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How To See Who Is Watching Your Twitch Stream?

How to see who is watching your twitch stream is a common question asked. To be answered in brief, well, you can view and monitor who is watching your Twitch stream by clicking the ‘Two-sticked’ icon on the upper right of the chat tab. This shows the people in your chat room. You can get basic details along with categories of these members like Admins, Officials, or Broadcasters. 

Twitch is one of those few streaming platforms where streamers like gamers and lifestyle casters build communities and share content with their streamable interests. Streamers are free to share their lifestyle on this platform. However, a lot of many times, streamers might question how to see who is watching your twitch stream? 

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Before you get to know the answer to this, you might even question- Can you see who is watching you on twitch? Yes, you can. You just need to understand how to access various features offered by Twitch. Therefore, in this article, I will tell you all about knowing how to see your viewers on Twitch Stream.  

How To See Who Is Watching Your Twitch Stream?

Twitch is a fun platform for all gamers and other creators who wish to build a community. However, if your question is about how effective your stream is, then you can follow these steps to know the number of viewers in your twitch stream:

Step 1: On the right corner, find your Profile icon and tap on it.

Step 2: You will see a menu appearing. Find and click on ‘Creator Dashboard.’

Step 3: Now click on “Stream Manager” from the list that appears on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Now, in the ”My Chat” section, click on the three dots to open the list. Now click on “Users in Chat.”

Step 5: In a new screen, you will now be able to see your current broadcasters, Moderators, and users in different lists one after another. 

And there you go! This is how to see who is watching your twitch. 

How To See Who Is Watching Another Streamer On Twitch?

After knowing how to see who is watching your twitch stream, it’s time to know if you can see another streamer’s videos. If you did not know that you can see other streamers on Twitch, this is how you can watch other streamers’ viewers:

Step 1: Visit the channel of the streamer whose viewer list you want to access

Step 2: Now, tap on the stream chat. On the top of the chat, click on “Users in Chat.”

Step 3: You will see a list of viewers viewing the stream. This list includes broadcasts, moderators, and users. 

Channel Analytics Tool For Viewer Count

To get a better and detailed idea of who is watching your twitch, Twitch offers the streamers a tool for analyzing the channel. This tool provides comprehensive metrics for better interpretation of the viewers. The metrics give the overall viewer count along with certain other details like spending hours and much more. 

Here are some data are shown by the tool:

  • Average Viewers – These are the people who have watched the whole video. 
  • Live View – This number represents the total number of people present during the steaming duration. 
  • New Followers –This number represents the cumulative of new viewers that viewed your content.
  • Max Followers- Gives out the highest number of viewers for your game stream.
  • Unique Viewers- This gives the number of viewers who viewed the streaming via their system. 
  • Minutes Watched – This gives out the actual time the viewers have spent watching the broadcast/stream live. This is similar to the total watch hours on YouTube.
  • Average Chat Messages – As the name suggests, this depicts the total number of messages you received in the entire stream duration.

Related Concepts to Twitch Stream

Twitch has various concepts which often bewilder a new user; therefore, here are a few concepts that might confuse you, but knowing these and about these might be imperative if you want to build a strong community on Twitch –

Viewers Count:

The viewer’s count is the collection of all the viewers that are viewing your stream on Twitch. This collection includes all the users, including registered, unregistered, organic and non-organic, and all others. Thus this number is not always stationary, and this fluctuates every second as some viewers add and leave the stream every moment. 

How to see the Viewers count?

The viewer’s list is displayed in the form of a Red color icon below the Video player on Twitch. The streamer can access the list at any time to see the interaction level of the stream.

Thus, if you ask: Can you see who is watching your twitch?, the Viewers count always ensures the numerical figures. 

Viewers list

Viewers list shows all the people who are connected to your chat. This list shows only the registered users, even if they are offline for the time being. Thus, this list shows all the registered visitors that have visited your channel. 

How to access the Viewers list?

You can access the viewer’s list by following the steps below:

  1. Find the settings button at the bottom of the page and press on it
  2. Find the Viewers list and click on it to access your list.

Live Chat

Live chat is the medium in which the streamer can interact with his viewers and fans. The fans can also interact with each other through this chat. For all this to happen, the streamer needs to create a live chat room. If the streamer doesn’t want messages to be read by the chat room members, Twitch provides a solution for this too. These are Private Communication methods.

  •  Private Communications Methods

The streamer can communicate privately in two ways. Firstly, they can privately message the particular viewer with the message to be conveyed. Second, Twitch offers an option called “Whisper.” When the streamer Whispers, a pop-up message appears in the chat. However, the message cannot be viewed by everyone.  As a streamer, you will have all the powers over the chat room you create; apart from the above private powers, you can also hide, delete or even restrict certain viewers in the chat room from interacting. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to see who is watching your twitch stream, it is time for some frequently asked questions in this context.

What is a twitch stream?

Twitch is one of those few streaming platforms where the streamers like gamers and lifestyle casters build communities and share content with their streamable interests. Unlike other streaming platforms like Facebook, Twitch also has paid subscription options. Paid options avoid ads and provide robust features like storage, social, and many more. 

Can you watch your own stream?

To watch your own streams, you need to enable the past broadcasts to be stored initially. This way, you can see your past streams. You can do this by clicking on settings> Channels and Videos>Store Past Broadcasts. This way, you will be enabled to store your broadcast. 

Does watching your own stream count you as a viewer? 

In Twitch, Everyone who views the stream is counted as a viewer. No matter if the viewer is the streamer themselves, this view is counted by Twitch. 

Can twitch streamers see who is watching if you don’t have an account?

Twitch streamers can view the number of people viewing via the viewers count. However, they don’t have any chance to check the details of the people. Thus they can take you into their count; however, they would never know who you are until you are registered to twitch. 

Thus, you need to register on Twitch if you want the streamer to know about you while watching.


  • Twitch was geared to be the streaming platform for gamers in 2011. By 2020, it will have almost 3.8 million unique broadcasters. 
  • Twitch offers a split-screen facility. You can see what you stream on one of the screens. This way, you can ensure you stream the right way you want.
  • Do you know that twitch and Facebook are the leading streaming platforms that offer the viewers list? However, the list provided by Facebook has certain limitations. It shows only the friends who are watching your stream. However, there can be many others who would be watching your stream.

Bottom Line

By now, you would know How to see who is watching your Twitch Stream? Twitch offers solutions for every query. The streamer should be aware of these to access. The unique point that makes Twitch stand out is that it shows every viewer, including the unregistered ones, unlike Facebook. Standing to be the best game streaming platform, twitch serves users with both paid and unpaid services. No matter what plan the user subscribes to, every viewer is shown to the streamer, including their details and profiles, which can be a broadcaster, user, or moderators. 

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