect way of acknowledging and appreciating your optimistic attitude towards life. The friend or family may have been impacted positively by your positive outlook about life and decides to express his or her gratitude through this image.

  1. Ghost with blue bubblegum

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

If you receive this from your friend, it is a sign that you need to change your game. The person probably finds you boring and may need something different for a change. You may change your conversation to something more exciting by posting something else that may reawaken the person’s interest in you. Otherwise, the person may be dissatisfied with your subsequent snaps.

  1. Snapchat Black Ghost

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

This ghost can have different meanings, depending on many factors. It can either mean that the user has covered the camera and thus can’t be seen or he or she took or a Selfie Ghost.

Another possible meaning is that the user has probably discontinued using Snapchat and has deleted his or her account, thus making him or her unavailable for snapping. Many factors determine what the actual meaning of this ghost is. A good look at the context will reveal this Snapchat ghost meaning.

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  1. Snapchat Ghost Rock On

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

A first-time look at this ghost will give you a wrong impression. It will hit you as if giving the middle finger. However, a closer look will give you the real meaning of the ghost. It simply means “Rock on.” It is a way to encourage you to continue the snapping.

  1. White Ghost with tears

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

This is a “Laughing out loud” Snapchat Ghost. Although many users erroneously take this ghost to imply shedding tears of sadness, it rather means laughing out so much when expressing happiness. It is an indication that you are doing a good job at keeping your friend happy at the other end.

  1. Ghost with angry-looking face

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

This symbol is simply an expression of annoyance or anger. If you receive this ghost while snapping with someone, be careful how you go about it. You may pause the snapping for the moment or kindly discontinue it some other day. Obviously, you’ve got the other person on the edge, and this may be a signal to change your game as well.

  1. Shock Ghost

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

This means that the person in question is shocked at your action at the other end. If you get this ghost, you should reflect on your previous discussion, and you may have an idea of what triggered this reaction. It may also be someone’s reaction to you if you block him or her.

It may also be a reaction to your message. This is especially true if the person’s expectation is entirely different from the message you pass to the person. Whatever what the trigger is, you have succeeded in getting your friend shocked.

  1. Ghost IDK

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

The ghost is usually used when someone has no idea about what you ask him or her. It may also be a reaction to something the other person is completely aware of. The ghost sign simply means “I don’t know.”  On the other hand, it may be an expression of how the other person feels about his or her relationship with you. Either way, the context will give you an idea what the sign means. No matter what triggered the reaction, your friend obviously has no idea of what you are saying.

  1. Joyful Ghost

Snapchat Ghost Meaning

This is another ghost with a meaning that is also determined by the context of the snapping preceding this image. On the one hand, it can mean that the user wants to start a relationship with you. It can also mean that someone you have sent tons of snaps to appreciates the snaps and is happy to receive them from you. You have succeeded in putting a smile on someone’s face, and he or she simply can’t hide his or her feelings at that moment.

These are just an incomplete list of all the Snapchat ghost faces meanings. You can still stumble on some other faces that are not mentioned here. But, this is a list of the most commonly used Snapchat faces, and I strongly believe you will no longer feel confused whenever you come across these faces again.

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