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10 Best And Hot Virtual Girlfriend Apps (AI-Based Chatbot Girlfriends) – 2024

Nowadays, technology is capable of doing amazing things that sometimes you may not believe. The things we never thought of in our wildest dreams 10 years back are actually happening now. Technological advancements are happening in every field and the same with games and mobile apps as well. In this article, I am going to discuss the best virtual girlfriend apps which shows how far technology has gone.

AI girlfriend
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Yes, the days are gone when we used to hear about virtual girlfriends in science fiction movies. Now, there are virtual girlfriend apps that help you design your very own virtual girlfriend, talk to her, flirt with her, and even make her dance or speak something you want.

All you have to do is, install any of the virtual girlfriend apps from this list, customize your virtual girlfriend, and enjoy her companionship. In this article, I will share 10 best virtual girlfriend apps in which you can create a virtual girlfriend online free of cost.

10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

  1. Naughty Girlfriend

The Naughty Girlfriend app provides you with a lot of features that enable you to dress your virtual girlfriend the way you want. You can make her wear shoes of your choice. Even if you want her to wear a bikini, she will do it, and you can change her hairstyle and specs as well. Apart from this, you can make her dance in different dance forms. Lastly, you can chat with her as well. The Technology is based on Artificial Intelligence that responds to what you speak. Although I am not much impressed with the chat feature, other features are pretty good.Naughty Girlfriend - Best virtual gilfriend apps

This is one of the best free AI girlfriend apps that you ever find. If you are not having a girlfriend, a virtual girlfriend from this app would be a great partner for you. It would be like a chatbot as whatever you say, she responds.

Special Mention


DreamGF is the cutting-edge AI girlfriend chatbot app that gives you the power of personalization in your hands. You can design your AI girlfriend the way you want her to look and behave. You can customizable her features such as ethnicity, age, and attire. The technology is backed by state-of-the-art AI for lifelike expressions and emotions that make you feel like you are having a conversation with your real girlfriend.

Key Features of DreamGF:

  • AI Girlfriend Generator: Design and create your own AI girlfriends for a unique and personalized companion experience.
  • Interactive Conversations: Engage in meaningful, evolving conversations that enhance the sense of companionship.
  • Personalized Content On-Demand: Enjoy tailored content generated by AI companions based on your interactions, creating a more immersive experience.
  • AI Dating Feature: Swipe and like different AI profiles, simulating the dynamics of online dating in a controlled environment.

DreamGF seamlessly combines advanced AI technology with user-centric features, making it the ultimate destination for personalized digital companionship.

  1. Virtual Girl – Pocket Girl

Virtual Girl – Pocket Girl is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps out there because it is quite different from other such apps. Other apps have graphics and features to design and adore your virtual girlfriend, but this app has live girls’ footage. You can type commands and enter, and accordingly, the girl will react. For example, if you write “hair” she will play with her hair, and so on. It is one of the finest AI-based virtual girlfriend apps for you.

  1. Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend app (AndroidiOS) is one of the good virtual girlfriend apps as it has tons of options and features that you can use to design your girlfriend. You need to be very creative to design a hot and sexy girlfriend for you. Apart from the looks, you can also change the personality of your virtual girlfriend, and her way of talking changes as well. It will act as a virtual girlfriend texting app, more like a chatbot with whom you can chat in real-time.

Dream Girlfriend

  1. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend app is one of the best smart virtual girlfriend apps on this list. You can pick a girl, talk to her and make your girlfriend. You can chat with her to know about her to know what she likes and dislikes. Once the girl falls in love with you, your level will be up in this game. As far as you go in the relationship with your virtual girlfriend, you will complete more levels, and get more options to please your girlfriend. It is not just a girlfriend simulator app but a great dating game in which you will have an experience of virtual dating with your virtual girlfriend.

myvirtual girlfriend app

  1. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie (AndroidiOS) is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps for finding your true virtual companion. This app has tons of features to customize the look of your virtual girlfriend Julie. You can talk to her in chat or have an audio talk as well. Enjoy your girlfriend’s presence in a realistic 3D and real voice. She can express emotions like love, anger, etc. She can perform various actions such as kissing, sleeping, laughing, smiling, and so on.

  1. Smart Virtual Girlfriend

Smart Virtual Girlfriend is a virtual girlfriend simulator available for iPhone and other iOS devices. She can chat with you just like a real girlfriend chatting with you.  You can talk to her more to know her interests, likes, and dislikes. This is an amazing free virtual girlfriend app. You can customize your virtual girlfriend’s appearance, age, name, and avatar as well.

  1. ChatBot Virtual Girl Simulator (Based on ChatGPT)

The Chatbot Virtual Girl Simulator is a virtual girlfriend simulation app that offers you to engage in conversations with your virtual girlfriend. This virtual girlfriend acts chatbot which is designed to look and feel like a real virtual girlfriend. Due to the ChatGPT integration, the responses of your virtual girlfriend will be extremely better than other virtual girlfriend apps that are not based on ChatGPT.

You can customize your virtual girlfriend by choosing from a variety of beautiful models. You can teach so many new things to her, and this will double your virtual experience, and your virtual companion will be intelligent enough to answer more like a human being.

