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How to Improve Sound Quality on Laptop Windows 10?

Streaming services are what have been ruling the roost these days. However, perfect media consumption can not be effective unless you have access to a truly wonderful experience in terms of Audio performance. What if your Windows 10 sound is not as per the expectations? You need not worry if that is one of the issues you have been facing. There are a few options that can prove out to be handy enough. 

How to Improve the sound quality on Laptop Windows 10?

Windows 10 provides you access to several options for improved audio performance. Of course, there are multiple hardware and software additions, but how about checking out the built-in options that Windows 10 offers you?

Yes, Windows 10 offers you multiple options to enhance the audio experience. Most of these tricks are unheard of because of the lack of exposure. However, do note that the functionality may or may not work with every one of your PCs and laptops. Whether these tricks and methods work would largely be dependent upon the PC hardware and media settings. 

Improve the System Audio

Windows 10 makes it rather easy to apply enhancements to the system audio. In fact, it offers you access to host sound enhancement options which are overlooked most of the times. 

One of the settings that should help you get the best performance would be Loudness Equalisation. If you enable the setting, you can experience sound enhancement to up to 150 percent. The exact value addition you can achieve would be dependent on your hardware configurations. Even then, you can be assured of an improvement if you turn on the settings. 

How to activate it? Well, follow the steps here below: 

  • Right-click on the sound or volume icon on the taskbar. Click on Open Sound Settings option. You can also reach here by launching your Windows Settings and reach up to Sound settings through the System group.
  • Under Related Settings on the right side, locate and click on the Sound Control Panel.

  • Double click on Speakers under the Playback tab. 
  • This brings up the Speaker Properties. 
  • Under the Enhancements tab, you should find the option for Loudness Equalisation

Check the option, and you should find an improvement in the performance. The feature may or may not be available on the outdated drivers or the integrated audio drivers. 

You would ideally find a few other options as well here. They can be quite helpful in your query on how to improve sound quality on laptop Windows 10. 

Bass Boost – Well, that should be quite self-explanatory. This setting should be helpful in improving the bass performance. The setting will assist you in increasing the low frequencies. You can even fine-tune the experience through the settings for this particular option

Virtual Surround – If you have stereo headsets or speakers, it would be an ideal option to enable. Windows 10 will mimic the surround sound experience through this setting. The setting will be an exciting option if you are a gamer. 

Room Correction – This option will need a little technical knowledge. The option would be useful in letting you test a speaker and make your device pick it. 

Enable Dolby ATMOS for Headphones

This can be yet another good option if you are worried about how to improve sound quality on laptop Windows 10. The functionality is made available on the Windows 10 device through the Creators Update. 

The feature does not need you to have any hardware for the purpose. It works with the digital signal processor and provides you access to an improved audio enhancement. 

If you want to enable this feature, you need to go to Sound Settings. Right-click on the volume icon on the taskbar and choose the option for Spatial Sound.

You can even enable the setting through the Windows Settings and accessing the Sound settings as in the above method. 

The option for Spatial Sound can be accessed as explained in the screenshot here below:

You can even opt for DTS :X feature as ell from the Spatial Sound option. Do note that both of them are paid features. If you are using it for the first time, you will be taken to the Microsoft Store to activate a free trial or purchase a plan. 

Change the Equaliser Settings

Still looking at how to improve sound quality on laptop Windows 10? In fact, music is, to a greater extent, a relative experience. There is nothing like absolutely perfect music quality. It should all be about the preferences you may have. 

While some of us may love a higher bass, a few others do not like it so loud. That is where tinkering with the equalisers would ideally come quite handy enough. Changing a few equaliser settings can be quite an easier and simple option to improve the performance levels. 

Just like other operating systems, the Windows 10 operating system comes with its own native sound equaliser. You can make the necessary changes to the equaliser settings and arrive at the right balance you would find effective for your personal preferences. 

The equaliser on Windows 10 may be a little basic in nature, but still, you would find that it can be helpful in improving the performance. Once again, the configuration may or may not be available on your device depending upon the driver configuration and integrated sound cards on your device. 

You should find the Equaliser option under the Enhancements tab as in the previous examples. Uncheck the Equaliser option and chose the right profile you would want to enable on your device. 

Update the Sound Card Drivers

Yet another good option that can be helpful in answering the query on how to improve sound quality on laptop Windows 10 would be to update your sound card drivers. You can either do it through the Device Manager on your device or download the new driver directly from the manufacturer’s website. 

Ideally speaking, renowned manufacturers keep the users updated about the availability of new drivers. Check the manual for your sound card and check if there are any driver updates are available for your device. 

The Passing Remarks

That was complete information on how to improve sound quality on laptop Windows 10. We have made an attempt at understanding and tweaking the sound settings to the best possible extent. We assume the tips and tricks featured here should ideally be helpful enough in achieving the best possible audio experience, whether you are a gamer or a music lover.

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