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7+ Best Scary VR (Virtual Reality) Games for iPhone & Android

Gone are the days that we played those rollercoaster games on our boards or the similar other indoor games. Also, gone are those days when we played games like Slither.io or even those RPG Pokemon Games. It is now time for a few great looking horror games in the VR genre. If you are looking for the 360-degree horror experience with your games, the list we present here should meet most of your requirements. We will check out a few great games for both Android and iOS.

Best Scary VR Games for Android

We will start with the best horror VR games for Android. Google Play Store hosts plenty of games that make it an excellent option to enjoy your VR experience. Of course, the VR experience will be something more exciting on a specialized device like VR headsets, but the games we discuss here should be playable on a normal cardboard or similar devices as well.

best scary vr games

Silent Home – Best Horror VR Game for Android

Silent Home is a game that under one of the most popular genres of the Scary VR games – the Haunted House. You are inside an abandoned house. No one is aware of what is inside. You are warned by everyone, but are adamant with the decision and want to explore the haunted house.

The game with first person perspective, you are expected to search inside an abandoned old house for valuables, but there is a horror that awaits you. The game is filled with a horrifying experience and fearful atmosphere.

If you are looking for those jump scare moments, the game has plenty of them packed at the right intervals – just when you least expect them. Of course, the game has a few glitches here and there, but you would definitely love the experience.

Goosebumps Nights of Scare – Best Scary VR Game

The Goosebumps Nights of Scare is a game based on the Goosebumps characters. In fact, the game brings the best selling horror characters to life. You can come face to face with the ghosts and monsters you have always loved – but this time you are one of them who will become the target.

You are pitted against the most terrifying monsters and ghosts who are one of the most feared ones. Play the game of survival in a sort of hide and seek adventure. The characters like Werewolves, gnomes, and the creepy Slappy follow you everywhere you go and find you if you are not able to trick them.

You need to solve puzzles to keep ahead in the game so that you can overpower them. The game is compatible with Google Cardboard. If you are a fan of the Goosebumps series, you will indeed love the game and get scared to glory!

Sinister Edge

Sinister Edge is perhaps one of those few  VR horror games that have won several awards. This is definitely one of the best scray VR games on Android. Endowed with Google Play Editors Choice award in 2017, and one of the best options if you love the games that take to the edge. It is full of horror, despair, and eeriness.

Exciting 3D graphics are designed to blow your mind. The game comes with challenging puzzles and a thrilling horror combined into one. The game also supports an external controller if you are looking for one. Coupled with the heart stopping adventure and complex mechanics, this is just what you have been looking for.

The game has been specifically designed for VR platforms like Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR, Auvisio, Archos VR, Dive VR, FreeFly VR, Homido VR, Fibrum, HTC Vive. However, you should even be able to play them without those devices. You will indeed love everything that the game has to offer – music, graphics, scary mood and everything in between.

Sisters – Best Scary VR Game for Android

Sisters is a game that takes from the past ones where the sinister doll does a few creepy things. The game is rather brief but offers a creepy experience ever. There are several jumpscare moments with a finer attention to everything in complete detail.

Using VR headsets will provide you with an enhanced experience. The story is all about twin sisters, and you need to find what happened to them. The only way you can lurk into the past is to enter the creepy old house. And that is exactly where all the horror breaks loose. The house has someone or something who doesn’t like you entering it.

The 360 degree environment in the game comes with spooky experience. Make sure you are sitting on the couch while playing the game. The game can be all the more interesting if you play it with VR headsets offering directional audio.

Best Scary VR Games for iPhone

Having gone through that list of the best and scariest VR games for Android, we will now move to the iOS platform. Let us now explore the scary VR games available on your iPhone.

VR Haunted House 3D – Best Scary VR Game for iPhone

VR haunted House is one of the best VR horror games on Android that can take the breath off from even a die-hard horror gamer. The ambiance of the game is so dark and messy that you would be scared to death.

Gamers and experts believe it to be a game that stands between zombie shooters and a haunted house game. The stereoscopic 3D performance makes it an exceptional choice for the sheer degree of performance that it offers you. And yes, the non-directional sound will help create an exceptional fear psychosis. You will come across roaring zombies quite frequently.

The animation and ambiance of the game are quite astounding. 3D lighting gives you a realistic experience.


11:57 is perhaps the first of its kind horror game that spells doom with the 360 degree nightmarish experience. You will, in fact, be the main character of the game. Instead of watching the game unfold in front of you, you will find that entire action revolves around you.