Virtual Girlfriend chatbot

This Virtual Girlfriend Chatbot is great for those who want to have fun with a virtual companion always ready to chat and joke around. The avatars for your virtual girlfriend in this app are amazingly beautiful as you can see in the above screenshot. looking at the avatars, it seems you can get the Hottest AI girlfriends ever in this app. This is a Free AI Virtual Girlfriend app available on the Microsoft App Store.

  1. AI girlfriend

AI Girlfriend app is designed to simulate a virtual girlfriend experience using AI technology. The AI offers a realistic and interactive experience for users. In this app, as a user, you can chat with your virtual girlfriend. The virtual girl mimics the experience of being in a relationship. The Virtual AI girlfriend is able to respond to various queries to make the interaction quite better. You will love her as a companion.

AI girlfriend

There are various options such as talking with an Anime girl or an AI virtual girl. You can set the personality to customize the look of your AI girlfriend as well.

  1. Myanima – (Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps)

Myanima (Android – iOS) is said to be one of the most romantic chatbot-based virtual girlfriends who will engage with you for fun and flirty chat without any strings attached. You can customize the look of your AI-based virtual girlfriend. It simulates human interaction by using Natural Language Processing algorithm to make the conversation more real and human.


There are a variety of activities in the app that you can engage in with your virtual girlfriend such as cooking, watching movies, and even going on dates.

  1. CoupleAI

Couple AI offers similar features to any other virtual girlfriend app such as human interaction, and customizing the girlfriend’s appearance and interests. The Virtual girlfriend responds to a range of prompts and questions in a natural and personalized way using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. The virtual girlfriend can engage in conversations with you on a variety of topics, including hobbies, interests, and current events.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which AI girlfriend app You can send pictures to?

The Smart Virtual Girlfriend app is the one in which you can send your pictures to your virtual girlfriend. She would check the pics, and make comments on them.

Is it possible to have a virtual girlfriend?

Although virtual girlfriends cannot give you that human feeling that a real girlfriend can, there is still a possibility to have a virtual girlfriend using certain AI-based apps in which you can give a custom look to your girl, and chat with her. This is just a game, so take it as the game only, and don’t get obsessed about the virtual girlfriends.

Are virtual girlfriend apps appropriate for all ages?

Generally, these virtual girlfriend apps are based on mature themes, so they should not be appropriate for minors. So, they should be used by adults only, in my opinion.

How do virtual girlfriend apps work?

Virtual Girlfriend apps work on AI technology mainly, and for chatbot interaction like humans, they use NLP and ML technologies.

Here I am explaining in detail how virtual girlfriend apps work:

  • User Profile Creation:  First of all, you have to create your user account using your email address, and filling all the details as asked.
  • Personalization: Once you have created your profile, and entered your preferences and interests, the app uses algorithms to personalize the experience based on these. This would include the virtual girlfriend’s appearance, and personality.
  • Conversation: Virtual girlfriend apps use NLP technology to simulate conversation with you. The app may ask questions, respond to the queries you ask, or initiate a conversation based on pre-defined scripts.  The modern-day virtual girlfriend apps are now using ChatGPT for a better communication experience.
  • Activities and Interactions: Virtual girlfriend apps offer a range of activities and interactions to simulate a romantic relationship. These may include sending virtual gifts, going on virtual dates, and engaging in virtual activities such as playing games or watching movies together.
  • Progression and Customization: As you interact with the virtual girlfriend, the app tracks your progress and adjusts the relationship based on your actions and preferences. For example, if you express an interest in an activity, the virtual girlfriend may suggest similar activities in the future as well by using its machine learning capabilities. You can any time change the appearance of your virtual girlfriend.

Overall, virtual girlfriend apps use AI, ML, and NLP technologies together to simulate a romantic relationship with you as a user.

Can you customize your virtual girlfriend?

Yes, most virtual girlfriend apps offer the option to customize the girl’s appearance, dress, and body type as well.

Summarized Information Table of These Apps

App Name Features
Naughty Girlfriend Dress up, change hairstyle and specs, dance, chat, based on AI
Virtual Girl – Pocket Girl Live footage, type commands, AI-based
Dream Girlfriend Tons of options to design, change personality and way of talking, chatbot
My Virtual Girlfriend Pick a girl, chat, complete levels, virtual dating, dating game
My Virtual Girlfriend Julie Customize look, chat or audio talk, 3D and real voice, express emotions, perform actions
Smart Virtual Girlfriend Chat, customize appearance, age, name, and avatar
ChatBot Virtual Girl Simulator Engage in conversations, customize virtual girlfriend, based on ChatGPT
AI Girlfriend Chat, AI technology, set personality, multiple options
Myanima Romantic chatbot-based, customize look, human interaction using Natural Language Processing algorithm
CoupleAI Customize appearance and interests, personalized responses using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning


Virtual girlfriend app is just for fun, and should not be taken very seriously. Just enjoy them as games, and you will love them.  These are the awesomeness of technology that gives you a great and unique way to enjoy having a virtual girlfriend and interacting with her in a much more real way!

I hope you have enjoyed this list of the 10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps.

Please share your thoughts and comments.

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