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Why is My Android Phone Downloading Apps by Itself?

If you own an Android phone and have come across a situation where you found that the phone has begun installing a few apps all by itself. Maybe you are wondering – why is my android phone downloading apps by itself? But you are not alone. There are several people out there who have been going through this issue. But what causes the issue? Why is the phone installing the apps all by itself? 

Why is My Android Phone Downloading Apps by Itself?

Trying to find answers the question, “why is my Android phone downloading apps by itself?There can be several reasons for the issue. One of the major reasons can be you have installed some wrong app, or should we say a rogue app? 

If you are fond of the apps and have installed several apps whether you need or do not need them. Installing multiple free apps without checking the authenticity of the apps can be a clear invitation to danger. Yet another reason that may have caused this behaviour is you may have applied cracks to some paid apps and games so as to access them for free. 

Applying cracks can be a clear invitation to the rogue apps or hacks onto your Android device. 

How Do Those Hacks Work?

Android app developers depend upon Admob for monetising their apps. It can so happen that an app you have downloaded recently has too many ad codes. Such an app can take advantage of your Android ecosystem.

What we mean by that is the application makes use of the push notifications to send frequent pop-ups, and can even install apps on its own. There are a few mischievous apps that can put the push notifications to a negative use, and they may take control of your device. Once they do that, floodgates will open to your Android device, and a number of useless apps will begin installing on your device on its own. 

How to Stop Apps from Downloading on Their Own?

Well, have plenty of apps on your phone, and can’t see who downloaded them? Looking for the answers to the questions like why is my Android phone downloading apps by itself, the tips here should ideally help you achieve the best results. 

Turn off the Android Push Notifications

Android push notifications are practically useful but come with a threat. They can be controlled and effectively handled by the trojans and other harmful components. Turning these push notifications off can be useful in many ways. 

The apps or trojans cannot be uninstalled through the usual method. It is because they work as active service.

You can disable the Android Push Notifications following the steps here below: 

  • Go to Settings -> Apps/ Application Manager
  • Locate the app named com.android.push.alarm
  • Tap on Force Stop
  • Next, tap on Disable. 

Once the app is disabled, it will not be accessible by any trojan or rogue app. 

Use a Trojan Killer App

Trojan Killers can be an excellent option to take care of the trojans and address the question of why is my android phone downloading apps by itself. Stubborn Trojan Killer, for instance, is such an excellent option. 

The app is completely free and capably addresses the issues related to the Trojans. 

Remove the Unwanted apps

Most of the apps you have installed may not necessarily be useful for you. Some of the spam and adware applications can control thee app installations on your device and thus can affect your system severely. 

If you are sure which applications are creating the issues, you can consider uninstalling the app. You can disable the automatic app updates and uninstall every app that you are that you have not installed. You can even remove the apps that you do not need any longer. 

Log out of your Google Account and Log in back after changing the password

Still wondering why is my Android phone downloading apps by itself? One of the culprits can be your Google account itself. A compromised Google account can cause severe issues. Setting it right can be one of the best options. 

Here is how you would be able to achieve the task:

  • Sign out of your Google account on your Android device 
  • Make sure you sign out of the account from all your devices
  • Change your password. Ensure that you choose a password stronger enough. Easier and simple passwords tend to be easy for compromise attempts. 

Sign in to all your devices with the new password. If the issue is related to your Google account, you should find it being resolved easily. 

Restrict background Usage

Restricting background usage can be one of the easier and simpler option to address your concern if you want to know why is my android phone downloading apps by itself. Of course, it can restrict a few of your genuine apps, but it can help you restrict the background apps until you uninstall them. 

If you restrict the background data usage for all your apps, the rogue apps will not be able to have access to any of the background tasks. You can follow the steps here below:

  • Launch Settings and then tap on Data Usage
  • Choose the apps one by one. 
  • Turn on the option Restrict app background data on all of them. 

You can keep the background access on for the apps that you rely upon. 

Install a Capable Security App

Install a quality security app on your Android device. Enabling the firewall service is one of the best options you can try out. Of course, make sure you are careful enough when installing a security and firewall app and choose a really genuine security tool on your phone. 

The security apps can help you take care of the spam and help protect your device against the bloatware or adware. Make sure you choose an app that has a high-end functionality with respect to taking care of your trojan attacks. 

Before We Conclude …

Well, that was all we have with respect to how to take care of a situation where your Android is installing its apps on its own. Frustrated with the unwanted apps on your phone and wondering “why is my android phone downloading apps by itself”? The tips above should ideally be helpful for you in more ways than one. 

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