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Can You Stream Netflix on Discord? {How-to}

Streaming Netflix can be one of the simplest and easiest options for a wide range of devices and platforms. Discord is not an excuse either. You should be able to easily stream your Netflix service on Discord with ease. Discord is a platform that can prove to be quite exciting when it comes to a perfect experience for the gaming enthusiasts out there. 

Contrary to the popular belief that Discord is a platform designed specifically for gamers, it can be a good option to go with even for streaming the popular streaming services. 

Can You Stream Netflix on Discord?

The answer is quite simple, and yes – you can simply connect with Netflix through Discord. You can watch Netflix with your friends and others while chatting with them. That can definitely be a great option to stay connected with friends and extended family during this pandemic time. 

You can easily enjoy a show, a concert, a movie, or any sort of content on Netflix and stream it on Discord. That can be a great option to enjoy the moments together. 

Here are the steps involved in how to stream Netflix on Discord: 

  1. Download your Discord app

The option to stream Netflix on Discord cannot be achieved on the Discord web portal. To be able to stream Netflix on Discord, you need to download the Discord app. You can get it from the official website of Discord

Once that is done, you can sign in to your Discord credentials if you have the account or create a new account if you do not have an account. 

  1. Address the blank screen issue

One of the issues that you may have to face with the Discord can be that it will come with a blank screen issue. When watching Netflix, you are likely to face the issue of a blank screen on Discord. Using the Netflix service as a server can make you get a blank screen. 

One of the likely reasons that you would come across when streaming Netflix on Discord can be that the hardware acceleration may be activated on your device. Disabling the hardware acceleration can be what would make it quite simple and easy to disable a blank screen. 

On Google Chrome, you can disable hardware acceleration by moving into Settings and opting for the option for Use Hardware Acceleration when available under the Advanced tab. 

  1. Set up Discord

After the hardware acceleration has been disabled, you can simply stream Netflix on Discord with ease. Here are the steps involved in how to stream Netflix on Discord:

  • Launch Netflix on your preferred browser. Then, stream a movie of your preference. 
  • Launch Discord on your device 
  • Go to the Settings option under Discord. You should find it near your user name. 
  • From the Settings pane,  go to Activity Status  under Activity Settings 

  • You would find the option for Game Activity and find the option for Settings option for the page. 

  • Choose the Add it option on your screen and add the option for Netflix. 
  • Once the streaming service has been added, you can click on the screen icon. 
  • Once the Screen share option appears, you can simply choose the browser that you want to add to Discord. 

How to Fix Audio Problems on Discord?

One of the most common issues that you may face with Discord streaming can be due to the sound and audio issues. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to check out the issues with what may be causing the errors in terms of Discord audio issues. 

There can be multiple reasons why you are not able to get proper audio. One of the major issues that you may face with Discord can be that it demands access to access to the device. The issues may also come up if you have outdated drivers, and that can make it quite a difficult task to play games or watch movies

How to Stream Netflix on Discord on Android?

Streaming Netflix on Discord through the Android device is not possible. However, you can make use of the service for making video and voice calls. 

You can simply create a private or public server on Discord and then invite your friends to join it. The private servers can be a great option for watching the content without any hassles. 

How to Stream Netflix on Discord on iPhone?

Discord does not allow any of the iPhone users to stream the screen share option for their gaming activities. However, you should be able to do it with your Windows or Mac computer. 

On your iPhone, you will be able to make video or voice calls. You will have access to a great degree of quality and sound performance. You would find great audio and video quality on almost all the networks. 

What are the likely problems you may face when streaming Netflix on Discord?

There are only a few minor problems that you are likely to face when streaming Netflix on Discord. Let us explore a few of the possible reasons here. 

  1. Streaming Netflix without audio

One of the major issues you are likely to face with streaming Netflix on Discord can be that it comes with a few issues with audio issues. The prime reasons that can cause the error is that Discord should have the administrative rights. You should ensure that your drivers are working properly and there are no audio issues whatsoever. 

There are times when the screen share functionality may not be stable or reliable. Therefore, you should also ensure that audio drivers are working as expected. 

  1. Blank screen when using Netflix on Discord

To resolve this issue, you may need to opt for the following tips:

  • On Discord, go to Settings and then to Voice and Video 
  • On Video Codec, disable the option for OpenH264 Video Codec
  • Under the Voice and Video tab, pick the option for Use our latest technology to capture your screen.

Yet another option that can be helpful in letting you get access to an easier and simpler option to resolve the blank screen issue in streaming Netflix on Discord can be to disable the hardware acceleration on your browser. The steps involved in how to fix blank screen when using Netflix on Discord can depend on your individual browsers. 


Is it unlawful to use Discord to watch Netflix?

There are no issues in streaming Netflix on Discord if you come to think of it from the technical point of view. However, it may be noticed that it may be illegal to stream such content. If you are streaming it between a small number of friends, it may not be a huge issue, and the legal complexities can be ignored. However, using it in a commercial manner may be against the law. 

Can you stream Discord on a smartphone?

No. You cannot use Netflix on Discord by streaming it on a smartphone. This is because the concept of screen share is restricted by the Digital Rights Management. 

Does Netflix have any restrictions on streaming your Netflix screen on Discord? 

Netflix does restrict the use of the screen share option on Discord. However, by making use of the trick above, you should be able to easily stream your Netflix content on Discord. 

Why Is My Screen Black When I Stream Netflix on Discord?

A blank screen may be something that you may find quite disturbing. Some of the options that you may need to focus on when addressing the black screen can be through the following steps:

  • Update your Discord app 
  • Turn off all the unnecessary programs while you are streaming 
  • Clear the cache folder on Discord 
  • Turn off the hardware acceleration on your device.

You may also find that the content on Netflix may be DRM protected. That would mean you would find the use of the screen share option not usable. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

Well, if you are looking for the best possible experience in terms of enjoying your content of Netflix on Discord, the tips and tutorials outlined above should ideally be one of the excellent options for practically a great option that you would find quite exciting. That should be one of the choicest options for enjoying a great degree of experience with a fun movie with your friends online. 

The screen share option available on Discord can definitely prove to be a tough choice. The only drawback that you are likely to come across when using the screen share option can be that you would not be able to move the tabs. Your live stream can display everything that you would do during your streaming. The tips above should be useful and practical to assist you in how to stream Netflix on Discord. 

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