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10 Best Apps That Take Pictures of Intruders

Is There an App That Takes a Picture When Someone Tries to Unlock Your iPhone?

Many of my friends ask the same question that is there an app that takes a picture when someone tries to unlock your iPhone?, and I am happy to say that yes, there is many such apps, and here are they:

  1. ICaughtU Pro
  2. Big Brother Camera
  3. NotMyPhone
  4. iGotYa
  5. Hidden Anti-theft

These are the apps that take a picture when the wrong password is entered on iOS trying to unlock it. So, next time, if someone asks you how to tell if someone tried to unlock your iPhone, then let them know that these apps would help.

Your phone is one of your personal gadgets. It’s exclusively yours. No one has any right to use it without your permission. And I doubt it if you’ll ever permit anyone to access private information stored on your phone. That’s why you’d have all sorts of security features installed.

Nevertheless, you need to go a step further. You need to know if anyone has attempted to unlock or successfully unlocked your phone while you were away. What if your device is lost and you need to track it? You certainly need apps that take pictures of anyone unauthorized who tries to access your phone – an intruder.

Whether your phone is an Android or an iOS, find below a list of apps with extra-ordinary features that can enhance the privacy of your smartphones and tablets.

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5 iOS Apps That Snap Intruders

  1. ICaughtU Pro

This is one of the best security-based apps that help you detect it immediately your phone is being used by an intruder. Yes, ICaughtU Pro won’t prevent your iOS phone from being used behind you, if stolen or snatched. But it’s an app that takes picture when the phone is unlocked.

Since the intruder doesn’t know your password, he or she is bound to enter a wrong password one or two times. As soon as that is done, the already running tweak engages the front camera of your iOS phone and takes a few pictures of the user. This picture is then sent to your email address. The app will even send an SMS to the number already registered in it.

  1. Big Brother Camera

The Big Brother Camera has been around for some time and is still in vogue. This app is a kind of security iOS app that transforms your phone into a virtual spy cam when it’s fully functional. The front camera is activated when a user takes a number of actions without entering the right code.

For instance, an attempt to open or close an app without your consent in form of your password will start up the camera. The iPhone app takes picture of intruder quietly. And depending on your setting, the picture is either saved in your phone or sent as an email or another message to another device.

  1. NotMyPhone

This iPhone app takes picture of intruder. The NotMyPhone is another great combination of theft prevention and recovery mechanism in case of theft. The app functions mainly like motion sensors but it does a lot more. Using the iPhone’s gyroscope, it’ll detect any suspicious operation on the phone. It thereafter triggers the flashes from the screen and camera. This also triggers an alarm.

Once this app that takes picture of person trying to unlock your phone is installed on your iPhone, it can generate an email and send the picture of the intruder or thief into your inbox. In case of theft, you at least, have some more information for the security agents.

  1. iGotYa

iGotYa is a phone lock app that takes pictures of anyone trying to unlock your phone either successfully or unsuccessfully. This means even if you as the owner of the device forgot your password or pattern and entered the wrong one; it will see you as an intruder. It’ll take your pictures unless there are other features like face or voice recognition.

Apart from that, this iPhone app takes picture of intruder and will send this picture together with the location to you as an email message. It doesn’t end there; it’ll also block access to all your data thereby protecting your privacy. An interesting feature of this app is that it prevents the intruder from switching off your device to escape any form of tracking.

  1. Hidden Anti-theft

This is an excellent iPhone app that takes pictures intruder. So you don’t have to worry if you have to step out of the office to the restroom or worry about kids and partners accessing any vital information that they shouldn’t see on your phone. Also because it’s an app that takes a picture when password is incorrect, you’ll always know anyone who attempts to use your phone behind you.

Your chances of getting your phone back if it’s missing or stolen are high as the app uses Wi-Fi and GPS to locate your data. It’s a security device because it triggers an alarm and sends a message when an intruder is using it. This will lure the intruder to look at the phone in an attempt to dismiss the alarm or view the message. Immediately the person touches any button, multiple pictures are automatically taken and sent to your account.

5 Android Apps That Snap Intruders

  1. Third Eye

Living up to its name, it enables you to know who actually used your phone while you were away with your two natural eyes. It’s a simple app without a lot of complicated features. Yet, it serves good useful purposes. Though is another app that takes a picture when password is incorrect, it doesn’t send the information anywhere.

Third Eye

It detects a wrong PIN, password, or pattern and acts. It’s just an app that takes picture of person trying to unlock your phone after a specified number of wrong attempts. It simply stores the photo locally rather than sending it anywhere.

  1. Hidden Eye

The Hidden Eye is more than just a phone lock app that takes pictures of an intruder. It shows you a series of time on which stamped photos of the intruders were taken.

The functions are essentially the same with those of others; it snaps pictures when wrong passwords are entered.

  1. Intruder Selfie

This app also takes pictures whenever the phone is unlocked. That means, whether or not an intruder successfully gains the access to your phone, he’s actually taken his selfie.

As soon as he begins to enter an incorrect password, the app begins to take photos and save it with the actual time and date of the action.

  1. Intruder Photo Log

The Intruder Photo Log is an app that gives you a nap at noon time with your two eyes closed as it gives you the assurance that your device is secure. Since it’s another app that takes picture when phone is unlocked, it shows you the log of those who unlocked your phone without your permission.

Besides being able to see those who peered into your device, you’ll also know precisely how much time they spent using it. You could also detect the wrong password used.

  1. CM Locker

You’ll love this innovative phone lock app that takes pictures from the stable of Cheetah Mobile as it doesn’t just snap the shots of intruders. It also saves pictures of all those who attempted to gain access with wrong passwords.

Beyond that, if you link this phone lock app that takes pictures to your Facebook account, you’ll be able to remotely locate and lock your device.

As you have seen above, the ever-increasing technological advancing compels phone users to keep exploring other ways to secure their phone. These are awesome security apps that take pictures when wrong password is entered. 

Which of the above is your preferred app to take pictures of intruders?

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