Rather being a game, it may be considered to be a short movie. If you have watched those horror theme parks, you will find the game ambiance somewhat equivalent to it. You are transported to a scary location where you are alone with the big bloody world of sinister characters around you.

There isn’t any sort of music; all you hear is someone stepping in or the sound of a door opening. You are so scared that you are sure of something coming up from somewhere all of a sudden. The movie or the game is capable enough t make your legs shake and palm sweat – so says one of the reviewers.

Insidious VR

Insidious VR is an intense game for those who love scary VR games and movies. One of the most creepy games you can ever enjoy on your iPhone or other iOS devices. If you have already watched the movie, get ready to experience all that creepiness in full 3D.

You will find the 3D experience completely scary. Of the experience is shorter, but definitely the scariest one you can ever think of. The final moments of the game tend to be highly scary and perhaps not meant for those with a faint heart.

The execution of the characters, plot and the overall experience is indeed is well done. While the movie was the scariest ever for most of us, the VR game based on the movie takes it well ahead. The graphics have been done so realistic that you will come to believe that what you se before you is entirely realistic.

Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR is a game set in the apocalyptic era. The world has become full of the blood thirsty zombies, and they are all after you. You need to choose your weapons and take on the zombies and save the world from the apocalypse.

Zombie Shooter is all about how to attack the zombies and win your duels against them. Should we share a trick? Well, you need to attack them on their face. Your success rate depends upon the skills you learn in attacking and eliminating the zombies in the right way.

Remember, unlike other games where you use the auto shooting modes, this is all about getting it done on your own. You need to be on your feet to eliminate the zombies by fighting them in reality. That would make the game more scary and exciting.

The VR Headsets – How to Buy Them?

If you enjoy the scary games on VR, you will need to have the VR headsets for the best experience. So, we thought we would guide you a bit on how to choose a VR headset – a sort of VR headset Buying guide, eh?


Which platform are you buying the headset for? Are you going to use them on the PC or some other specific platforms? Your choice of VR headset should be dependent upon the platform that you are interested in. There are different headsets for use on PC, Gaming Console or a mobile phone. Make your choice based on the right platform.

Extra Accessories

Will you need any extra accessories for your requirements? Extra controllers are one of the options you may need to give a thought to. If you are buying a PlayStation VR, you may not need the move controllers. Of course, they can offer added assistance if opted for. Take a call on the right kind of accessories.


Are you a hardcore gamer or are into VR gaming just casually? That should be one of the factors that would contribute to your buying decision. Some of you may be looking to watch movies, while a few others are interested in serious gaming. The type of headset you buy will be dependent upon the exact purpose you want to buy the headset for.


Of course, everything comes with a cost associated with it. What is your budget? This will again be dependent upon your needs. If you are not using most of the features, you would not want to buy the expensive options just because it has plenty of features. Choose wisely and go for one that exactly meets your needs.

A Few Good VR headsets you can try out

Sometimes back, we had posted a list of 10 VR headset which you might like to check out. If not, having gone through how to buy a VR headset, here are a couple of suggestions, you can check out.

Zebronics ZEB-VR Virtual Reality Headset

Zebronics ZEB-VR Virtual Reality Headset is available just under Rs. 1500 and should ideally meet almost all your needs of VR gaming. The motion sensing game experience offered by the headset makes it a formidable choice.

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A few features offered by the headset are:

  • It comes with an adjustable focal length and iris distance mechanism.
  • The headset is compatible with Google Cardboard.
  • The extra soft contact provides you the ability to play for hours together
  • The best option to work with mobile phones.

Google Daydream View VR Headset With Controller

The Google Daydream View VR Headset With Controller is a simple and advanced option for the best VR headsets you can check out if you are looking for an immersive experience. The removable face pad is one of the huge advantages you stand to gain with the headset.

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A few salient features available on the platform include:

  • It offers you a battery backup of up to 12 hours
  • The light weight construction makes it quite comfortable to handle
  • The headset is compatible with most of the smartphone brands and devices.
  • It comes with an interlocking mechanism to prevent injury.

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Scary VR Games

VR or Virtual reality is one of the exciting advancements in the realm of technology. There are games specifically designed for specific platforms. One of the best genres among the VR games is the scary games, and we assume we have listed the best scary VR games for the most widely used platforms of Android and iOS.

Have you played any of the games we have outlined in this compilation? If you have, do share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with us. You may also share any specific mentions of the best scary VR games you consider worthy of being in this list.

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